Lost – Part 4

Parts One, Two, Three


Here’s a quick refresher from last week:


“Ah, good!” The miniature, glowing girl said, with a sense of urgency in her voice. “You’re awake!”

I sat bolt upright. “Who-who are you?!”



Grace’s Point of view



“I am a fairy,” the girl spoke sweetly, “and I need your help.”

“What?” I asked in bewilderment. “A fairy? Those are in stories! And you need my help? I’m the one in need of help! I’m lost, and–”

The little fairy chuckled, shaking her head, “Fairies aren’t made up in storybooks, storybooks are made by those who meet fairies!” I blinked, aghast at her matter-of-fact statement. “But anyways, I need your help! My town is in ruins! You must come with me!”

With that she flew out the cave opening (the storm was past by now). I didn’t see much better that I could do, so I followed.


“Hurry now!” She called.


And she meant hurry! I had to practically sprint after her! Who would have thought her little wings could carry her so fast!

But what am I saying; who would have thought that she even existed!


We came to some bushes, beyond which was a clearing by a lake with a cute little fairy town inside!


“This is it!” she said, landing on the ground by one of the buildings. They looked like they were made of thin, delicate, dried mud, but when I felt one, I realized it was surprisingly very sturdy!


“Doesn’t anyone else live here?” I asked her. It seemed awfully empty for a fairy town.

“No,” she said sadly, ushering me over to the side of the tiny town.


“Because something destroyed our storehouse–where we keep all our food–the other night. And no food means no fairies. They all packed up and left.”


I nodded sympathetically. “So where do I come in?”

“Do you think you can catch the culprit?” She gave me a weak, despondent smile. She obviously believed I’d say no to the impossible task. I suspected she had been turned down from a couple of people by now. I wanted to help her. But how?

“I’ll help you,” I said, choking on the words. I hope, I thought to myself.

Her grin was so huge that I almost laughed out loud!

“Oh Great!! This is absolutely wonderful! I’ll show you all I know!”

And she began listing random facts that might have to do with the case, from where footprints were, to the silly dreams she had the night “the thing” came.

I noted that the thing had dug through the sturdy store house to get to the food, and it only ate the meat, but the rest of the food was ruined, too.


She showed me where some footprints were in the dirt. I observed them carefully, and she also gave me some fur samples that she had located around the ruins. It looked like… a coyote? I shuddered at the thought of stopping a wild dog.

I carefully examined the evidence again.


“I’ve got it!!” I exclaimed, making the chattering fairy jump. “I know who the culprit is–and how to stop them!”

Her eyes sparkled joyfully, “What do you need?”

“Some string! And… maybe a nap…” For it was going to be a long night.



Then all I had to do was wait.


Do you know who the culprit is? Are you looking forward to Part 5?



P.S. Isn’t Rebecca such a pretty fairy?

Lost – Part #3

Part 1 and Part 2

Grace’s Point of View


I don’t know how long I laid at the bottom of the cliff unconscious. Perhaps minutes. Perhaps hours. 


I slowly woke up. Where in the world was I?

My senses slowly came back to me. I had fallen off a cliff. I had been trying to get the Frisbee.


Ow! I thought, holding my hand to my throbbing head. I must have bumped it hard! I winced.

Alright, time to get out of here. I tied my tousled hair back into a ponytail with my spare hair tie.


I stood up slowly, and turned to face the cliff. But it was way too tall to even reach my hand to the top, and would be too difficult to climb, especially with my badly scraped up hands–not to mention my terribly banged-up body.


I realized in terror, that I was lost.

On the bright side, when I get home, Julie will probably agree to get me a phone, I smiled.

That is, if I get home, a tiny voice said inside of me. I tried to shrug off the thought. I needed to stop thinking of what awful things could happen, and start thinking of what to do next.

But what does one do when they are lost in the wilderness? A lightbulb seemed to pop above my head, as I remembered Clara’s lecture on survival. I strained to remember what she had said. If only I had payed more attention!

Build a fire. She had said to build a fire. Not only would it help keep you warm, it would act as a signal to those trying to find you.

I ran off to find firewood.


I had gathered quite a load when I heard a loud rumbling noise behind me. 

Oh no.


Dark thunderclouds were rolling swiftly in. No time for a fire, my new priority was to find shelter. It would not do to get sick from the cold and wet the storm would bring.

I ran frantically in all directions, trying to find some kind of shelter.

It began to sprinkle.


I discovered a small dark cave on the other side of a large boulder. It would do. I bolted into it.


It was humid and warm in the cave, and the rain began to pitter-patter more loudly outside. I was exhausted.


I laid my aching body down on the hard dirt floor, trying not to think about my dire situation, for there was nothing I could do until the storm passed. And soon the rain had lulled me to sleep.


I slept fitfully for a while, until  I was awaken by a strange, sweet voice, that sounded like it was speaking to me.


I opened my sleepy eyes part way, and saw a bright light coming from…from what?


I opened my eyes the rest of the way, and was shocked to see a tiny winged girl, standing beside me in the cave!

“Ah, good!” The miniature, glowing girl said, with a sense of urgency in her voice. “You’re awake!”

I sat bolt upright. “Who-who are you?!”




I hope you enjoyed, stay tuned for more next Wednesday!!



Lost – Part 1

Hi everyone! I’ve thought up a new photostory! It will probably have about 6 parts, and, as you can see by the title, is called Lost.

Grace’s Point of View

Today has been an interesting day. Kaity dug under the fence and ran off. We had no idea where she was. And in case you were wondering, yes, we did check under the beds to see if she was napping again. XD

Caroline was off at a friend’s house–I think she was going to hang up “lost dog” posters while she was there–and Julie was doing schoolwork, so Clara and I made plans to go throw a Frisbee around outside.



That is, if Clara could finish her online game! Recently, she has been really into games where your character is trying to survive in the wilderness after crashing their plane, or getting lost in the mountains, or something.

“Come on, Clara! Are you finished yet?” I asked, quite anxious to leave.

“Almost done,” she mumbled, eyes fixed on the game. Her character was connecting wires on a radio they had found.

“Can you finish later?”


“Oh, alright,” she said, closing the laptop and hopping up to go.

We took a walk to a large grassy area we liked to play in, and on the way, Clara gave me a detailed explanation of what to do if I was ever stranded in the wilderness. I listened politely, nodding here and there. Clara should really be in girl scouts.


Finally, we made it. I pulled out the Frisbee and we stepped a little ways from each other.


“Head’s up!”

Clara caught it perfectly.

“Here goes nothing!” she called. She took a stance and gave it a shot.

“Perfect throw!” I said, catching the spinning disc. We tossed it back and forth like that for a while, but I soon wanted to shake things up, “Let’s move farther apart!”


We both took a few steps back.


It was Clara’s turn to throw. “I don’t know if I can make it!”

“Just throw a little harder,” I advised, smiling.


She threw harder alright! It went sailing over my head to who knows where!


“Wow, Clara!” I laughed. “I’ll go get that!” She nodded and gave me an exaggerated embarrassed look.



I walked.

And searched.


And walked.

And searched.


Until finally I found it, up high in a tree!

Photo edited on Picmonkey

A rock rose up some of the height of the tree, and then dropped down into a cliff. I shrugged it off. I’ll just be careful. I won’t slip.


And with that, I ascended the rock, reaching for the Frisbee. Just a little further!


I took a small step towards the Frisbee, perilously balancing over the cliff.

I stretched and touched the Frisbee, biting my lip. And with my next shuffle towards the disc, I toppled it down, and to my shock, toppled myself too, and went tumbling down the cliff, shouting, though no one was in earshot.

I felt my head hit hard against a rock as my world went black.


*insert dramatic music sting* What do you think? I plan on posting a new part every Wednesday, so stay tuned for part 2!



P.S. Allison made a really great post with writing tips. Click here to see it!