BIBPC the Sixth Category 7 – Invincible


Another last minute entry… I really need to work on my time management!

This entry was a fun one, and it is also the final entry for this round of BIBPC! This has been a lot of fun, as always!!

Here is my entry for team owl, for the category, invincible!


So, of course, a camera isn’t invincible. But, the pictures that it captures help our memories to be a bit more invincible than if we hadn’t taken them. 🙂

This photo is of my Pentax K1000, an old film camera that I purchased for a photography class. I’m looking forward to taking and developing photos with it!


And here is the poster I designed for BIBPC the 7th, also starring the Pentax film camera…



Have a blessed day!

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BIBPC the Sixth, Category 6 – Epiphany!

I’m here last minute with my Category 6 BIBPC entry!! Go Owls!

The category was “epiphany”, so I had been waiting all week to get an epiphany about what I could photograph, but it never really came. So instead, I photographed myself getting an epiphany…

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the photo!




Have a blessed day!

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BIBPC the Sixth Category 5 – Disguise

Good afternoon!

I’m early with my BIBPC entry this time! The category is disguise.

Go Owls!!

Here it is…


I wasn’t sure what I would photograph for this challenge. I couldn’t think of any costumes I had on hand, but when I thought about it today, I realized that I could photograph some mystery books we have. Essentially, a mystery book is about a problem that is disguised, and the character(s) are trying to find out what’s underneath. So I pulled out a copy of a Nancy Drew mystery and a Hardy Boys mystery to star in this entry. 🙂

Have you read Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys? What other books do you like?


Have a blessed day!

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BIBPC Entry!

HI! And Happy Valentine’s Day!

Normally I post my BIBPC entry as a part of another post, so I don’t bore anyone 😉 , but I ran out of time, so here it is!

Go Team Owl!


Story: The category is new, and there are new houses all around us being built. So I went out with my mom to try to get some shots of the construction. I chose this one out of the many I got for my entry.