Doll Etch a Sketch Craft + BIBPC

Hey there!

In honor of Melody Ellison’s release, I decided to do a 1960’s inspired craft! I was doing a little research about her time period (yes, I did all this to come up with a craft idea. You’re quite welcome 😛 LOL XD ) and I discovered that the Etch a Sketch was released in the 60’s. It became a very popular kids drawing toy!

Enough history (That wasn’t much history…), onto the craft! 😀



  • Two small white buttons
  • Cardboard
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Modge podge or a clear drying glue
  • Optional: pencil/thin grey marker/pen; silver sharpie



Cut out two small rectangles of cardboard. Mine is about 2 by 2.5 inches. Glue them faces together.


Paint the back, sides, and a border on the front of your rectangle red. Color the remaining space very light grey. I used a strip of paper like a stencil to keep the grey edges straight. (As you can see, I didn’t do the best job with the stencil, but oh well 🙂 )


Choose two small white buttons to be the knobs on your Etch a Sketch. Glue them onto the bottom corners of your Etch a Sketch (on the red border). If you want the knobs to be thicker, you can layer another pair of buttons.


You can add an Etch A Sketch – y doodle onto it, and write “Etch A Sketch” on the top (I used a silver sharpie, but pencil or marker should do just fine)

Seal your Etch a Sketch with Modge Podge or a clear drying glue so that the color doesn’t rub off on your dolls.

And your done! I hope your dolls will love playing with this fun toy from the 60’s!


Grace is having fun playing with their new Etch A Sketch!


And she’s getting pretty good, too!

Grace: Hey, I think I’ll show Clara this one!


Clara: That looks really nice! Mind if I try?

Grace: Of course!


Grace: How’s it going?

Clara: Erm. Well…


Clara: Let’s just say I could use a little more practice!

Have you ever used an Etch A Sketch? Did your drawings turn out?


And here’s my BIBPC entry



The story:

The theme is weeds. It’s so hot out, so going outside didn’t sound so fun, but my mom and I stopped by a park anyways, and we hunted for weeds 😉 . Funny to suddenly want to see weeds… We found a few weeds for me to photograph and I settled on this picture of some ground cover weeds. 🙂

They seem to have some itty bitty pretty flowers. 😛


Have a lovely day,

~Gracie 😉