Caption It! #4 – Winner!

Happy Thursday! How has your summer been so far?

Thank you all for voting for your favorite captions! Today I will reveal the winner!

The winner is…



















Great job, Jewel! You had a great caption!

Here it is:


[Grace]: I got the suitcase!

[Caroline]: Thank you, Grace. One question: I only have room for one more shirt. So should I wear the tee-shirt or the sweater for our vacation?

[Grace]: Oh definitely tee-shirt! Julie gave you that.

[Caroline]: OK…

[Grace]: On the other hand it is cold in Alaska…

[Caroline]: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.

[Grace]: But Julie might be upset you didn’t bring the tee-shirt.

[Caroline]: Yikes… It’s possible.

[Grace]: But the sweater is so much cuter!

[Caroline]: True… I think I’ll go with that…

[Grace]: Now, that I think about it, didn’t it have fleas?

[Caroline]: Grace!

[Grace]: What?

[Caroline]: Nevermind… I think I have as many clothes as I need.

[Grace]: Glad to be of service!


That’s about all for this post! Congratulations Jewel!


Anyone have plans for the rest of summer? This weekend I’ll be going to summer camp with my youth group, and then I will be going to a cabin with family. Hopefully I can take a doll along and have a post next Thursday with pictures around the cabin! Which doll do you want me to take along?


Have a blessed day!

Gracie Sign Off

Caption It! #3

Hello! Been a little while, hasn’t it!? :-/ 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be able to get some more posting action in for you all this week (and next week, and the week after… 😉 ). (Perhaps something for Easter?? 😮 😉 )

But now… …

Are you ready for another Caption It! game?!


Here’s How it Works:

Take a look at the image posted below, and decide what you think Grace and Clara are saying (or doing), then comment below!

(Ex.: [Name]: It’s a bird!

[Other Name]: It’s a plane!

[Name]: No, It’s superman!!! )

I will choose three to five of my favorite captions to be posted in a week or so, and to be voted on. A week or so from that post, I will post the winner!


Note: If a caption is deemed inappropriate by my mom or me, it will not be included.


Here is the picture!



Have fun!!


Can you believe that Easter is this Sunday!? 


Post for you later,