A Mini Adventure


I was planning to work on the post presenting the winner of the fashion show, but I checked on the scoring, and two of the dolls are tied!

So instead, I have a photoshoot with the mini’s first, and remember to vote if you haven’t! Even if you have already voted, feel free to vote a second time!

Until then, enjoy an account of the mini dolls’ recent adventure!






Molly and Samantha were sitting at their spots on Caroline, their owner’s, bed, chatting softly.

“Well I’m bored,” said Samantha, after a few minutes of small talk, “Clara, Grace, and Caroline are at some sort of fashion show, and Julie went out with Consuelo. I say we go on an adventure!”


Molly stood up, “I’m in! Let’s get the others!”


Soon all the minis were gathered in Grace and Clara’s bedroom.

“We want to go on an adventure!” Sam explained. “Who’s in?”

Both of Kit’s hands went straight up, “Whoop! I’m coming!!” The other dolls nodded in general agreement.


Rebecca, however, sighed, “I don’t want to be left behind, but you’ll have to wait until I change into something more suitable! I can’t chance messing up this nice dress!!”

The minis shrugged and waited for Rebecca to change.


Soon Rebecca was back. The dolls soon agreed to head in the direction of the backyard, and so they set off.


They were walking along smoothly for a while, until Rebecca let out a shriek.


The dolls stopped abruptly, looking in the direction of Rebecca’s shaking, pointed hand.

“C-c-CAT!” She shrieked again.


“Shhhh,” hushed Kit, “we can’t let it notice us! Everyone, quick, get down!!” Kit looked like she was enjoying this sudden and apparent danger.

“Yup, get down and head home!” Rebecca added.

Kit shook her head, “We’ll have to sneak around the cat, and hope she doesn’t notice us!”

The girls, including a reluctant Rebecca, all crouched down as Kit instructed and began to crawl there way towards the cat’s back. Little did they know, the curious feline noticed their antics.


As they began to inch around a scratching board, poor Samantha lifted her head and screeched loud enough to wake the house (that is, if they had been asleep).


Suddenly she was up and bolting away, and the others quickly followed suit.


They ran across the room and behind a barrier as fast as they could, pinning themselves behind it and gasping for breath.

“I think we lost it,” Kit said finally.

Suddenly alarmed, Marie-Grace added, “But where’s Cecile?” The girls’ eyes widened in fright.


Molly, being at the edge of the barrier, peeked around and saw Cecile ambling over to where they were. (She proceeded to careful observe if Cecile had any scratches or strange cat bites that would make her act so casual in such a dangerous moment. She couldn’t find any.)


“Where were you? What happened?” Molly exclaimed as Cecile rounded the barrier corner.

Cecile looked like she was on the verge of a laughing fit, “Well, you see, I’ve been here longer than most of you, and I happen to understand that the likely purpose of this cat was to smell us and find out what we were up to, not to attack!” The other girls gaped.

“And you didn’t tell us?!” Rebecca squeaked.

“I didn’t really get the chance with how suddenly you all acted.”

Kit blinked and cleared her throat, regaining her composure, “Alrighty then, since that’s all well and done, we really should move on…”


The next stop was the door to the backyard. They were excited to see how close they were to their goal, until they realized a problem.


The door was locked, and the lock was several mini-doll-yards above them.

“Well, we’re close enough,” Rebecca decided, “no way we’re getting up there, so we might as well head back.”


“I have an idea!” Samantha chirped. “It’s simple: to get to the lock, we just have to climb this big curtain sheet!”

“Hey, that might work!” Molly agreed.


So Sam began to shuffle her way up the curtain.


But she only got a short distance up before she felt she couldn’t climb any longer, and had to shuffle back down.

“That’s harder than it looks!” she gasped.


“Here, let me try!” Kit offered.


Kit is a little older than Sam, and she made it a little higher, but soon had to stop and come down, gasping like Samantha was.

“What can I say,” she said, “I was never good at rope climbing…”

Molly seemed thoughtful, “Let me give it a try; but I’ll need a little help.”


Soon Molly had been mounted on Cecile’s shoulder with Samantha supporting her from behind. She reasoned it might give her a better start up the curtain. She grabbed hold and wiggled her way off of her supporters to begin the climb.


Her idea proved to be a success! She pulled herself up, the boost by her friend giving her just enough strength, and she was able to lean over and reach the lock, pushing the door unlocked.


When she made it back down, she promptly plopped onto the floor and cried, “Mission accomplished!” between a fit of gasping.


With the effort of all the minis, the door slid open,


revealing their path to the backyard world!


Kit, Sam, and Molly raced through the opening, whooping, while Cecile and Marie-Grace followed, chatting happily, with Rebecca tagging along.


But in her excitement Kit failed to notice a ditch in the concrete flooring.


“Kit!” the girls cried, running to meet her after she caught her foot and fell.


“I’m ok,” Kit assured, a little shakily, “It wasn’t… so bad.”


Marie-Grace had her attention in the distance, “Uh, I’m glad you’re alright this time, but look what’s ahead!”


The minis turned to see a whole plain full of similar ditches, beyond which was a lovely green field.

“Looks kind of dangerous,” cautioned Cecile.

“Looks like fun!” Kit added.

“We’d better head back home,” Rebecca declared.


But the girls headed off anyway, and it was actually pretty fun, if you were careful not to fall. They enjoyed skipping and hopping over the little ruts in the paving.


And soon they reached the end, and came to the large green field they had aspired to reach earlier.
“Wonderful!” Samantha said, upon seeing it. “A perfect place to stop our journey!”


The girls plopped down onto the grass, enjoying it’s soft green shoots. Even Rebecca seemed content, though that may have partially been the result of hearing the words “stop our journey!”


Marie-Grace was staring at the distance again. “This surely is lovely, but you all know that we can never let our owners know that we’re alive.”

“Well, of course!” replied Kit. “That’s common toy knowledge.”

Marie-Grace nodded in the direction of her gaze.


The dollies turned to see Julie and Consuelo off in the distance, who had just rounded the bend to take a stroll in the same field that the minis were in.

“Looks to me like it’s time to go home!” Rebecca asserted. And for once everyone else nodded in thorough agreement. Their daring journey to the backyard had now come to a finish.


I hope you enjoyed the photostory! Let me know what you thought in the comments!

Don’t forget to vote on your favorite outfit in the fashion show, even if you’ve voted once before! I plan to close out the poll in a few days (probably Saturday), and then post the winner with their photoshoot soon after that!

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Have a Blessed Day!

Gracie Sign Off


‘Tis the Season – Holiday Series Part Two – Nativity Craft!

Hi!! It’s Clara!!


I’m excited to be here for my part of the “‘Tis the Season” Christmas series!!

Tis the Season!

Gracie wanted me to include the schedule…

     Part One, Wednesday, December 13Caroline, Collection Post {Check!}

     Part Two, Saturday, December 16 : Clara, Craft Post

     Part Three, Tuesday, December 19: Grace, Recipe Post

     Part Four, Friday, December 22: Julie, Photostory Post

Yep, so we’re on part two, a craft post!!


I love arts and crafts, pretty much any time of year. So are you ready to dive in?

The craft we will be doing is…


A Miniature (AG size!) Nativity!


What do you think? It’s very simple, but I think it’s pretty cute. And it’s actually really easy, too!


Well… Let’s start!!


  • Paperboard (such as cereal box cardboard)
  • Glue/hot glue
  • Paint
  • Scissors

That’s it!

Here we go…

Take your paperboard and cut out little shapes for the various nativity characters. Here is a list of the figures you can cut out:

  • Baby Jesus/Manger
  • Mary
  • Joseph
  • Shepherds (as many as you want)
  • Wise men (Traditionally three. Trivia: the Bible doesn’t actually say how many there were!)
  • Animals (Sheep, Donkey, etc.) (As many as you want)
  • Stable
  • Star

You’ll also want to cut out a rectangle to put all of your characters on later.

Now don’t worry! We’re going to keep it simple and EASY!! 😀

I’ll show you the shapes I cut for my nativity (with my and Gracie’s hands for size reference):


See? Not too hard! 😀 😉

Next we’ll paint all the pieces.

Again, it doesn’t have to be complicated! Here’s mine:


Hot glue (Or glue), each figure onto the base, and hold them upright until they stay up on their own.


And you’re done!


I love how cute and easy it is! And nativities are a good reminder of the TRUE reason that we celebrate: Jesus come to earth, humbly, as a baby. What a glorious truth!

We weren’t sure where it would go in our (messy) dollhouse, so I think Gracie has just claimed it for her own room… Maybe once we clean we can ask it back XD .


Are you going to make this? Do you have a nativity?

And be sure to come back and see Grace’s and Julie’s posts for the series!




It’s a Small World After All Blog Award


I got nominated by Kaitlynrh1 from Kait’s AG Crafts for this Award! Thanks soo much Kaitlyn! 🙂

Here be the rules:

1. Post a photostory (it can be short) that includes things that are miniature for dolls. That means it has to be something miniature x2 for us!
2. Answer five basic questions (below)
3. Answer and ask two other questions that you make up.
4. Nominate the other five doll bloggers!
If you get nominated twice, just do it… or you don’t have to and just tell the person that nominated you. Enjoy!



Clara had a good night’s sleep and awoke with inspiration and adventure in her eyes (perhaps it was from the book she had just finished reading the night before)


Today was a day for adventure! She was determined to have one!


She hopped out of bed towards her closet, not minding to leave her blanket on the bed.


She snatched up some clothes,




fixed up her bedhead,


made her bed (after retrieving her blanket that was halfway across the room),


grabbed her shoes


and bag (containing necessary items such as her notebook and hair ties)


and was off, ready for a day of adventure!


She didn’t know exactly where she was headed, so she just walked…


and walked…


(being sure to watch for any spies trying to hinder her mission)


She had been walking a ways, and finally had started meandering through an untouched-seeming meadow, when she heard a high pitched ringing – quite resembling a scream. She stopped in her tracks and listened intently, her eyes scanning the area for any trouble. She was surprised at where her eyes landed…


“YOU!” She heard a tiny but fierce, female voice, “You Get Off Of My Mother NOW!”

“You big Bully!” An (ever so slightly) more manly voice shouted. Clara thought she heard him mumble, “Very Big Bully…” with a small whimper.


Clara no sooner saw the little blue lady under her shoe than she pulled her foot up and away, giving her deep apology. Thanks to the soft ground beneath them, the lady (Their mother, Clara detected), seemed fine, and was soon up.


Clara got down on the ground to observe these strange, tiny people. She saw that there was a icy blue woman, a young purple girl with a cute bob and bangs, and a tall(er) red teenager with a mo-hawk.

“I’m sorry that I stepped on you,” Clara said, gaping at the tiny family.

“Oh I’m fine,” The blue lady insisted in a sweet Southern accent, “What brings you here? I would offer you a cup of tea, but, well, I don’t have a cup your size…”

“That’s quite alright -”

“It’d better be! After barging in and stepping on Mother!” The purple girl had obviously not forgiven Clara.

“Dear me, I apologize, don’t mind Jackie here, she gets a bit defensive when it comes to human folk…”

“I did step on you though,” Clara said, sorrowfully, “Is there any way that I might help you, and make up for it?”


“Actually,” the red boy spoke up. he nodded to a little green kid that Clara hadn’t even noticed before. “could you speak some sense into him? He’s always just -”

“Harry!” The Mother scolded, “Your brother’s going through a rough patch. try to be sympathetic.” She turned towards Clara, “You see, my husband went off on a long trip for work, and he’s hardly ever been gone before now. Jerry misses him terribly, and hasn’t been happy, or interacted with us at all since his Father’s left. He’s nearly starving himself to death!”

Clara looked thoughtful. “How long until he comes home?”

“Oh, twenty-five days.”


Clara nodded, “I have an idea.” She sat down beside Jerry and the other family members peeked from behind her shoelaces and bag as Clara introduced herself and chatted with Jerry.


The family watched, intrigued, as Clara took out her notebook and started tearing strips of paper from its pages. Even Jerry seemed interested.

“Have anything sticky, like glue?” Clara asked them. The Mom handed Clara a small pot of a fast-drying honey-glue.



Soon Clara had made a long paper chain. It had 25 links.

“So that every day you can tear one off, and when you reach the end, your dad is coming home!” Clara explained.

Jerry smiled at her (she could tell because of the white streak on his face).


The family hugged Clara’s fingers. She had encouraged Jerry successfully.


Then they turned and hugged each other, reunited.


They exchanged “thank you’s” and “farewell’s” as Clara walked away, the little people all waving and smiling happily as she left.

Clara smiled gaily to herself; what an adventure she had! She could only hope that she would see them again someday – and perhaps even meet their father!


That was a lot of fun to do! 🙂


Now onto the QUESTIONS 🙂 


How old were you when you got your first AG doll, and who was it?

My very first American Girl doll was Julie. ❤ I think I might have been seven when I received her.

Which three dolls would you get next, even if they’ve been archived?

ADDY! As for the other two…*looks at American Girl website* *thinks about retired dolls*… perhaps Maryellen and Felicity…or maybe Nellie… I don’t really know XD

How long have you been doll blogging?

Not very long. My first post was on June 6 (of 2016). (Wanna see it? Here’s the link!)

Why did you start a doll blog?

I thought it’d be fun to show the world something I love and be involved in the blogging community! 🙂 It’s also a neat accomplishment.

How are your dolls ‘related’ on your blog? (sisters, not related, cousins, friends, etc.)

They are sisters!


And now for the two questions from Kaitlyn…

What do you like more – dolls with curly hair or straight hair?

Straight! Caroline’s hair is beautiful, but can be tricky to manage 🙂

And what is your favorite doll?

Of all the dolls? Or of my dolls? Either way, I don’t really know, hehe. Julie is my first doll, so she is special to me (not to mention, she’s so pretty). Although I’d probably never get her, Samantha is so classic and pretty, so I like her as well. It’s hard to say…


And my two questions for my nominees:

What has been your favorite Girl of the Year so far?

What time period do you want American girl to make a doll from, Or what doll do you want them to bring out of the archives?


I nominate…

Loren at Happy House of AG

Emma at Wack-a-Doodle-Dolls

Victoria at The By Kids for Kids Blog

Kara at Doll World

Jaclynn at Little House of American Girl


Also, I recently have been experimenting with reflectors and made a couple by covering cardboard in aluminum foil. Check out the difference it can make!

Without reflector                                          With reflector

The reflector allowed me to take a pic of Clara with a window behind her, without her being a silhouette. The reflector can work nicely to light her up in other situations as well.


Also also, I have two new pages up! One (What I Believe) has been up for a while, and the other (Polls) is fresh off the press! I’d love if you checked them out!

Signing out,

Gracie 😉


DIY Doll Toothbrush and Toothpaste Craft

Hi!! Today I have a craft for you all: A doll toothbrush and toothpaste! This was pretty fun to make, I had the idea for the toothpaste bottle in my head for a while, and finally got to test it out. I decided to add a toothbrush because, well, if you have toothpaste then you need a toothbrush as well, right?

So anyways, here it is!


You will need…

(for the toothpaste):

  • paper
  • hot glue
  • a glue stick/glue
  • paint/coloring utensils
  • pen or pencil
  • scissors
  • toothpick or safety pin
  • Optional: modge podge

(for the toothbrush):

  • paperboard (I used a cereal box)
  • white craft foam
  • glue
  • paint
  • scissors
  • Optional: knife like X ACTO; nail file; modge podge

Note: Make sure you have your parent’s permission before using sharp objects and hot glue guns.

Let’s begin!

First take your paper (I used white computer paper) and cut a long strip that is about as wide as you want the length of the body of your bottle to be. I cut the width at about 1  1/2 inches. The length doesn’t have to be specifically measured, but make it at least a few inches long.


Now roll it around a pencil or some other cylindrical object. The object you are rolling it around should be about as thick or a little less than you want your bottle to be. Add some glue from your glue stick as you go.


Take the paper roll off of the pencil, and glue one of the ends so that it is closed. I used hot glue for this part, but if you want to use normal glue, you can hold it closed with a binder clip while it drys.


Now fill up the empty tube with hot glue. Make sure the hot glue is flat on the top of the bottle. the glue might settle while it sits, so you may need to add a little more. If you can’t use hot glue, then you can try filling the hole with tissue and adding glue to make it stay.


Now you can make a label for your toothpaste bottle (we’ll get to the cap in a moment). Make the label a little bit shorter than the bottle. I made mine less wide than the bottle as well. you can design the label however you like. I made mine simple:


For the cap, take a strip of paper similar to the one you made for the bottle, only much thinner. Mine is about 1/4 inch wide. Then roll the strip around a toothpick or thinner object (I used a safety pin) just like you did for the bottle, gluing as you go.CAM00505

make it as thick as you want your cap to be. cut off the excess, or glue on another strip and keep going if you want it thicker.

Now trace around the circular part of both pieces onto paper and cut the circles out.


Glue the circles onto the sides of the cap and bottle that you traced. You don’t need to worry about the uncovered side of the cap.

Now you may paint your cap and bottle, if desired. I painted the cap blue and left the bottle blank. It may help if you put the cap back onto the toothpick or whatever it was on to paint it.

Then glue the label onto the bottle and the cap onto the flat part of the bottle. I would recommend sealing it with a clear drying glue, or modge podge to keep the paint from coming off. And you’re done!


(See the rim on the edge of the bottle? That is the seam made by the two paper pieces…maybe I should have painted that white…. Oh well)

Now for the toothbrush!

Take your paperboard and cut four strips that are about 1  1/2 inches by 1/4 inch. You can adjust the size if you like. Round the edges of your strips and glue them together. If you used a cereal box like I did, then make sure the printed design is hidden.


Now you can carefully cut the strips so they are all the same size, if the edges are off, and sand the edges smooth if you want to.

Then paint the stick you just made. I mixed together a light purple-ey color. Once that dries, I (again) recommend sealing it with modge podge, or a clear-drying glue. This is your toothbrush handle.


Next cut four tiny rectangles of white craft foam. They should be as long as your brush handle is wide. Mine are approximately 1/4 inch by 1/8 inch. glue these together, like you did with your toothbrush handle.


Once the glue dries, you may cut/indent little lines running across the top (the largest face) with your blade.

Glue it onto your toothbrush handle, and your done! I also bent the handle a bit to give it more shape.


Clara was more than happy to model for us!



Clifford, the old family cat, joined me for a bit while I was working on this, here are some shots I got!






I hope you enjoyed this craft! Let me know what you thought of it in the comments! Also, how did I do with explaining and photographing? This is my first time putting a craft on a blog, so some feedback would be helpful!

Catch you later!

~Gracie 😉