Doll-Sized Fun Finds!

Aloha! 🙂

For a while now, I’ve been collecting pictures of doll-sized things that I’ve come across in stores so that I could share them in a fun find post!

This is a little different than a normal fun find post though, because I didn’t actually buy the items, but they are good for inspiration!


Doll sized fun finds

Let’s begin, then!

(Note: I took these pictures with my phone, in stores, so the photos may not be the best quality.

I also edited these using Picmonkey, as I do for most of my pictures on this blog. 🙂 )



First off, we have a small “return air grille.” I believe that I found this at Lowe’s, and I thought that it could be used as doll window shutters! You could paint two dowels white, and stick them vertically in the middle of each shutter set before hanging it on your doll’s wall.



Next, also at Lowe’s, I think, are some mini lampshades! These would probably be too big for a desk lamp, but I think they would work well for a floor lamp!



If you want a doll dresser, a jewelry box could make a great option!



I found these metal measuring cups, and I thought the smallest could make a good doll pot.



Next up, a Target find, are these table placemats, that look like great doll rugs to me! It looks like the ones in this picture are ranging from about $2 to $4.


Eek! Pardon the glare!

Here is a bitty paint roller that I found! The package says two inch, and I think that that is referring to the sponge roller, not the length of the plastic part.



Another doll dresser option is one of these storage containers. They seem kind of deep, but that might not matter, depending on the size of your doll room.



And last but not least are these adorable little pots! The ones on the lower shelf are a little bit bigger than the one I’m holding, and would also work for doll pots. I believe you can find these at a craft store such as Joann or Hobby Lobby, or you could possibly find them in a garden store/section.


I guess that’s it! I hope you enjoyed and were inspired by these fun finds!


What are some things that you have re-purposed for your dolls? Have you noticed (or not noticed) any of these doll-sized things before?



Doll-sized fun finds at Goodwill #2 + BIBPC

Hi everyone! Today I present a second Goodwill Finds post! Perhaps this will be an every so often series (The first one is here). It’s been a while, but I finally got out to Goodwill and found a few cute things for my dolls!



First off we have this pretty little plate! You might remember seeing a picture of it for my BIBPC entry a post or two ago. I thought it was really pretty. Maybe I can use it for a serving platter or something, since I only have one.


Next up is this vase! I have a vase-type-of-thing for my dolls that holds some faux flowers in it, but it likes to fall over, and is really just a container some beads had come in, so I think this will work much better!


And lastly, is this cute pink stapler! When I found it, it looked kinda dirty, so I wasn’t too sure, but I wanted one of these for my dolls, so I brought it home and cleaned it up! I don’t have any staples in it right now, so I can just pretend to staple things 😉 .


That’s all for now! I still have yet to find an American Girl doll there. . . HA! A girl can wish, though, am I right?

How do you like seeing Goodwill fun finds posts? Do you want me to continue this series?

Which item was your favorite?


And here’s my BIBPC entry.



Old? Hmmm[mmmmmmmm]. Old books are neat. Hey! There are some really neat ones at the used book store! Let’s go there! So that is what I did.

And “Book” starts with “B.” Yay!



~Gracie 😉

Doll-sized fun finds at Goodwill

Hello! Recently I went to Goodwill to look around and see what interesting things I could find (preferably for dolls 🙂 ) and I took home a few fun doll-sized finds! So I thought I’d show them to you!

First… we have this cute little glass bowl!



I found this and think it’s really pretty. Now the question is what should I put in it…? 😛

Next… This tiny mug!


CAM00891I really like this photo… 😉

Isn’t it adorable? 🙂 It has a little design with dalmatians on it and looks like a wonderful size for my American Girl dolls!

The next thing I am probably most excited for…


Yes, yes, it is a baby skirt that doesn’t fit American Girl dolls… but let me explain. I have been wanting to get a little skirt or dress or something that I could alter to fit my dolls. So I figured Goodwill would be a great place to find something like that. I think this skirt is super pretty and cute and should be pretty simple to alter (I hope…). I’m really looking forward to the end result. I’ll probably post a photoshoot of one of my dolls in it when it is finished. 🙂


Well, that’s it, folks! Do you like keeping an eye out for doll sized things? I think Goodwill is a great place to search out little things for your dolls. Have you found any fun doll finds lately?


~Gracie 😉

P.S. I got a button page up… anyone want to swap? 🙂