A Purchase…!


I had been looking through Ebay quite a bit recently, looking at used American Girl dolls on the chance that I’d find a really cheap one to fix up and sell, or even customize. I thought that would be fun to do!








Just Kidding!! I didn’t get one…. (If only it was April first) XD


But I was looking, and I found something else instead…

Something… smaller….


You ready to see?

























Say hello to…



















Mini Molly!!


I found her in my eBay searching and just thought she was adorable! It was an auction, but then on the last day of it I came too late to bid, and the auction had ended… but no one else had bid! Soon she was re-listed for a good price, not in an auction. I went for it and here she is!


She is glass-eyed like mini Samantha, which is pretty special 🙂 .


She came without her glasses, but I don’t really mind…

I decided to just make some! (inspired by this and this video. The second one has glasses made in a small part of the video, starting at about 6:24, in case you were wondering.)



*Squeals* XD ☺


She came in really great shape (her braids are so perfect!), except her face has this weird dusty looking stuff on it that is very stubborn to get off. I first wiped with a paper towel, damp with some disinfectant, and she looked like this:


Then I later got out my camera cleaning supplies and worked at her face with the glass-cleaning cloth, and she looked like this:


A little better. It seemed to mostly improve around her mouth.





Isn’t she a cutie? I need to do a meet the mini dolls post sometime and maybe even add them to my meet the dolls page! (I have six minis now XD .)


The back of her hair is kind of odd, because it’s cut short, but I think she was made that way. (I knew about this before I bought her, by the way. 🙂 )


Her wittle bitty socks!! XD 😛


Here’s Molly and Samantha together! I decided to give them both to Caroline; she seems to really like her glass-eyed minis.



What do you think of the new little edition? Do you have any glass-eyed mini dolls? Which do you like best, glass or painted eyes?


Bye for now,



My Package Arrived…!!!



Emhem. Today I received something in the mail that I am quite excited to show you!

Can you guess…?








Do you know what it is?

Tired of dashes yet? 🙂

If you guessed a mini glass-eyed Samantha doll, then you were correct!


Meet Samantha! I bought her off of Ebay for about 13 dollars, including shipping. She was a GREAT Bargain, I’d say! She is in great condition, too!


I had wanted to buy a mini doll for Caroline, since all my other dolls have one. So I got Samantha!


She came with her mini book and a doll stand. The stand is from Knickerbocker Plastic Co. or Standard Doll Co. or something. It says both names on it.


I am really happy to have her in my mini doll collection! And I love that she is the old (I think first) edition of mini dolls, that have the glass eyes. She is SO cute!


Her HAIR! I love it 🙂 . It isn’t really wavy like you would think of Samantha’s hair being today, but it does flip and kind of wave-ish. But maybe that’s just how they used to make the mini? It is really long (as you can see in the picture) and quite thick. (I’m holding it down so you can see the length because it poofs out a little bit [and flips like I mentioned earlier])




Also, She came with her dress, black tights, little white panties, two little black plastic shoes, and her hair bow. Her dress and shoes feel kind of flimsy, and the velcro is also tough to take off. Her panties are not tight around the waist. They fit okay over the tights, though. I think the elastic on them might have worn from age-after all, she is an old mini!


Her arms can move up and down and around of course, but they can’t really go out, if you know what I mean.



Caroline is very excited to have her (And Samantha is excited to be Caroline’s).




*sigh* Isn’t she adorable 🙂 . I’m very happy with my purchase of this mini doll, and am excited with her great condition!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my new doll addition! Have you ever made an exciting Ebay (or other) American Girl purchase?

~Gracie 😉