2-Year Blogiversary Giveaway!


Today, June 6, marks 2 years since my first post on Smile and Craft AG, Hello World! Time flies, and it’s amazing to have blogged for two years so far! This blog has come a long way… 😀  ! A big thank you to all of you for reading, liking, and commenting!


As a blogiversary custom, how about some stats?

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My top three commenters are…

  1. Hannah

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  3. Mary E.



And now for what I assume you’ve been waiting for… the giveaway!


I’m giving away…



a dress I sewed using the 123 Mulberry Street Drop Waist Pocket Tee Dress pattern from Pixie Faire!


(shoes, headband, and doll Not included! 😉 )


It features pockets, Velcro closure in the back, a gathered skirt, and is made with a stretchy T-shirt fabric.


Please note… I am not a professional seamstress, and this was my first time using the pattern 😉 .


But it turned out cute, and look forward to giving it to one of you!


Are you ready to enter?


  • Comment down below that you would like to enter this giveaway.
  • If you are under 18, then get a parent’s permission to enter. If you win, I’ll need your address to ship it to you!
  • This giveaway is open to the USA and Canada.
  • Entries are due by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, June 26 (2018).

For extra entries…

  • Share this giveaway on social media (Pinterest, your own blog, etc.). Then come back to comment and tell me where you shared it! (1 extra entry per share)


Also, I will be out of town during the week of the 17th, so I won’t be moderating and replying to your entries from during that week until I get back 🙂 .

After the 26th (possibly the 27th) I will post the winner!!


Now for a few bonus pictures before you head off to the comments to enter 🙂




Are you planning to enter? Can you believe Smile and Craft AG has been around for two years? How long have you been following Smile and Craft AG?


Have a blessed day!

Gracie Sign Off

More… Sewing!


Do you like to sew? I do! Though I don’t do it too often, occasionally I get a burst of motivation and make a bunch of doll clothes. And then, after several sewing projects the sewing machine isn’t used for a while until I get another motivation burst. 😉

But recently, I had one of those, and I made several things for the dolls! You can see my past sewing posts, here, and a second one here.


Onto the sewing…


Here is Grace modeling some Jeans I sewed. as well as a T-shirt I sewed.


The jeans were made with the Liberty Jane Jeans pattern I received from a Freebie Friday on Pixie Faire. And the T-shirt pattern is from the free pattern on Pixie Faire, here.


And here is Consuelo in a skirt I made her. I don’t think I used a pattern for this.




Last but not least, Caroline is modeling this black shirt I sewed. This shirt is inspired by this shirt, and this shirt from DreamWorld Collections!


I just used the same Pixie faire T-shirt pattern as for Grace’s shirt, except that I cut it so it would be longer (I used an old shirt, so the lace was already attached!). I think I got the sleeves from Pixie Faire’s pullover sweater pattern, though you could probably easily snag some sleeves from a free pattern online.


I hope you enjoyed!

Do you sew in spurts, regularly, or not much/not at all? Which piece of clothing or outfit was your favorite?


Have a blessed day!

Gracie Sign Off

Some Sewing Stuff

Good day, my dear readers! 😉


I’ve sewn a number of things recently, and thought I’d show you some of them!




First I have this maxi dress that I made. I actually made it out of one of my old dresses. I used the Pixie Faire Maxi Dress pattern that I got free through a Freebie Friday! I added a couple more skirt tiers, though, than the pattern said.


I also made the tank top underneath by altering Pixie Faire’s free T-shirt pattern. (Though they have a free tank top pattern as well)

I’m thinking of doing a tutorial for Julie’s hairstyle. Would you like one?


Next up is this leotard that I made for Clara with this pattern. I made the front with two pieces of fabric, instead of one piece with appliques. I also used fabric, folded over and zig-zag stitched, instead of fold-over elastic, and it seemed to work fine. I like how it turned out!


Hmm, I think another Clara Doing Gymnastics post is coming due, don’t you? 😉


And lastly I want to show you the Teagan Top I made using Project AG Runway’s pattern. You should really check out her blog! She blogs about sewing, mostly, and has already posted a few great (free!) patterns!


Mine seemed to turn out a little small. The straps were too short, so I sewed on some extra fabric, and now they lay a bit funny, but it was my first try at the pattern, and I had tried to alter the pattern slightly, so the mess-ups may well be my fault XD . I also used velcro instead of snaps. But it’s still a super cute top!


I hope you enjoyed!

Which clothing item that I sewed was your favorite? Do you want to see a tutorial for Julie’s hairstyle, and another post with Clara’s gymnastics?



P.S. What do you think of my Gravatar profile picture? It’s the pic of Clara that you see when I comment. I’ve had it a while, but am wondering if it looks odd or good. Honest opinions or ideas are appreciated!

P.P.S. Is anyone doing Camp Nanowrimo in July and need a cabin member? I want to participate in July, and would love to be in a cabin with some fellow bloggers.