Conversing, Compiling, and Comparing – A Back to School Discussion Among the Dolls


Clara: So, I guess we’re here to talk about… school?

Grace: Uh-huh. *Turns to look at readers*


Grace: Gracie just came in and told us four dolls that we’re doing a post, so we obliged. It’s a kind of discussion between me and Clara, and then between Julie and Caroline. Each pair has to make a list of five things we’re thankful for coming into the school year. Afterwards we’ll compare lists.

Clara: What?? Thankful for about school? Why not “Five reasons we’re thankful that fall break is going to come.”?

Grace: *giggles* I think it’s supposed to be a bit of a challenge. And besides, didn’t you hear Gracie tell us what we were doing earlier?

Clara: *shrugs* I guess I spaced out at the word, “school.”

Grace: Ok, let’s start then. What about… friends?

Clara: …Huh, you’re right! That’s not so hard, we get to see our friends!

  1. Seeing friends

Clara: Ok, number two…. Um…? I’m stuck.

Grace: Already? How about…

Clara: Oh, wait! Recess!

Grace: Well…

Clara: And lunch!

Grace: But… Ok. Why not?

  1. Seeing friends
  2. Recess
  3. Lunch

Grace: But now lets finish up with some more serious ones.

Clara: Ok…?


Grace: Like, how about, that we are able to get an education?

Clara: Yeah, that’s good!

  1. Seeing friends
  2. Recess
  3. Lunch
  4. Ability to get an education

Grace: One more!

Clara: All right!

Grace: I think this last one is yours. You haven’t done any serious ones yet.


Clara: What? Recess and lunch are awesome!

Grace: Ok, yes, they are things to be thankful for, but you know what I mean.

Clara: Hmm, well, *thinks* I’m thankful that we get to have breaks from our work.

Grace: *Shakes head, laughing* I give up. But I also agree, though I think there is definitely more we could have thought of!

  1. Seeing friends
  2. Lunch
  3. Recess
  4. Ability to get an education
  5. Breaks from working

Clara: Yay! We did it!

Grace: I guess it’s Caroline and Julie’s turn now!




Julie: Now that Grace and Clara are cleared out, it’s time for us to start. I wonder what took them so long? We all have the same task right?

Caroline: I believe so.

Julie: *Shrugs* Ok. This shouldn’t be too difficult.

Caroline: Yes, but it’s always good to step back and thank God, even for the things that seem mundane.

Julie: *nods* What should be first on the list?

Caroline: I know I always love getting fresh school supplies and books.

  1. New school supplies


Julie: Yes, and as I think about it. As much as school seems ordinary to us, to many kids in other places around the world it is a huge privilege. So I’m thankful we have the opportunity to get a good education.

  1. New school supplies
  2. Opportunity and privilege for education

Caroline: Yes! And how about seeing friends, old and new.

Julie: I’m thankful for that.

  1. New school supplies
  2. Opportunity and privilege for education
  3. Friends, old and new

Caroline: I have one more, if you don’t mind.

Julie: Of course!


Caroline: I’m thankful for learning. Even though we don’t always see the impact in a week or a month, you can look back on years and see how much you’ve learned and improved. We can read, write, and do math so much better now than when we started.

  1. New school supplies
  2. Opportunity and privilege for education
  3. Friends, old and new
  4. Learning

Julie: That’s a good thought! And I have one to finish off our list, though I’m sure we could keep going!

Caroline: Yes, it’s hard to only to list five, after you’ve started thinking about it!

Julie: Though we’re listing a lot that’s good about school itself, I’m also grateful for breaks from the business to refresh. Even the Lord rested after creating the world, as an example to us.

  1. New school supplies
  2. Opportunity and privilege for education
  3. Friends, old and new
  4. Learning
  5. Breaks from the business

Caroline: Very good!

Julie: That was actually pretty fun. Let’s go compare with the other girls.



Clara: You’re done already?

Julie: *nods* We actually wanted to keep going!

Grace: *giggles* Oh dear, I’m not sure I want you to see our list.

Clara: It’s ok, Grace thought of the good ones!

Julie: Let’s compare!

Clara and Grace’s List:

  1. Seeing friends
  2. Lunch
  3. Recess
  4. Ability to get an education
  5. Breaks from working


Caroline and Julie’s List:

  1. New school supplies
  2. Opportunity and privilege for education
  3. Friends, old and new
  4. Learning
  5. Breaks from the business


Caroline: Very nice!

Clara: I told you, Grace! Breaks are serious!

Julie: *laughs* I think those are all good things to be thankful for!

Caroline: Even thinking of seemingly little things help us to be grateful.

Clara: True. I guess I’m a bit more glad for school. And recess seems sweeter too! *winks*


Julie: *turns to look at readers* Thank you all for reading! I hope that you appreciated seeing us compile these lists, and that it might have inspired you. Now it’s your turn, what are you all thankful for, coming into the school year? Bye for now, and have a good school year!






A Final Shoot from my Trip

Hi! Happy Thursday!

Today I have the last photoshoot that I got of Caroline during my recent trip (which was actually a few weeks ago now)


Right before we left I started posing Caroline on the porch railing to get a few last minute pictures.


Which picture do you prefer, top or bottom?



The lighting wasn’t that great–I don’t recommend getting all your photos with full sunlight– but after editing I think they improved.


What do you think of the lighting?





Ahh, much better! Under the shade of the porch, the lighting makes for much better photos!



And the last one, a farewell to our trip!


I hope you enjoyed this little photoshoot! That’s about it for posts from my family trip.

What did you think of the pictures? The lighting?

What kind of posts would you like to see next?


Have a blessed day! I plan to get another post up next Thursday!

Gracie Sign Off

Head in a Book – Photoshoot with Caroline


Who remembers me saying in my last post that I hoped to get this one out early… 😉

Time flies!

I guess editing 21 pictures took longer than I expected, but I hope that you will enjoy this fun photoshoot that I took while on a trip a couple weeks ago! I had fun taking this shoot of Caroline enjoying some of her favorite things: being outdoors in nature and reading!

So here it is!
























I have another, smaller photoshoot that I took last minute before leaving from our trip, so you will probably be seeing that one sometime soon as well!


Which picture was your favorite? Have you taken any trips this summer? If not, what is your dream summer trip?


Have a blessed day! ❤

Gracie Sign Off

Family Trip – With Pictures of Caroline


Currently I am on a trip with my family for the week! I decided to bring Caroline along and get photos of her for you all.


Coming soon, I have a photoshoot of Caroline to show you all! Though my current posting schedule is every Thursday, I might post the photoshoot sooner.


Until then, I have some pictures from the day we left. On our way, my grandpa stopped the car so I could get some pictures of the lovely view outside. I grabbed Caroline from the car and took a few pictures there.







Stay tuned for a woodsy photoshoot soon!

And have a blessed day!

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Caption It! #4 – Winner!

Happy Thursday! How has your summer been so far?

Thank you all for voting for your favorite captions! Today I will reveal the winner!

The winner is…



















Great job, Jewel! You had a great caption!

Here it is:


[Grace]: I got the suitcase!

[Caroline]: Thank you, Grace. One question: I only have room for one more shirt. So should I wear the tee-shirt or the sweater for our vacation?

[Grace]: Oh definitely tee-shirt! Julie gave you that.

[Caroline]: OK…

[Grace]: On the other hand it is cold in Alaska…

[Caroline]: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.

[Grace]: But Julie might be upset you didn’t bring the tee-shirt.

[Caroline]: Yikes… It’s possible.

[Grace]: But the sweater is so much cuter!

[Caroline]: True… I think I’ll go with that…

[Grace]: Now, that I think about it, didn’t it have fleas?

[Caroline]: Grace!

[Grace]: What?

[Caroline]: Nevermind… I think I have as many clothes as I need.

[Grace]: Glad to be of service!


That’s about all for this post! Congratulations Jewel!


Anyone have plans for the rest of summer? This weekend I’ll be going to summer camp with my youth group, and then I will be going to a cabin with family. Hopefully I can take a doll along and have a post next Thursday with pictures around the cabin! Which doll do you want me to take along?


Have a blessed day!

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