A Purchase…!


I had been looking through Ebay quite a bit recently, looking at used American Girl dolls on the chance that I’d find a really cheap one to fix up and sell, or even customize. I thought that would be fun to do!








Just Kidding!! I didn’t get one…. (If only it was April first) XD


But I was looking, and I found something else instead…

Something… smaller….


You ready to see?

























Say hello to…



















Mini Molly!!


I found her in my eBay searching and just thought she was adorable! It was an auction, but then on the last day of it I came too late to bid, and the auction had ended… but no one else had bid! Soon she was re-listed for a good price, not in an auction. I went for it and here she is!


She is glass-eyed like mini Samantha, which is pretty special 🙂 .


She came without her glasses, but I don’t really mind…

I decided to just make some! (inspired by this and this video. The second one has glasses made in a small part of the video, starting at about 6:24, in case you were wondering.)



*Squeals* XD ☺


She came in really great shape (her braids are so perfect!), except her face has this weird dusty looking stuff on it that is very stubborn to get off. I first wiped with a paper towel, damp with some disinfectant, and she looked like this:


Then I later got out my camera cleaning supplies and worked at her face with the glass-cleaning cloth, and she looked like this:


A little better. It seemed to mostly improve around her mouth.





Isn’t she a cutie? I need to do a meet the mini dolls post sometime and maybe even add them to my meet the dolls page! (I have six minis now XD .)


The back of her hair is kind of odd, because it’s cut short, but I think she was made that way. (I knew about this before I bought her, by the way. 🙂 )


Her wittle bitty socks!! XD 😛


Here’s Molly and Samantha together! I decided to give them both to Caroline; she seems to really like her glass-eyed minis.



What do you think of the new little edition? Do you have any glass-eyed mini dolls? Which do you like best, glass or painted eyes?


Bye for now,



Glasses for Clara – A Photostory


I’ve had this post written out and waiting for quite a while now, and am glad to finally be able to show it to you!

I hope you enjoy!

Clara was staying up late doing her math homework, which wasn’t particularly unusual, as math was Clara’s absolute worst subject, but tonight she was staying up later than normal.


“Are you almost done? It’s getting late, and I’m going to bed!” Grace said.

“Alright, I just have a few more math problems. I’ll go to bed in a bit,” Clara responded, frustrated. Grace nodded sympathetically and headed to her and Clara’s bedroom.


Julie saw Clara still working, and offered to help her “You seem to be having more trouble than usual, maybe I can give you some pointers.”

“Sure,” Clara said, relieved. “I just can’t seem to remember the problems the teacher explained to us in class. It sure would help if he got a fresh marker for the white board! I’m really tempted to get him one as a gift!”


Julie laughed, “Yeah, I heard teacher appreciation week is coming up! You could get him one then! But seriously, if you’re having trouble seeing the problems, you might just want to tell him.”

Clara shrugged, “I guess I should. I’ve been straining my eyes squinting at his writing.”


A thought popped into Julie’s head, and she asked, “When did you start having trouble?”


“Oh, ever since we changed seats. That was when he started using that cheap marker. Can we start working now, it’s getting late!”

“Wait a minute Clara. I’m not sure it’s the marker that’s causing you trouble.”


“What do you mean?” Clara cocked her head.

“Did the teacher move you to a seat further from the board? Because I think it might be your vision that’s giving you the trouble.”

Clara thought for a moment. “Well, I think you might have something there! He did move me back in the classroom.”


“Well, I guess it’s time to set you up with an eye appointment!” Julie smiled, patting Clara’s back and getting up to leave.

Clara nodded thoughtfully, wondering how she would look in glasses. Then she remembered her homework!


“Wait! Julie!! What about my homework!?”

“Oh, right! Coming!

– – – – – – – –



The next day Julie took Clara to the eye doctor after school. They waited quietly until a pretty lady wearing a long green skirt called Clara in for her checkup.


Clara nervously followed the lady into a room where she did various exercises to check Clara’s vision.


“Well miss Clara, it turns out that you are nearsighted, which means you can see things well if they are close to you, but you have trouble seeing things farther away. Looks like you’ll be needing some glasses! Lucky for you, we have many cute pairs to try on so you can find your perfect look!”


She led Clara out to where Julie was, and explained to Julie that Clara would need glasses, and then she showed them their collection of glasses.


There were many shapes, sizes, and colors, and Clara was excited to try them, but also a little nervous. What if she just didn’t look good in glasses?

“Go ahead,” Julie encouraged. “Try some on!” So Clara did.


She tried bold colored glasses,


simple cute glasses,


as well as large funky ones,

Until she finally settled on a cute brown pair with blue lining the inside.


“These!” Clara exclaimed. “I like these ones!”

Julie nodded in approval, and they told the lady their decision

– – – – – – – –

Her math class was a little easier then, as the faded marker turned into a vivid one. Clara was glad to see the world in crisp colors around her.


In spite of her original worries as to if she would like them, Clara loved her glasses.



That’s right! Clara has glasses now! I had this pair from a while back, and thought it would be fun to give them to her! She might not wear them all the time, but I think they’ll become a pretty regular part of her outfits.

So, what do you think of Clara’s glasses? Do you think she looks good in them? Or do you like her better without?

Buh-Bye! 😉