One Hundred Followers!! +100 Follower Q&A



See the answer post, here.



*claps hands to cheeks* *bugs eyes out*

Today is a very special day!

Thank you all SO much for your support of my blog, getting Smile and Craft AG to 100 followers!

It has been so fun making posts for you, reading and replying to comments, reading blogs, and just being involved in the blogging community! I’ve been blogging a little over a half year, so… wow. Thank you!

And may all the Glory be to God, who enabled me to write and create this blog!

Psalm 127:1 – “Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain.”


How about some stats?

Posts: 96

Views: 4,150

Visitors:  1,315 *blinks* *processes* *passes out*

My top 3 commenters are…

  1. Madison
  2. Kaitlynrh1
  3. Kiki

Thank you all so much!

Well, I suppose we should celebrate a little, right?

In celebration of 100 followers, I’m doing a…

* * * *


* * * *

Here’s how it works:

  • You can comment down below with up to 5 questions for me to answer. You can ask me about pretty much anything, but if you ask something that I (and/or my mom) find inappropriate or too personal, I won’t be answering it.
  • In a week or two, I will make a post answering the questions!


Thanks again for all your support! ❤




P.S. I have been working for a while on a photostory! It’s not done yet, but I hope to get it up soon!

P.P.S. There is a great giveaway going on at Faking it Mostly for a mini Maryellen doll!! Check it out here.