A Barefoot Gal is Hosting a Giveaway!


Megan over at A Barefoot Gal is hosting a giveaway for her 5-year blogiversary! She is giving away a code so you can get a pen-pal inspiration kit from her Etsy shop, Peach and Poppy Co for free!

It looks like a really fun set for pen-pals or crafters! You can check out the giveaway here!


This is a very short post, and you’ve probably noticed that I have hardly been posting at all, except for BIBPC (which has now ended)…. I will have a longer post to explain later.

Until next time,

Have a blessed day!

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2-Year Blogiversary Giveaway!


Today, June 6, marks 2 years since my first post on Smile and Craft AG, Hello World! Time flies, and it’s amazing to have blogged for two years so far! This blog has come a long way… 😀  ! A big thank you to all of you for reading, liking, and commenting!


As a blogiversary custom, how about some stats?

SACAG FollowersSACAG PostsSACAG Visitors

My top three commenters are…

  1. Hannah

  2. Bella

  3. Mary E.



And now for what I assume you’ve been waiting for… the giveaway!


I’m giving away…



a dress I sewed using the 123 Mulberry Street Drop Waist Pocket Tee Dress pattern from Pixie Faire!


(shoes, headband, and doll Not included! 😉 )


It features pockets, Velcro closure in the back, a gathered skirt, and is made with a stretchy T-shirt fabric.


Please note… I am not a professional seamstress, and this was my first time using the pattern 😉 .


But it turned out cute, and look forward to giving it to one of you!


Are you ready to enter?


  • Comment down below that you would like to enter this giveaway.
  • If you are under 18, then get a parent’s permission to enter. If you win, I’ll need your address to ship it to you!
  • This giveaway is open to the USA and Canada.
  • Entries are due by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, June 26 (2018).

For extra entries…

  • Share this giveaway on social media (Pinterest, your own blog, etc.). Then come back to comment and tell me where you shared it! (1 extra entry per share)


Also, I will be out of town during the week of the 17th, so I won’t be moderating and replying to your entries from during that week until I get back 🙂 .

After the 26th (possibly the 27th) I will post the winner!!


Now for a few bonus pictures before you head off to the comments to enter 🙂




Are you planning to enter? Can you believe Smile and Craft AG has been around for two years? How long have you been following Smile and Craft AG?


Have a blessed day!

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We’re Moving!!

We’re moving!! But… you knew that from the title…

Yep! That’s right! My family is moving this week!! I’m SO excited! You may remember this post, where Grace talked about us moving, but that was only to our rental. But now we’re moving to our eagerly-awaited new house!

Because of this, I’ll be taking a two week blogging break (*sniff*), so I can devote my time to school and packing (and unpacking), since it’s probably gonna be a crazy few weeks.

But then I’ll be back!

And if I can manage, I might still post the next Lost parts on Wednesday! (There are only two parts left in the series! 😮 )

And for all those days I’m gone, there’s still plenty to keep you busy! 😉

And When I get back, I hope I’ll have my doll things unpacked that are in storage. I can’t wait to unpack my doll things and make posts with them!! I’m actually wondering if I will be able to stay away for two weeks!

And I’ll still be looking at and commenting on your blogs (if I follow you), and reading and replying to your comments on my blog. ❤

One more BIG THING you can do while I’m gone!

Madison is hosting a giveaway of An American Girl Doll Of Your Choice With Her Accessories in celebration of 260 followers! WOW! And this giveaway is international!

\/  \/  \/ Click the below picture to see the post! \/  \/  \/


/\ /\ /\ Click the above picture to see the post! /\ /\ /\

Below is the video showing how you can enter!

And there are plenty of ways to get bonus entries!


ALSO, if you enter this giveaway because you saw it in this post, please tell her that I referred you, so I can get extra entries! I would LOVE if you would do that 🙂


One more thing before I sign off… I have decided to do the post on blogging tips for my fifty follower celebration! I will probably make it sometime after I return, so stay tuned!

I know a few of you wanted a Q & A, but I think I’ll save that for another occasion.

Until a couple weeks! (and probably Wednesdays! 😉 )