Pretty as a Princess – A Caroline Photoshoot with Photoshop Editing

Hi there!

Today I have a short photoshoot of pretty Caroline. She is modeling the dress I won in American Girl Fan’s giveaway. It is such a pretty, silky dress!! Thank you Rolling Rock Dolls and American Girl Fan! Underneath the skirt, I added a tulle tutu that I made, making the dress more like a full, old-fashioned-type gown.

Since I just got Photoshop, I wanted to use this photoshoot as a sort of Photoshop trial run. I edited each of the pictures using Photoshop.

After the photoshoot (note: it’s a pretty short photoshoot 😉 ), I’ll show you a few before and after pictures to show the difference from editing, and I also have one fun, play edit, as well!







Editing really helps bring out her pretty eye color!




This is one of my favorites 🙂




Another of my favorites 😉


And one last look at her pretty dress.



That’s the end of the photoshoot! So…

Here are a few before and after editing pictures! Before is always first, and I’ll label them, as well.





















And lastly I have a fun bonus edit! I was going off of this tutorial, but eventually just added the sparkle/lights in a different way (I think I used the dodge tool, in case you were wondering), because the tutorial’s version of Photoshop didn’t match my version.


Maybe not quite as magical as the tutorial, but I think it turned out pretty fun ☺ .


So, what did you think?

Editing really makes a difference, doesn’t it? I hope that you enjoyed the photoshoot, and editing!

Which picture is your favorite? Do you have Photoshop, or edit photos with something else? Any editing suggestions, tips, or critiques?

Would you like to see a post on how I edit (perhaps after I’ve had some more practice 🙂 )?

What other posts would you like to see on Smile and Craft AG?

Thank you for reading and Have a Blessed Day!

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A Few Received Gifts


It’s crazy that Christmas has already passed! I hope you all had a wonderful day!

Today I’m here to show you some things I received for Christmas! That being said, I want to add that although gift-giving and receiving is fun, I hope we will all note and remember that the true reason for Christmas is God’s free gift to us: His Son, Jesus, to save us from our ultimate debt!

Since this is a doll blog, I’m just here with three things that are for my dolls or relate to my blog!

I hope you will enjoy! And a big thank you to my brothers who gave me the gifts in this post!


First off, I received two Our Generation (Target brand) outfits for my dolls!

Here’s one:


It’s called “Tennis Togs.” It comes with a white dress, grey cardigan with embroidered tennis rackets, orange plastic sneakers, a fuzzy tennis ball, and a tennis racket. Looks like Julie has a new hobby! (Note: Julie can hold the ball and racket with the help of hair elastics.)


I especially like the dress in this set. It seems like it’s really versatile! Here I layered a vest.


Or you could add tights.


Or leggings!

Next up…


“So Deer to Me.” It includes a button up top (fastened with velcro), pink pants, a royal blue belt, brown plastic sneakers, orange glasses, and dark pink socks.


Clara popped in to give a quick look at the socks and glasses. I think my favorite part of this outfit is the pants, though it’s cute overall! 🙂

The socks actually do fit under the sneakers. Another thing to note is that the belt is sewn to the pants, causing the buckle to be un-centered when tightened. I’ll probably use my seam-ripper to un-attach the belt. 🙂

And that’s all for the doll items!

However there is one more thing that applies to this blog! My brother kindly gave me Photoshop (Elements 2018). I look forward to playing around with it, and using it to edit photos for my posts! I used it a little for this post, but I have a photoshoot of Caroline that I’m excited to show you soon, in which I’ve been working on editing the pictures with Photoshop!

Well, that about wraps up this post! Thank you again to my brothers! 🙂

What are some things you got for Christmas? What are some things you gave for Christmas?

Have a blessed day!

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