Lost – Part 6 – The FINALE!

This is it! The very last part!


Complimentary refreshments: Part one, two, three, four, five

And in case you just need a quick reminder, we ended the last episode as follows:



“You know,” I said, “what I really would like, is just to go home.”

“Then home you will have!” she responded gleefully. “I will take you to the top of the cliff you fell from, and I imagine you can take it from there?”

Home! At last!



Clara’s Point of View


Grace had been gone for two full days, and we were all distraught. The police were on the case, and we prayed earnestly that she was safe.

There seemed to be no other explanation, except that she was kidnapped, which we desperately prayed was not the case.

Everything seemed to be lost. Grace. Kaity. Our hopes.


There seemed to be nothing else to do. We could search for her, but we had gathered a whole search party the other day, with no luck. So we gathered in the field where I had played frisbee with her before she disappeared, and prayed long and hard.

Our prayer was interrupted by a bark. A dog bark.

We instinctively looked toward the direction of the sound.


Grace!? Could it be??! For there she was, standing off a distance, with Kaity beside her!

“Grace!” I managed to shout, and took off in a mad dash for my sister, Julie and Caroline following close behind.


I was the first to reach her, and I threw my arms around her in a bear hug, not sure that I would ever be able to let go. She was home! Dirty and scraped up, but home!


We smothered her with hugs, while a happy Kaity barked and jumped around us.


“What happened, Grace? How did you get lost?” Caroline asked, after we had settled down a little.


“It is a long story. I’ll tell you later. But now, I just need a hot shower and something to eat.” She sounded tired, but not frightened. Almost excited. I wanted to beg her story out of her, but I refrained. I would have to wait to hear it, but for now, I relished in the joy of her (and Kaity’s!) homecoming!

And with that, we led her home, bursting with thankfulness.

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Lost – Part 5

Complimentary refreshments: Part one, two, three, four!


(Grace’s Point of View)


I had been sitting for a few hours now, clutching the string the fairy had provided. Waiting… waiting…


I began to get very sleepy. Pinching myself began to lose its effect 😉 ! I started to wonder if the culprit would even–


A small crunching noise sounded from beyond the bushes. Could it be?


I hoisted myself onto my tired feet to see what might have made the noise.


I smiled wide. The culprit was as I expected!

“Here girl!” I called.


And Kaity came bounding into my arms!


“You little troublemaker!” I said playfully, as she knocked me off my feet.


It took her a while to calm down, but I managed to tie the string on her collar as a makeshift leash that I tied around my wrist securely.


Then I laid down with her by my side and slept.


“Good morning,” the fairy said, waking me up.


“I found the culprit!” I exclaimed eagerly, patting Kaity on the head. “She’s my dog. I deeply apologize for the trouble she caused.”

“I forgive you,” the fairy said, not so enthusiastically.

“What’s wrong?” I inquired.


The fairy furrowed her brow, hesitating to reply. “I should have told you! It’s no use! You caught the culprit, but the damage is done! Without a storehouse, no fairies can live here. And I can’t build one by myself! I’m sorry I put you through this hopeless ordeal!” She bit her lip, her tiny eyes gleaming with tears.

“Let me help you,” I replied softly. “Let me help you rebuild.”

She looked at me with a joyful, glowing face. And with that we began.

I got to learn how the fairies make their seemingly magical mud. So thin, yet so sturdy.

Oops! Don’t mind the blown over building! 😉

She even gave me permission to use the recipe in a science fair! I  laughed to myself, for I was sure to win this year!

And by noon that day, we were done building–an impossible task for one fairy, but a very quick one for a fairy and a human!



“How can I ever thank you!” The fairy exclaimed. “Now fairies will return, and I will be able to live safely in my home! Perhaps you would like citizenship in my town! You could live here with us!”


I chuckled, citizenship in fairyland, wouldn’t that be amazing!?

“You know,” I said, “what I really would like, is just to go home.”


“Then home you will have!” she responded gleefully. “I will take you to the top of the cliff you fell from, and I imagine you can take it from there?”

Home! At last!


Only one more part left! Stay tuned for the finale!

Have you enjoyed this series? Are you looking forward to the finale?



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Lost – Part 4

Parts One, Two, Three


Here’s a quick refresher from last week:


“Ah, good!” The miniature, glowing girl said, with a sense of urgency in her voice. “You’re awake!”

I sat bolt upright. “Who-who are you?!”



Grace’s Point of view



“I am a fairy,” the girl spoke sweetly, “and I need your help.”

“What?” I asked in bewilderment. “A fairy? Those are in stories! And you need my help? I’m the one in need of help! I’m lost, and–”

The little fairy chuckled, shaking her head, “Fairies aren’t made up in storybooks, storybooks are made by those who meet fairies!” I blinked, aghast at her matter-of-fact statement. “But anyways, I need your help! My town is in ruins! You must come with me!”

With that she flew out the cave opening (the storm was past by now). I didn’t see much better that I could do, so I followed.


“Hurry now!” She called.


And she meant hurry! I had to practically sprint after her! Who would have thought her little wings could carry her so fast!

But what am I saying; who would have thought that she even existed!


We came to some bushes, beyond which was a clearing by a lake with a cute little fairy town inside!


“This is it!” she said, landing on the ground by one of the buildings. They looked like they were made of thin, delicate, dried mud, but when I felt one, I realized it was surprisingly very sturdy!


“Doesn’t anyone else live here?” I asked her. It seemed awfully empty for a fairy town.

“No,” she said sadly, ushering me over to the side of the tiny town.


“Because something destroyed our storehouse–where we keep all our food–the other night. And no food means no fairies. They all packed up and left.”


I nodded sympathetically. “So where do I come in?”

“Do you think you can catch the culprit?” She gave me a weak, despondent smile. She obviously believed I’d say no to the impossible task. I suspected she had been turned down from a couple of people by now. I wanted to help her. But how?

“I’ll help you,” I said, choking on the words. I hope, I thought to myself.

Her grin was so huge that I almost laughed out loud!

“Oh Great!! This is absolutely wonderful! I’ll show you all I know!”

And she began listing random facts that might have to do with the case, from where footprints were, to the silly dreams she had the night “the thing” came.

I noted that the thing had dug through the sturdy store house to get to the food, and it only ate the meat, but the rest of the food was ruined, too.


She showed me where some footprints were in the dirt. I observed them carefully, and she also gave me some fur samples that she had located around the ruins. It looked like… a coyote? I shuddered at the thought of stopping a wild dog.

I carefully examined the evidence again.


“I’ve got it!!” I exclaimed, making the chattering fairy jump. “I know who the culprit is–and how to stop them!”

Her eyes sparkled joyfully, “What do you need?”

“Some string! And… maybe a nap…” For it was going to be a long night.



Then all I had to do was wait.


Do you know who the culprit is? Are you looking forward to Part 5?



P.S. Isn’t Rebecca such a pretty fairy?

Lost – Part #3

Part 1 and Part 2

Grace’s Point of View


I don’t know how long I laid at the bottom of the cliff unconscious. Perhaps minutes. Perhaps hours. 


I slowly woke up. Where in the world was I?

My senses slowly came back to me. I had fallen off a cliff. I had been trying to get the Frisbee.


Ow! I thought, holding my hand to my throbbing head. I must have bumped it hard! I winced.

Alright, time to get out of here. I tied my tousled hair back into a ponytail with my spare hair tie.


I stood up slowly, and turned to face the cliff. But it was way too tall to even reach my hand to the top, and would be too difficult to climb, especially with my badly scraped up hands–not to mention my terribly banged-up body.


I realized in terror, that I was lost.

On the bright side, when I get home, Julie will probably agree to get me a phone, I smiled.

That is, if I get home, a tiny voice said inside of me. I tried to shrug off the thought. I needed to stop thinking of what awful things could happen, and start thinking of what to do next.

But what does one do when they are lost in the wilderness? A lightbulb seemed to pop above my head, as I remembered Clara’s lecture on survival. I strained to remember what she had said. If only I had payed more attention!

Build a fire. She had said to build a fire. Not only would it help keep you warm, it would act as a signal to those trying to find you.

I ran off to find firewood.


I had gathered quite a load when I heard a loud rumbling noise behind me. 

Oh no.


Dark thunderclouds were rolling swiftly in. No time for a fire, my new priority was to find shelter. It would not do to get sick from the cold and wet the storm would bring.

I ran frantically in all directions, trying to find some kind of shelter.

It began to sprinkle.


I discovered a small dark cave on the other side of a large boulder. It would do. I bolted into it.


It was humid and warm in the cave, and the rain began to pitter-patter more loudly outside. I was exhausted.


I laid my aching body down on the hard dirt floor, trying not to think about my dire situation, for there was nothing I could do until the storm passed. And soon the rain had lulled me to sleep.


I slept fitfully for a while, until  I was awaken by a strange, sweet voice, that sounded like it was speaking to me.


I opened my sleepy eyes part way, and saw a bright light coming from…from what?


I opened my eyes the rest of the way, and was shocked to see a tiny winged girl, standing beside me in the cave!

“Ah, good!” The miniature, glowing girl said, with a sense of urgency in her voice. “You’re awake!”

I sat bolt upright. “Who-who are you?!”




I hope you enjoyed, stay tuned for more next Wednesday!!



Lost – Part 2

Part 1 here

Clara’s Point of View


I had been sitting on the grass for five long minutes. Where in the world did Grace go? I wondered, looking at the time on my phone.

I began to worry.


Seven minutes. I began to pace back and forth anxiously.

Eight minutes


Ok, that’s it. I’m calling Julie. I dialed the number with shaking hands.

Grace is just looking for the frisbee. She’ll probably be back any minute now. Stop overthinking things, Clara! I continued to dial Julie’s number, in spite of my optimistic thoughts.

Three minutes later, Julie was there. Grace had been gone eleven minutes now.


“Hi Clara! What’s up?” Julie called enthusiastically.

“Grace went off to find the frisbee and has been gone,” I checked my phone,”twelve minutes now.”

Julie’s brow furrowed. She quickly tried to act cheerful.


“Let’s just stay calm,” Julie said, in a forced voice. She was worried. “Grace will probably show up any minute… any second…” I nodded slowly, not really believing Julie.

Thirteen minutes.

“Say, uh, which direction did you say Grace went?” Julie asked, she was obviously nervous. She was trying to stay calm and seem unafraid (so not to frighten me). Let’s just say Julie could never be an actress.


“I didn’t say,” I replied, then motioned towards where Grace had walked off, fourteen minutes ago, “she went that way.”

We began to walk quickly.


Fifteen minutes. Then sixteen…

By twenty minutes we had stopped acting like Grace might be okay. Grace was not okay. Grace was lost. And we were frightened.


Twenty-three minutes. Still no luck.

We had no idea that we were right beside the cliff that Grace was laying on the other side of, unconscious.


“That’s it, Clara,” Julie said. “We can’t find her! We have to form a search party! Call your friends; I’ll call Caroline and some others. Tell them to meet us here for an emergency. And,” Julie looked at the dark clouds forming in the sky. “to bring umbrellas.”

It had been twenty-five minutes.

Sooner than I would have liked, I would be counting the hours.



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