Caption It #2 – Voting! + Some Very Exciting News!!!


I’ve got some Very exciting news!

Buuut, I’m gonna make you wait until the end of this post! XD XD


It’s about time I post the voting session for my Caption it, dontchathink?

Here’s how it works:

I pick a few of my favorites from the original Caption It #2 post…

And then you get to vote on your favorite! I can post the ultimate winner in (probably) about a week!




Here are the contenders!



Grace: Ah, the guard has fallen asleep. Come on, mini Kit, now’s our chance! We’re so close to the Christmas present stash!
Caroline: Zzzzzz



Grace: Kit, isn’t it a little hot to be wearing that scarf?
Caroline: T sn’t jst n scrf, t’s thr.
Grace: What?
Caroline: SD T SN’T JST N SCRF, T’S THR.
Grace: WHAT?
Caroline (pulling scarf down): I SAID IT ISN’T JUST ONE SCARF, IT’S THREE!!!!!
Grace: Oh. But isn’t it a little hot to be wearing three scarves?
Caroline: Ugh.



Grace: Caroline, what are you doing?
Caroline: I have a huge zit on my lip and I don’t want anyone to see! Please don’t tell.
Grace: OK! Your secret is my secret!
Grace’s thoughts: Wait till Clara hears about this, hee hee!



Grace: “there’s were my scarf went!”

Caroline: (thinking)“maybe if I stand still and pretend I’m asleep she won’t notice that I—

Grace: hey is that Clara’s scarf?

Caroline: “darn”


Now it’s your turn? Who do you think should win Caption It #2?!




P.S. I want to thank every one of you who entered! I loved reading your captions!




Ok!!! Now onto the news!!! *squeals*


I purchased something…

It affects this blog

No, it’s not a doll 😉

Any guesses?


I purchased a Nikon Coolpix l840 on Ebay! I’m super excited! I’ve been using my phone for my photography, so I’m very much looking forward to using this new, nicer camera!

It hasn’t arrived yet, but when it does, would you like to see a post on it?



Have you ever purchased a camera? Were you excited?