Clara’s Top Ten Craft Materials and Supplies + The Craft Tag

Hi there!! It’s Clara speaking!!

Maybe you’ve heard? I love crafts!!

This in mind, Gracie thought it would be fun for me to share my top ten favorite crafting materials on her blog!

And, as often happens, I forgot my glasses!

Gracie was also nominated for the Craft Tag by Lexie at Dolltastically Fun (Thanks, Lexie!), so I’ll also be doing that, in place of Gracie, later in this post!

So… let’s begin!

This is my box of craft supplies!!

In no particular order…


1) Scissors


This is pretty self explanatory. Cutting materials generally ends up turning out much better than tearing them. 😉


2) Tape


Not only is tape useful for sticking your materials together, you can get many different types of tapes in many different designs, allowing you to use it not only for its practical benefits, but also for pretty decorative benefits! (Think washi (!!) and duct tape!)


3) Hot Glue


Unfortunately I don’t have a hot glue gun, but Gracie does, and it is an amazing crafting tool! Normal glue is great, and can be used for some things that hot glue can’t, but hot glue works so much faster, and opens up new crafting opportunities. Just be careful and have an adult’s permission, it’s called hot glue for a reason!


4) Craft foam


Craft foam is so much fun! It comes in so many exciting colors, and you can get different sheet sizes or thickness, if needed. It’s great for crafting doll food (think shredded cheese, coin-cut carrots, sandwiches, etc.) and more!


5) Clay


Clay is a great material. Sometimes I think of it as separate to crafting, since you can basically form anything you want out of it, if you know how. It’s also great for doll food.


6) Paperboard (and cardboard)


Don’t know what I mean by paperboard? It’s just the thin cardboard that makes cereal boxes and things like that. It is great for crafting! Plus, you can easily get it (free!) by recycling it from your empty cereal boxes! Normal cardboard is a wonderful supply as well, but you might need to be a bit creative if you want to hide those messy edges.


7) Paper/scrapbook paper


White or solid colored paper is wonderful, and designed scrapbook paper is really fun too! (We especially like wood prints, and naturals like that). Paper is great for covering large (or small) crafts, to make them look nice.


8) Pens/pencils/markers


And of course, drawing and coloring supplies are staple crafting tools, as well! I don’t think I need much of an explanation here…


9) Paint


Paint is great! Whether your using it for art, or to color your latest project, it is a very good craft supply! I think acrylic is one of the best options for painting your clay, or other material crafts. (Tip from Gracie’s experience: Avoid painting your clay items with watercolor! It may chip off and not work well!)


10) Felt/fabric


And last but not least, felts and fabrics are great materials for various craft and sewing projects. They’re great for sew or no-sew clothing, of course, but you can also use felts and fabrics for things like pillows, felted food, rugs, accessories, and more!



And now for the Craft Tag!

Here are the Rules:

Answer 5 questions

Create 5+ new questions

Tag people

What is the weirdest craft material you have ever used?

Good question! Once Gracie used real cinnamon and sugar for her clay snicker-doodle cookies! o_O That’s right! She made sure to cover over it in layers of mod-podge to seal it all in! She even sold several in her Etsy shop!

What kinds of things do you like to make?

Food (Our dolly kind, I mean) is a lot of fun to make! Furniture items are fun, as well. Gracie enjoyed crafting me and Grace’s bunk bed a long time ago 🙂 .

Do you use materials from the craft store, or do you use other things also, like recycled or up-cycled things?

Materials from the store are great, but we also love recycling paperboard and other random objects we may find to use in a craft! Once Gracie made a lamp using an old, golden-beaded candle-holder she found.

Are there any craft supplies that you hate or won’t use?

Not really, that I can think of.

Do you have a craft area / where do you do your crafts?

Gracie typically does her crafts at her desk in her room. I do my crafts either in my room or at the kitchen table!



I Nominate…








  1. Favorite craft you’ve ever made?
  2. Worst craft you’ve ever made?
  3. What are a few of your favorite craft materials?
  4. Which do you prefer: crafting or sewing?
  5. You are told to craft a bed for your doll/stuffie only using three materials, besides a pair of scissors. What three things do you chose?


I hope you all enjoyed this post!!

Do you like crafting? What are some of your favorite craft supplies?


Until next time!


Clara Practices Gymnastics 3 – Clara on the Beam

Hello there!

I hope you enjoy another enstallment of Clara practicing gymnastics! If you would like to see the last two times that Clara practiced gymnastics, you can check out her floor practice here, and her bar practice here!

Without further ado, take it away, Clara! 😉

DSCN2316Clara on the beam


Hey everyone! I’m excited to get to show you my beam skills today!


Remember, before doing gymnastics, be well-stretched and have a good mat or soft floor area.


Also make sure to tie your hair back! I also left off my glasses, since I don’t have contacts, and my vision isn’t too bad.


Let’s begin! Now when Gracie is at her gymnastics, she would probably do releve (Re-le-vay) walks across the beam, which means walking on your toes, but since I’m a doll with unmovable ankles, and I don’t want to bore you with simply walking across the beam, I’ll do step kicks across the beam instead!


So I kick and step,


kick and step.



Pivot turn!

Now let’s try something more interesting. How about a handstand?


Lunge, lever, (Note, use your good leg consistently in skills like handstands and cartwheels, as I had forgotten to do 😉 )


And kick up! (Also, I highly recommend NOT closing your eyes during your gymnastics skills 😛 )




Normally Gracie would land a handstand in a lunge, but since lunges are harder for us dolls, I just stuck the landing.

I’m going to try a split jump!


Up, split, and…!




Oof! Oops, I was supposed to stick that… Well, at least you know now why to have a mat!


I’ll just do my good leg splits on the beam!


Next I want to show you my side handstand dismount!


Lever, kickup,



and dismount! For this skill I needed to keep my hands on the beam all the way till I reach the ground!


And stick it!


Now you may remember from other times that I’ve shown you my gymnastics, that I always have one skill that I want to show you, but that I need help with! Last time Caroline spotted me, and this time…


Julie came to help!


I’m going to do a cartwheel on the beam!




and cartwheel!



Yippee! Thanks Julie!


That’s it for today! I hope that you enjoyed! And a special thanks to Julie for spotting me today!



Behind the Scenes!

(It’s Gracie again!)


Our family cat walked into the setup a few times, and I snapped some pictures of him!



Here is the setup that I made for this post, consisting of a blanket, several old books, and some reflecting tools!

Also, a big thanks to my brother who helped hold up Clara for a lot of pictures!


This might be the last “Clara Practices Gymnastics! 😮 At least, that was my original plan, but maybe she could come back again on the vault…

Did you enjoy seeing Clara practice her beam skills? Would you like to see Clara on the vault? Do you/have you ever done gymnastics?



Caption It! #3 Winner!!

Happy Sunday!

Are you ready to see the winner for Caption It #3 ?


Thank you all for all of your captions and votes! First I’ll show the picture and then I’ll put the winning caption/author below!



Julie (earlier): Clara, just a fair warning, Grace just had a double espresso without me knowing so be careful…

*Clara goes outside to enjoy the sunny weather*

Clara: Grace! Why are you out here acting like it’s raining?

Grace: I am a math expert! Two plus two is nineteen hundred thousand and eight!!! HA! *throws unbrella* TAKE THAT ALBERT EINSTEIN!

Clara: You are NEVER having coffee ever again.


Congratulations Emma!!


This Caption It was drawn out quite long (I apologize for that…), but I hope you enjoyed it!


Would you like to see another Caption It post sometime?

Let’s try something a little new…

For my next post, would you like to see Clara on the beam, or a tutorial on curling/styling Caroline’s hair?


Also, before you go, check out American Girl Doll Artist’s post! It’s a very sweet post, and it’s about her mom, who’s fighting cancer. AGDA also has a shop where you can buy shirts to support them!


Have a wonderful day! 🙂


Meet the Mini Dolls!


I hope you all had a good Mother’s Day, last Sunday! Remember to honor your mother (and father!) for all that they do for you!


Clara is going to take over now. 🙂



Hi Everyone! Guess what I get to show you today?


The mini dolls!!! It’s about time you met them, I think. 🙂


Gracie’s planning to add a link to this post on the “Meet the Dolls” page, and she added a little bit to our profiles, too, so be sure to check it out!

Now, let’s get in to actually meeting the minis!


Let’s start with Julie’s, the oldest’s, doll and then proceed from the minis owned by the oldest to the youngest.

This is Cecile! She and Marie-Grace, who are pre-Beforever historicals, were our first minis!


Cecile is eight years old, the oldest of the minis, and likes to cook. She’s fun, sometimes stubborn, and likes to goof off with her sisters, though she is also good at standing up when things are getting too out of hand.

Any words for the readers, Cecile?

Hello! *waves*

Ok… That’s all?

Um, thanks for reading!!


Next up we have Molly, a first edition, glass-eyed mini, and one of Caroline’s dolls!

Um, Molly?

I’m adjusting my glasses… 

Ok… They look fine to me…

Ok… but if you had glasses you would understand how they get uncomf–


Hey! I have glasses!

Well… you aren’t wearing them…

I’m NOT?


OOF! Hey…!

Where in the world could they be??


AHA! Here they are!!



Alright! Much better! Now, where were we?

You were introducing me and then you dropped me…

Oh, right. Sorry Molly!


Molly is six years old. She is a bit shy and reserved, and likes reading. She can be a little mischievous sometimes, and she doesn’t like being the center of attention.

Any extra words, Molly?

I don’t think so… 

Ok. Thanks for joining us, Molly.

You’re welcome.*shy smile*


This here is Samantha, also glass-eyed, and also Caroline’s!


Mini Sam is six years old, and the youngest of the minis. She likes to joke around, play, and try to get Molly to go on mischievous adventures with her and Kit.

Any words, Sammy?

I saw cake in the fridge, may I have some? 

Um, sure, but do you have any words for our readers?

Oh! Um… I love cake! And playing outside with Kit!


Speaking of Kit, Kit is up next! She is–




Why is your hair a wreck? And you don’t have your shoes on? You know you’re in a post!

Sorry, I was climbing trees outside.

Alright, well, go get yourself cleaned up, ok? Then come on back.

*Scampers off*

Just a minute please. Sorry for the delay.


*Scampers back* Better? 

Much! So anyways, this is Kit! She is one of the Beforever minis, and is Grace’s doll.


Kit is seven years old. She and Samantha get along really well, as they both like playing outside and being silly. Samantha looks up to Kit, and thinks she’s hilarious and fun. Kit’s mischief sometimes gets out of hand, but she tries to be a good example and big sister to Sam.

Do you have anything to say to the readers?

Out of hand? I don’t get out of hand! Oh… well, I guess, there was that one time… 

And some other times…

Ok, maybe I do get a little out of hand sometimes… 


This here is Marie-Grace! She is one of my dolls!


Marie-Grace is eight years old. She has the sweetest personality of the mini dolls. Marie-Grace is a pretty quiet girl, and very thoughtful. She likes being around her family or in her room reading. Cecile is her best friend.

Anything to say, Marie-Grace?

It was nice meeting you all!


Before we go, just check out her HAIR! It’s so long and shiny and soft! XD I love it.


Last but not least, we have Rebecca, another pre-Beforever mini! Um… Rebecca?

Be out in a minute! I’m fixing my hair!

Oh, um, ok… Just try to hurry! We have people waiting!


Here I am! I need to look my best for the readers, don’t you think?

Ok. So here is Rebecca, she is my second doll, and the last of our minis.


Rebecca is our fashionista; though, you may have already figured that out. She is seven years old. Rebecca likes to spend her time styling her and her sisters’ hair and begging us to let her try out a little makeup. She can be a little bossy sometimes, but can be kind, as well.

Anything to say, Rebecca?

So… can I wear makeup? 

*chuckles* No, Rebecca. You don’t need any at your age, anyways. I don’t wear it, either. Anything else?

Goodbye, readers!


Well, I guess that concludes our meet and greet! I hope you enjoyed meeting all the minis! And be sure to go check out the “Meet the Dolls” page to check out the update!!



Before I go,

What did you think of the pictures in this post?

I took them in my closet where my dollhouse/bookshelf is, so it was kind of like an experiment, and lighting was a challenge. Some of them are better than others, because I figured out new methods as I went. I edited these, too 🙂 . Feedback is appreciated!

Also, I plan to post the winner of Caption It! #3 very soon! So go ahead and vote, here, if you haven’t yet!







Glasses for Clara – A Photostory


I’ve had this post written out and waiting for quite a while now, and am glad to finally be able to show it to you!

I hope you enjoy!

Clara was staying up late doing her math homework, which wasn’t particularly unusual, as math was Clara’s absolute worst subject, but tonight she was staying up later than normal.


“Are you almost done? It’s getting late, and I’m going to bed!” Grace said.

“Alright, I just have a few more math problems. I’ll go to bed in a bit,” Clara responded, frustrated. Grace nodded sympathetically and headed to her and Clara’s bedroom.


Julie saw Clara still working, and offered to help her “You seem to be having more trouble than usual, maybe I can give you some pointers.”

“Sure,” Clara said, relieved. “I just can’t seem to remember the problems the teacher explained to us in class. It sure would help if he got a fresh marker for the white board! I’m really tempted to get him one as a gift!”


Julie laughed, “Yeah, I heard teacher appreciation week is coming up! You could get him one then! But seriously, if you’re having trouble seeing the problems, you might just want to tell him.”

Clara shrugged, “I guess I should. I’ve been straining my eyes squinting at his writing.”


A thought popped into Julie’s head, and she asked, “When did you start having trouble?”


“Oh, ever since we changed seats. That was when he started using that cheap marker. Can we start working now, it’s getting late!”

“Wait a minute Clara. I’m not sure it’s the marker that’s causing you trouble.”


“What do you mean?” Clara cocked her head.

“Did the teacher move you to a seat further from the board? Because I think it might be your vision that’s giving you the trouble.”

Clara thought for a moment. “Well, I think you might have something there! He did move me back in the classroom.”


“Well, I guess it’s time to set you up with an eye appointment!” Julie smiled, patting Clara’s back and getting up to leave.

Clara nodded thoughtfully, wondering how she would look in glasses. Then she remembered her homework!


“Wait! Julie!! What about my homework!?”

“Oh, right! Coming!

– – – – – – – –



The next day Julie took Clara to the eye doctor after school. They waited quietly until a pretty lady wearing a long green skirt called Clara in for her checkup.


Clara nervously followed the lady into a room where she did various exercises to check Clara’s vision.


“Well miss Clara, it turns out that you are nearsighted, which means you can see things well if they are close to you, but you have trouble seeing things farther away. Looks like you’ll be needing some glasses! Lucky for you, we have many cute pairs to try on so you can find your perfect look!”


She led Clara out to where Julie was, and explained to Julie that Clara would need glasses, and then she showed them their collection of glasses.


There were many shapes, sizes, and colors, and Clara was excited to try them, but also a little nervous. What if she just didn’t look good in glasses?

“Go ahead,” Julie encouraged. “Try some on!” So Clara did.


She tried bold colored glasses,


simple cute glasses,


as well as large funky ones,

Until she finally settled on a cute brown pair with blue lining the inside.


“These!” Clara exclaimed. “I like these ones!”

Julie nodded in approval, and they told the lady their decision

– – – – – – – –

Her math class was a little easier then, as the faded marker turned into a vivid one. Clara was glad to see the world in crisp colors around her.


In spite of her original worries as to if she would like them, Clara loved her glasses.



That’s right! Clara has glasses now! I had this pair from a while back, and thought it would be fun to give them to her! She might not wear them all the time, but I think they’ll become a pretty regular part of her outfits.

So, what do you think of Clara’s glasses? Do you think she looks good in them? Or do you like her better without?

Buh-Bye! 😉