Mini Rebecca Goes Shopping

Hiya! I’m Rebecca! Happy to meet you!

In case you didn’t know, I’m one of the mini dolls here! (You can learn more about me from the “Meet the Mini Dolls” post!)

Anyways, today (the other day by the time you’re reading this) Gracie was going to go shopping with her mom, and she thought she’d bring one of us minis along to get some pictures for a post. Since I’m the fashionista in the mini family, Gracie decided to have me come along! She even fixed my hair up in a pretty bun for the outing (though she says that she did it for the practical benefits of having my hair out of the way…).

But let me tell you, it’s a strange thing to think that going shopping is a good activity for a fashionista! After getting me all ready to go, she put me in her purse! In her purse!


Here’s a picture of me that she took later on in the outing. It was dark and kind of cramped, but I suppose I’ll admit that I was glad I came along anyways. You get used to the purse after a while, and it actually turned out pretty… fun.


The first store we went was Marshalls! A pretty fun place. Gracie spotted a little alcove full of shoes and shoeboxes, and thought it’d be a nice place to stop in for some pictures of me!







Then I was put back in her purse as Gracie and her mom meandered around the shoe section. Next they looked around at clothes.


Gracie found this shirt, and I certainly agree with it. Too bad they don’t make it in 6 inch dolly size.

Basically the rest of the time in that store I was in her purse. We went to the dressing room and then wandered around the knick-knack section before finally leaving.


Next up we went to Target. Here I hung out in Gracie’s purse until we made it to the Our Generation doll aisle.


First thing after I was out of Gracie’s purse, I got up on top of the stable roof to say hello to the Lori dolls! Next I got to check out some of the Lori vehicles!


Check out this neat car!

Gracie was about to get a picture of me in the car… when her camera died. 😦 That ended our trip in the OG aisle. I would have also liked to get some photos with the Wellie Wishers at Target, but I guess we’ll have to do that some other time.

Then Gracie went around the store with her mom to do their shopping, and after that we checked out and headed back home.

And now I’m here telling you this post! Oh, I guess you knew that part.

Anyways, I had a lot of fun shopping, even with being transported in a purse! Unfortunately Gracie didn’t buy me any Lori doll outfits or cars, but maybe some day I’ll convince her….


Have you ever taken your doll or mini doll shopping? What is your favorite store? What was your doll’s favorite store?

Thanks for reading my post!



Meet the Mini Dolls!


I hope you all had a good Mother’s Day, last Sunday! Remember to honor your mother (and father!) for all that they do for you!


Clara is going to take over now. 🙂



Hi Everyone! Guess what I get to show you today?


The mini dolls!!! It’s about time you met them, I think. 🙂


Gracie’s planning to add a link to this post on the “Meet the Dolls” page, and she added a little bit to our profiles, too, so be sure to check it out!

Now, let’s get in to actually meeting the minis!


Let’s start with Julie’s, the oldest’s, doll and then proceed from the minis owned by the oldest to the youngest.

This is Cecile! She and Marie-Grace, who are pre-Beforever historicals, were our first minis!


Cecile is eight years old, the oldest of the minis, and likes to cook. She’s fun, sometimes stubborn, and likes to goof off with her sisters, though she is also good at standing up when things are getting too out of hand.

Any words for the readers, Cecile?

Hello! *waves*

Ok… That’s all?

Um, thanks for reading!!


Next up we have Molly, a first edition, glass-eyed mini, and one of Caroline’s dolls!

Um, Molly?

I’m adjusting my glasses… 

Ok… They look fine to me…

Ok… but if you had glasses you would understand how they get uncomf–


Hey! I have glasses!

Well… you aren’t wearing them…

I’m NOT?


OOF! Hey…!

Where in the world could they be??


AHA! Here they are!!



Alright! Much better! Now, where were we?

You were introducing me and then you dropped me…

Oh, right. Sorry Molly!


Molly is six years old. She is a bit shy and reserved, and likes reading. She can be a little mischievous sometimes, and she doesn’t like being the center of attention.

Any extra words, Molly?

I don’t think so… 

Ok. Thanks for joining us, Molly.

You’re welcome.*shy smile*


This here is Samantha, also glass-eyed, and also Caroline’s!


Mini Sam is six years old, and the youngest of the minis. She likes to joke around, play, and try to get Molly to go on mischievous adventures with her and Kit.

Any words, Sammy?

I saw cake in the fridge, may I have some? 

Um, sure, but do you have any words for our readers?

Oh! Um… I love cake! And playing outside with Kit!


Speaking of Kit, Kit is up next! She is–




Why is your hair a wreck? And you don’t have your shoes on? You know you’re in a post!

Sorry, I was climbing trees outside.

Alright, well, go get yourself cleaned up, ok? Then come on back.

*Scampers off*

Just a minute please. Sorry for the delay.


*Scampers back* Better? 

Much! So anyways, this is Kit! She is one of the Beforever minis, and is Grace’s doll.


Kit is seven years old. She and Samantha get along really well, as they both like playing outside and being silly. Samantha looks up to Kit, and thinks she’s hilarious and fun. Kit’s mischief sometimes gets out of hand, but she tries to be a good example and big sister to Sam.

Do you have anything to say to the readers?

Out of hand? I don’t get out of hand! Oh… well, I guess, there was that one time… 

And some other times…

Ok, maybe I do get a little out of hand sometimes… 


This here is Marie-Grace! She is one of my dolls!


Marie-Grace is eight years old. She has the sweetest personality of the mini dolls. Marie-Grace is a pretty quiet girl, and very thoughtful. She likes being around her family or in her room reading. Cecile is her best friend.

Anything to say, Marie-Grace?

It was nice meeting you all!


Before we go, just check out her HAIR! It’s so long and shiny and soft! XD I love it.


Last but not least, we have Rebecca, another pre-Beforever mini! Um… Rebecca?

Be out in a minute! I’m fixing my hair!

Oh, um, ok… Just try to hurry! We have people waiting!


Here I am! I need to look my best for the readers, don’t you think?

Ok. So here is Rebecca, she is my second doll, and the last of our minis.


Rebecca is our fashionista; though, you may have already figured that out. She is seven years old. Rebecca likes to spend her time styling her and her sisters’ hair and begging us to let her try out a little makeup. She can be a little bossy sometimes, but can be kind, as well.

Anything to say, Rebecca?

So… can I wear makeup? 

*chuckles* No, Rebecca. You don’t need any at your age, anyways. I don’t wear it, either. Anything else?

Goodbye, readers!


Well, I guess that concludes our meet and greet! I hope you enjoyed meeting all the minis! And be sure to go check out the “Meet the Dolls” page to check out the update!!



Before I go,

What did you think of the pictures in this post?

I took them in my closet where my dollhouse/bookshelf is, so it was kind of like an experiment, and lighting was a challenge. Some of them are better than others, because I figured out new methods as I went. I edited these, too 🙂 . Feedback is appreciated!

Also, I plan to post the winner of Caption It! #3 very soon! So go ahead and vote, here, if you haven’t yet!