Rainy Day with Caroline and Grace + A Reminder


The other day it was very rainy, so Caroline and Grace got dressed up to go out in the storm and enjoy the weather. I’ve been planning to do this photoshoot for a while, so I’m excited to finally be posting it! Enjoy the photos!


















I hope you enjoyed!

This post is also a reminder… Thanksgiving is coming up in just a couple days (on the 22nd)!! So remember to comment on my Basket of Thankfulness activity to share what you are thankful for! On Thanksgiving day I will post the list of everything we said!

Visit the post and comment here! 


Which picture was your favorite? Do you prefer rain or sun? Are you excited for Thanksgiving??


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American Girl at Costco


You’ve possibly seen some posts around the ‘blogosphere’ regarding Molly, or other AG items at Costco… and here’s my contribution! 🙂

Recently I went to Costco, and it was surprising how many American Girl things they had! I’ve seen dolls sold there before (such as Caroline when she was retiring, which is actually where my Caroline is from!). But they had a lot of other AG things there, too, this year!

(Including Molly 🙂 ! )

Here go the pictures!


This first picture has some glare, but you can see they had an American Girl horse as well as a ballet set.



Here are American Girl pets, Wellie Wishers, Bitty Babies, and Maryellen! I’m not sure why they put Maryellen at Costco. Has anyone else seen her or a different doll at Costco?



And last but not least, Molly, back from retirement! 🙂


Have you seen any AG items or dolls at Costco this year? Anyone see any other dolls besides Maryellen and Molly?


Can you believe that we’re already in the middle of the fall season? November is nearly here which means it’s almost time for the annual Basket of Thankfulness activity!!

I also have a photoshoot coming up featuring Grace and Caroline, so stay tuned for that 🙂 !


Have a blessed day!

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Doll-Sized Fun Finds!

Aloha! 🙂

For a while now, I’ve been collecting pictures of doll-sized things that I’ve come across in stores so that I could share them in a fun find post!

This is a little different than a normal fun find post though, because I didn’t actually buy the items, but they are good for inspiration!


Doll sized fun finds

Let’s begin, then!

(Note: I took these pictures with my phone, in stores, so the photos may not be the best quality.

I also edited these using Picmonkey, as I do for most of my pictures on this blog. 🙂 )



First off, we have a small “return air grille.” I believe that I found this at Lowe’s, and I thought that it could be used as doll window shutters! You could paint two dowels white, and stick them vertically in the middle of each shutter set before hanging it on your doll’s wall.



Next, also at Lowe’s, I think, are some mini lampshades! These would probably be too big for a desk lamp, but I think they would work well for a floor lamp!



If you want a doll dresser, a jewelry box could make a great option!



I found these metal measuring cups, and I thought the smallest could make a good doll pot.



Next up, a Target find, are these table placemats, that look like great doll rugs to me! It looks like the ones in this picture are ranging from about $2 to $4.


Eek! Pardon the glare!

Here is a bitty paint roller that I found! The package says two inch, and I think that that is referring to the sponge roller, not the length of the plastic part.



Another doll dresser option is one of these storage containers. They seem kind of deep, but that might not matter, depending on the size of your doll room.



And last but not least are these adorable little pots! The ones on the lower shelf are a little bit bigger than the one I’m holding, and would also work for doll pots. I believe you can find these at a craft store such as Joann or Hobby Lobby, or you could possibly find them in a garden store/section.


I guess that’s it! I hope you enjoyed and were inspired by these fun finds!


What are some things that you have re-purposed for your dolls? Have you noticed (or not noticed) any of these doll-sized things before?



A Purchase…!


I had been looking through Ebay quite a bit recently, looking at used American Girl dolls on the chance that I’d find a really cheap one to fix up and sell, or even customize. I thought that would be fun to do!








Just Kidding!! I didn’t get one…. (If only it was April first) XD


But I was looking, and I found something else instead…

Something… smaller….


You ready to see?

























Say hello to…



















Mini Molly!!


I found her in my eBay searching and just thought she was adorable! It was an auction, but then on the last day of it I came too late to bid, and the auction had ended… but no one else had bid! Soon she was re-listed for a good price, not in an auction. I went for it and here she is!


She is glass-eyed like mini Samantha, which is pretty special 🙂 .


She came without her glasses, but I don’t really mind…

I decided to just make some! (inspired by this and this video. The second one has glasses made in a small part of the video, starting at about 6:24, in case you were wondering.)



*Squeals* XD ☺


She came in really great shape (her braids are so perfect!), except her face has this weird dusty looking stuff on it that is very stubborn to get off. I first wiped with a paper towel, damp with some disinfectant, and she looked like this:


Then I later got out my camera cleaning supplies and worked at her face with the glass-cleaning cloth, and she looked like this:


A little better. It seemed to mostly improve around her mouth.





Isn’t she a cutie? I need to do a meet the mini dolls post sometime and maybe even add them to my meet the dolls page! (I have six minis now XD .)


The back of her hair is kind of odd, because it’s cut short, but I think she was made that way. (I knew about this before I bought her, by the way. 🙂 )


Her wittle bitty socks!! XD 😛


Here’s Molly and Samantha together! I decided to give them both to Caroline; she seems to really like her glass-eyed minis.



What do you think of the new little edition? Do you have any glass-eyed mini dolls? Which do you like best, glass or painted eyes?


Bye for now,



The Hair-Do Without a Name…

I have a hairstyle tutorial for you all today! The only problem is, I can’t seem to figure out a name for it… any suggestions are much appreciated!


Let’s start!


First take large front sections of your doll’s hair and tie them back (like a loose half-up ponytail, but with about half of the doll’s hair)


Tie a bow with some ribbon around that section.


Now take the section that is not tied, and split it in half. Divide the sections and wrap them around to the front, and tie off. Add another bow.


Now repeat all the way down! At the last one, wrap your elastic once around the front section (that you just pulled to the front), and again around the whole thing. Tie the bow around the whole thing.

And you’re done!



I hope you like this cute style! It could also be done with out bows, If you want. Any suggestions for a name for it? Perhaps it could be called a wrap braid… or something XD .

Also, be sure to submit a caption for my caption it, here! I will be posting my favorite captions on Wednesday, so you can vote for your favorite (or if no one else captions then Grace will be the winner, since she’s the only caption-er so far… 😛 )

Also #2, I made a new button! So if we’ve swapped buttons already, I’d appreciate if you changed it on your page! You can find my button on my “Buttons!” page.

Also #3, I made a sign off!


What do you think? I designed it with Picmonkey. I was trying to go for the look of an old postcard or something 🙂 .

Bye for now!