In Which Grace and Clara get Ready for School – a Photostory!

I made a Back-to-school photostory for you all! Enjoy!

[Side note: some of the the pics are fuzzy, I apologize, I took the fuzzy ones in the evening (Ugh, phone camera!) Thankfully, I also got some pictures in the morning that aren’t fuzzy! 🙂 ]


Grace’s point of view:


Is that the alarm clock I hear? Yes! It’s time to get up and get ready!

Today is special! It’s mine and Clara’s first day of school! I’m going into middle school! Seventh grade! I’m so excited!

. . . Clara?


*Groans* *mumbles*


Hmmm. I guess I’ll let her sleep a little more.


I have my clothes, bag and shoes all laid out on our bedside table. I’m gonna change now…


And do my hair… I picked out two pretty green clips!


Whataya think!? How do I look for my first day of school?


Let’s see, We have fifteen minutes until the bus comes… Oh! I’d better wake Clara up!


Clara! It’s 7:45! The bus is coming in fifteen minutes! You had better get ready, or we’ll both be in trouble!

I’m gonna go eat some breakfast and leave her to it! It’s always important to have a good, healthy breakfast! Oh, and make sure to stay hydrated as well!


Clara’s point of view:


Ugh! It’s not time to get up! It’s like 5:30…


Wha- did she say? Oh NO! 7:45! I need to get ready! It’s my first day of school!


Oh, clothes!! Where are you when I need you?


Something doesn’t feel quite – OH!


There! Much better!


How am I supposed to choose?

[ Isn’t. Her. ponytail. so. cute. ! ]
To brush or not to brush, that is the question… eh, I’d better, but I’ll stick with a ponytail-No time to fool around this morning!

“Clara!! We have to go! The bus will be here any minute!!”

Oh dear me! I’ll just grab a granola bar! Now where did I put that backpack?


Right! I hung it by the door! See? I’m so prepared! hehe. Ok, no I’m not.


Grace’s Point of view:

And with that we raced out the door! The bus pulled up just as we got to the bus stop! Well, at least we didn’t have to stand in the heat waiting for it! *shrugs* I hope this day will go well!

Philippians 4:6-7 encouraged me this morning. I shared it with Clara in the bus, “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” ❤


Happy first day of school! 🙂 😉


XD Hope you liked this little back-to-school photostory!

Have you started school yet? Are you more like Clara or Grace in the mornings? I’m actually home-schooled, but on days that I need to get up, I’m kinda in between Grace and Clara. I try to give myself just enough time, which often ends in rushing out the door! o_O XD


~Gracie 😉

Review of American Girl Hooded Denim Jacket

Remember when I got the Denim Hooded Jacket from the American Girl store in Colorado? Weeell, here’s a review of this super cute piece, with lovely Grace as our model!


The jacket came in a plastic bag on a hanger. The hanger is very nice to get with this, although I like the American Girl boxes that things normally come in. But there are a lot of mix and match pieces, so the bag makes them easier to distinguish.

The Jacket has a dark denim core, and a grey fabric for the arms and hood. The Grey fabric doesn’t seem super soft, but it’s alright and thankfully the jacket seems to be well made 🙂


It has super cute little silver buttons with star imprints. The pockets are fake, but a very nice touch.


Above you can see the little graphic on the top corner of the denim. I personally don’t care for it. It’s a kinda cute design, I guess, but seems quite unnecessary. It’s small though, so it doesn’t bother me too much.


Here is the jacket buttoned with the hood on. I think that’s about as far as the hood will go. The buttons work, and don’t seem too hard to button for me. I had some trouble getting a button undone at the store, however, due to a stray thread in the button hole. My jacket seemed ok though. 🙂 I think this jacket would look better if it was buttoned up with a different shirt… oops, hehe 🙂


It’s also very versatile! A nice go-to jacket for your dolls.


And just thought I’d show you the back 🙂


Overall, I really like this jacket, and am happy with my purchase! I would recommend if you want a trendy, casual jacket for your dolls that seems to go with just about anything!

Have you gotten anything from American Girl’s mix and match clothing releases? What do you think of them?

Until next time!

~Gracie 😉

Easy blanket origami armchair for dolls

Yup, blanket origami. 🙂 I’m going to show you how to make your dolls a nice arm chair with a blanket. 🙂

Here we go!

You need… A large thick blanket.


To start, fold your blanket in half (both ways) until you get it to about the size shown above.


Roll up the long edges a bit until you have a nice sized roll on each side. Your doll should still be able to fit in between the rolls


Fold like so, about a third of the way down. Keep the rolls rolled. 🙂


Prop the folded part up against a wall or something. You could even fold up this chair on a couch for a movie night!


Fold the bottom section down under itself until it is the size you want the seat to be. You can adjust the rolls to make them how you like; as you can see they are the arm rests.

And your done! If you’re using something that can be messed up, and want a more permanent chair, then you could try gluing cardboard on the back and base to support it, as well as between the folds, and gluing the fabric as needed to keep it together.

Have fun!


Grace looks quite comfortable in her new chair.


~Gracie 😉

My Current Events – Moving!

This is Grace (not Gracie) speaking! I’m so excited to be presenting a post to you for my first time!

Guess what’s going on? The Thomas family is on the move! (And so is my mom’s [Gracie’s] family!) Yep, we are moving! We aren’t going far, though, so that’s good!

Yesterday we got out a bunch of clothes and started packing them into suitcases and things.

It was fun (for me)! I love organizing, although Clara would have rather played with her American Girl doll (our dolls are packed 😦 )

So… now it’s time for a flashback into yesterday…


We were having a good time, Caroline folded clothes, Julie and I packed them neatly, and Clara-




First we were upset, then we giggled, and then we got back to work.




Lookin’ good! It sure felt good to have all those clothes packed!


Silly Kaity! I guess she liked packing too!


It was a nice family time. Who knew moving could bring you together? We are all looking forward to our future bedrooms… and hoping they’ll be larger than our current ones 😛 …

Clara: Oh, and Mom bought this really cute teal polka dot sticky paper for wall paper, but she says that Grace and I have too many posters, so she’ll have to put it in Caroline and Julie’s room. 😦

Oh Clara, our walls will be just fine, and who knows, maybe she will get us some wallpaper…?

Gracie: *sigh* We’ll see. 😉

So anyways, wallpaper or not, I’m looking forward to moving! Oh and later on this happened 😛 …


“Guys!! There are more clothes in here! Clara, you didn’t bring these in!”

“Oh, whoops… sorry, I forgot…”

“Time to find another box.”


Hey everyone, It’s Gracie again! Like Grace showed you, we are moving! I’m looking forward to the new house 🙂 . In  case you were wondering I’m NOT taking a blog break, and still plan on posting, I just thought it be fun to do a post about this big event in our lives 🙂 .

Also, You probably won’t be seeing Clifford (our cat) for a while. Our rental doesn’t allow cats, so someone else is taking care of him for us. Last night I helped take him to their place… it was quite the experience, (our cat is old and hated moving 😦 , poor thing) but he should be fine, and knows the person taking care of him.

Well, I think that’s it for this post!


~Gracie 😉

And Grace!