Welcome to 2018 – Little update and Happy New Year!!

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A new year has officially arrived! I am so excited for a fresh, new slate with so much to be seen as God unfolds His faithfulness and perfect plan for the year.

God is so good, which should never be mistaken to think that 2018 will be full of idealistic good times and happiness, but it does mean that God has a perfect plan for us, to refine His people, and to one day return to judge the world and rule us perfectly in glory, wiping away the stain of sin and tears for those who have followed Him in this life.


A Small Update of Sorts:

I love blogging at Smile and Craft AG, and I hope you love reading and are encouraged by it. Last semester I had some trouble keeping up on posting, and this year will probably be even busier for me, as I plan to get a job on top of school.

That being said, I’m not completely sure what the coming year/semester will look like with posting consistency, so I just wanted to give a little heads-up about that. Hopefully I’ll still be able to post relatively often, but I’ll have to wait and see! 🙂


So anyways, Happy New Year!!

So this post isn’t picture-less, here’s a dramatically lighted picture of my cat, Callie, sitting at the piano (with the beautiful song, Blessings, on the stand). (Edited in Photoshop)



What are you looking forward to for 2018? What would you like to see on Smile and Craft AG this year?


Gracie Sign Off


Welcome 2017!

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I wasn’t thinking of doing a post like this, but suddenly decided to. XD

I thought I’d talk about a few accomplishments from the past year (Mainly blog related), as well as goals for the new year!


2016 Accomplishments


2017 Goals

  • For my blog to grow, and improve from 2016
  • To grow in the Lord and give glory to Him
  • To go to the American girl store again (maybe…)
  • To work on and improve my Etsy shop
  • To get 100+ followers (we’re so close already!)


Here are a few of my favorite posts from the past year:



Twice Clara showed up on this blog to show you her gymnastic skills, and it was a lot of fun! She’s done her floor and bar skills, and hopefully will come again soon to show her beam skills, too!



You guys seemed to really like this one. I got quite a few comments about Caroline’s lovely hair.



Menu Monday didn’t last too long, but I got to show you how to make some fun foods while it lasted! And who knows, maybe I’ll start it up again someday!


new camera.jpg

Like I said in my list of 2016 accomplishments, I purchased a camera! And here’s where I dumped some fun experimental photos into a post introducing it! (I first said I got it in a Caption it! #2 post)


I hope you enjoyed this post!

What are some of your goals and accomplishments?

Happy 2017!