Help Decide My New Header! +Extra Pictures


{I was planning to post one of the posts that I had planned while on vacation, but since I ended up making some headers, I decided to do this first! So my vaca photos should be coming up next!}

I want a new header for my blog, and have two to choose from.

But instead of picking one myself, I want your input on which I should use!

So, I’ll show you the headers, and then you can vote in the poll for which one you think would look best on Smile and Craft AG!

Here they are…

Header 1:cropped-smile-and-craft-ag-2.png


And Header 2:Smile and Craft AG (3)



Cast your votes by Saturday, and then come back to see the winning header!


And now for all the extra pictures I took! When I went out to get a header picture, I got a lot more pictures for each scene… so here they are!










Now for the other photoshoot πŸ™‚


I thought that our wall would work great, because it is green, like one of the colors I want in my blog, but it turned out more grey in the pictures, so I just edited it to be more vibrant in the header.








And then I took a couple of bonus shots (not for the purpose of a potential header) because I didn’t want to stop yet!



I hope you enjoyed!

Which header did you choose as your favorite? Which picture (of the extra ones) was your favorite? How do you like the changes made so far to Smile and Craft AG’s design?




Sewing for Saint Patrick’s Day! (+BIBPC)


Recently I’ve been in a sewing phase! I seem to phase in and out of my hobbies, and lately I’ve been sewing up a storm! I made a few things that I want to show you.


First of all, I found these Saint Patrick’s Day bandannas at Target in the dollar aisle. They were each $1! So I thought it’d be cute to pick them up and make something for my dolls!


I ended up making two handkerchief skirts (the sewing tutorial is found here). I did the tutorial a little different, as I used one layer for each skirt, and then I have the option of layering them or not (they are layered in this picture).


I also made a little necktie. I think this outfit is adorable!


The last thing I’m presenting is the white T-shirt I made, shown in the outfit. I really wanted to make a white T-shirt for my dolls. They had a few, but all with designs and things on them, so now I finally have a plain one! I used this free Pixie Faire pattern.

I guess that’s it for today! I’ll probably have more things to show you sometime soon!


Post Break! (Behind the scenes)

While I was photographing the bandannas, our cat showed up… here are some photos I snapped of him!

DSCN1225 - Copy


While you’re here Kitty… I might as well dress you up… XD (He actually didn’t seem to mind too much)



Bonus shot of him at the window πŸ™‚

And thus concludes today’s “behind the scenes!”

Would you like to see more things that I sew? Do you enjoy sewing for your dolls? Are your dolls prepared to be pinch-proof on Saint Patrick’s Day?


Post for you later!


Here’s my BIBPC entry for Team Owl! (this is late on here, but I already submitted it to Megan)

The category is animal closeups.


Story: Naturally, I chose our cat, Clifford as the subject. Here is a shot I got of him on my bed, napping. πŸ™‚

And here is the poster I made for the next BIBPC, for extra points:

BIBPC #5 image

I made it to look like a poloroid photo πŸ™‚ .