Family Game Night Olympics


I’ve finished putting together the photostory!

I hope you will enjoy…

AG Family Game Night Feature Picture


Here we go!



Julie walked into the room where her sisters had just sat down to eat dinner.

“Girls,” Julie said, “I have something I’d like to say before we start!”

The girls turned to look at her, and Clara mumbled something about being hungry.


“Tonight we are going to have a family game night!”


“Sounds nice,” Caroline replied softly and cheerily. “It’s been a while.”


“But Julie!” Grace countered. “I was going to hangout at Therese’s house tonight!”

Julie shook her head, “Sorry, but this is non-negotiable. We need some family time!”

“Oh alright; I’ll text her, then…” Grace said (with a tinge of a sigh).

“What do you think of it, Clara?” Julie asked.


“Well,” Clara said thoughtfully, “My stuffed animals were going to have the Grand Stuffielympics after dinner, but I guess a game night sounds like fun; the Olympics will just have to wait!”


Julie smiled, “It’s settled then! After dinner, we’ll have our game night!”

Then Julie prayed over the food, and the girls ate.



Once they finished eating, they all worked to clear the table, and Julie told them meet in the living room afterwards.


Soon they had taken their seats and gathered around the coffee table.


“Grace, will you bring out the games for us?” Julie requested.

Grace readily agreed, and headed out to get the games.

DSCN3128 She came out with an unstable looking armful of games.

“Oh my!” Julie said, standing up. “Do you need help?”

“Neh, eh got et.” Grace murmured under the cards that were balancing against her face. But when she leaned over to put the games on the table…


they all came tumbling down!


“Oh no! I guess I did need help after all!” Grace exclaimed. Julie giggled and helped her put the games back in order, while Caroline and Clara gathered cards from the floor.


“So,” Grace gasped, after plopping back down onto the couch. “What game should we play?”


“Why not all of them?” Clara said suddenly.

“Like a family game night marathon,” Caroline commented.

“Yes, but I was thinking a bit more on the lines of a family game night Olympics!”

The sisters all nodded their agreement, and they began the first game of the night’s ‘Olympic Games’, “Racing.”


The girls rolled dice and their playing pieces took off down the colored board. Julie (Yellow) was taking the lead, followed closely by Clara (Red), and further by Grace (Green). Caroline’s blue pawn lingered behind them all.


The game started a bit mellow, but soon the sisters were really getting into it!

Clara: Caroline!! How did you pass me so quickly!

Caroline: *giggles and shrugs*

Grace: This roll oughtta pull me ahead! *shakes dice vigorously*

(It did pull her ahead! 😉 )


After the game finished, Julie drew a scoreboard to keep track of the night’s Olympic games scores.

The scores for “Racing” were as follows:


Julie: (4th); Caroline: 1st; Grace: 3rd; Clara: 2nd

Next up, Snakes and Ladders (Also played as Shoots and Ladders)


Clara (red) took a quick lead, but then Julie (yellow) happened upon a ladder!



Soon the playing pieces were nearing the end! Poor Grace (green) was at the back of the line-up.


Clara (who was currently in the lead as the red piece) was on her turn to roll when…


she rolled a two which sent her straight down the worst snake (shoot) on the board!


“NOOO!” she exclaimed (falling to the floor dramatically). Julie tried to stifle a giggle.

“Now I’m SO far behind!!” she wailed.

“Don’t worry,” Julie said brightly, “you may catch up quickly! Besides, it’s all about the fun and the family time, right?”

“Yes, you’re right,” Clara agreed, sitting up to continue playing.

And she did, indeed, catch up quickly!

Until she fell down that same snake.



And the game continued on, and Grace, with a quick recovery from her losing start, finished first! The other girls soon followed.

Julie recorded the scores for Snakes and Ladders:


Julie: 2nd; Caroline: 3rd; Grace: 1st; Clara: (4th)


Next was Chinese Checkers! But after a few long minutes of tediously setting up several of the many little game pieces, they realized that it was only a three player game. So they put it away and crossed it off of Julie’s chart.


By this time the girls were getting a bit worn out.

“I think we need some popcorn!” Julie offered.


The girls brightened.

“Oh, yes!” Clara exclaimed.

“I’ll come with you!” Grace said as Julie stood up to go get the popcorn. Only Julie noticed Grace wink.

Soon Julie brought in a large bowl of popcorn,


and Grace followed behind with a plate of chocolate chip cookies! Clara whooped.

“I made them a earlier today,” Grace explained, laying them on the coffee table.


After several cookies and handfuls of popcorn were devoured, the sisters were ready to continue their games. Caroline dealt out the UNO cards.


The girls took turns in silence. (Due to them still eating, of course)


“Yikes, Grace! How many cards do you have?” Clara said, after finishing her second cookie. (Julie told her she’d had enough when she tried to nab a third.)

“Well, a lot,” Grace grimaced at her handful.


Suddenly, Caroline called “UNO!”


“Uno?” Grace called, surprised by Caroline’s sudden cry. “I still have eight!”

Caroline won on her next turn, and the game continued around. Grace, who seemed to be very good at comebacks by now, finished soon after Caroline.

Julie wrote out the scores…


Julie: (4th); Caroline: 1st; Grace: 2nd; Clara: 3rd


Next up, Caroline dealt out cards for Go Fish, while Clara tried to get her attention to insist that they need a Go Fish “pool” rather than a Go Fish “pile.”

“How can we ‘go fishing’ if all the cards are stacked up neatly?” Clara reasoned. “They have to be in a lake so we can fish for them!”


And so, Caroline set up a Go Fish “pool” in the center of the table!


The game began, and continued around.


Several matches and “go fish’s” had been made when Julie stood up, suddenly.

“Wait a minute,” she said, “I’ve got something to get.” (Clara wondered [or should I say hoped] if it was more cookies)


Julie strutted back into the room, holding her camera, and announced, “It’s picture time!!”

DSCN3224 “Ready or not, here I shoot!”




“NOOOO!” Clara cried.

“Just give me a minute, my hair is a wreck!” Caroline pleaded.

Grace just giggled.



Grace managed to convince her sisters to come over and pose, after reminding them that Julie was still taking pictures of them.

They piled in, and actually looked fine, in spite of their original distress.



Julie attached her camera to her tripod, set the timer, and jumped in to join them in a picture.



Then Julie decided that was enough photos, and set her camera on the table. That is, after viewing the ones she had taken and giggling over the results. Clara and Caroline hesitantly agreed that Julie could keep the crazy pictures, and laughed along with her.

Then they sat down to finish their round of Go Fish.

The scores were as follows:


Julie: 1st; Caroline: 2nd; Grace: (4th); Clara: 3rd


The last game of the night was “Slap” (also known as Egyptian Rat Screw, and I think other names, too.)

It got quite intense, as the girls crowded around the table, trying to prepare themselves to slap the deck at a moment’s notice!

These were the ending scores for “Slap”:


Julie: 3rd; Caroline: 2nd; Grace: 1st; Clara: (4th)


“That’s the last game!” Julie told them.

“What!?” Grace exclaimed. The girls began to discuss how fun the night had been as Julie added up the final scores.

She finished, and looked up at her sisters, smiling.

“Ready to see our Family Game Night Olympian Winner!?”

“Yes!” they exclaimed in Unison.

And the winner is……





With Grace in 2nd and Julie in 3rd!


“Oh my goodness!” Caroline said excitedly.

Clara frowned as she noticed her own score, but quickly caught herself and was the first to get up and congratulate Caroline.


“Congratulations, Caroline!!” Julie said after her sisters had a chance to see the scoreboard.

“Yes, Great job!!” Grace agreed enthusiastically. They were happy that their quiet, humble sister, Caroline, won the whole tournament!


“Honestly,” Clara said, “This was a lot of fun! Winning or not, it was better than my Stuffielympics would have been!”


“And though Therese’s house would have been great, it was good to get some family time in,” Grace added.

Julie gave a mischievous grin, “Aw, this is great! Just lovely! It’s the perfect time for another group picture!”

Nooo!!” The girls chorused.

“Don’t worry! I’m kidding!” Julie said, her eyes twinkling.

They all laughed.


What did you think? It was fun to put together! 🙂

Did you recognize Therese’s name from Grace’s school day photostory?

Have you ever played any of the games featured in this photostory? Does your family ever have family game nights?