The Dog-napper Part 3 – The Finale + BIBPC

In case you need a refresher: Part 1 and Part 2


Grace launched herself off and away from the bed (and the others followed suit). They stared at the growing bulge behind the covers with wide eyes.



A nose popped out. But not just any nose, a little black nose.


Then followed two black beady eyes on a white face.



The dog walked casually out from under the bed and stretched, slowly awaking from her nap. The rumbling they had heard earlier was Kaity snoring!

The girls were shocked.


“Well,” Grace said, sighing and shaking her head, “You were right, Clara. We really did have a Dog napping.”

They all laughed.


“Huh? Wha- What did I miss?” Caroline asked sleepily, having been woken up by all the commotion.

The girls looked at each other, grinning. “Nothing really,” Julie said, “No, nothing of importance. Only a dog napping. That’s about it.” Kaity wagged her tail as Julie, Grace, and Clara all smiled at each other.

Caroline scratched her head, “Well, Ok… I thought for sure -” She shrugged and smiled, “I must have been dreaming.”


LOL. I had fun thinking that story up! 😛

How’d you like it??

Also I’m gonna tack on my entry for BIBPC.

The theme is drops:


The Story:

SO, when I got the prompt, I figured I’d go outside with a spray bottle and mist a bunch of plants or something, BUT yesterday my mom and I were at Walmart looking at their produce, and I saw the misters go off where the cabbage and stuff was. I had and idea! I grabbed my mom’s phone (I had left mine in the car) and snapped some shots of the freshly misted greens. After looking through the pictures, I settled on this one.



Post for you later!



The Dog-napper – Part two

Part one here


Grace stared hopelessly out the window. It was only 8:00 AM (they had worked fast), but it felt like it had been hours and hours since Kaity was found to be missing. A big tear rolled slowly down her cheek. Her phone buzzed – someone found Kaity!? She tapped on the message – a phone company update. She sighed as worry clouded her mind.


Grace walked over to Julie and Caroline’s room. Caroline was sleeping soundly on the other end of the room. Grace flopped down beside Julie, leaned against her, and poured out her concerns – for the third time that morning.


“Don’t worry, Grace.” Julie said quietly (so not to wake Caroline), “It’s only been a little while, and Kaity couldn’t have gotten far. Someone ought to spot her.” She paused and smiled, “Besides, Kaity has so many spots, how could they not!”

Grace chuckled to herself, giving Julie a little smile. Shortly, Clara walked into the bedroom.


“I still think she’s been dog-napped!” Clara said matter-of-factly, she had been rambling on about dog-nappers all morning, trying to convince them.

“Oh Clara!” Julie said. Suddenly they heard a rumbling sound pulsing below them. Their eyes widened as they looked at each other.

“The dog-napper is coming back to rob us again!” Clara breathed.

“It sounds like they’re breaking in downstairs!” Grace spoke, quietly.

The grumbling noise grew louder.


“Girls,” Julie said, her eyes still wide, “There is probably a reasonable source of this sound, not some dog-napper.” But she had walked to the door and locked it. “Just to be safe,” She said, shrugging. Grace could tell she looked concerned.

Grace sat stiff as a stone on the bed. The Dog-napper made a sharp, louder grumbling sound. Grace felt something push against her legs.


She screamed.


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Next part coming soon!

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The Dog-napper – Part One

It was Saturday morning, and Grace got out of bed at 6:00 AM (as usual; She’s an early riser) to feed Kaity, her dalmatian.


She smiled and silently chuckled as she thought of how electrified Kaity always was to see her in the morning. Grace imagined Kaity was so excited just to see her, but knew that mostly, she was excited for the food 😛 .

Grace went to the pantry to get the dog food, but something was missing. Where was Kaity?


Grace was worried. Kaity always came right away when Grace got up, but there was no sign of her. Where could she be?


Soon Grace had woken Clara up, and told her what was happening.


“I’ve been thinking over the situation, and I believe she’s been dog-napped!” Clara exclaimed when she was dressed and downstairs with Grace.

“Oh Clara, don’t jump to conclusions like that. Running away is bad enough.”

“But I know she’s been dog-napped!” Grace raised her eyebrows. Clara continued, “Last night, when I was in bed, I heard a crashing sound. Someone must have broken in and taken Kaity!”


“I don’t know Clara. Everything else seems to be in place.” Grace’s eyes wandered out the window, wondering if Kaity was out there somewhere, lost and hungry. “Wait! The window!” Grace shouted. “It’s open!”

“See? There has been a dog-napping!”


Julie came wandering into the room. “What’s this I hear about a break in?” The two girls started rambling on about all that had happened. “Slooow down! I don’t think someone would have broken in, taken Kaity, and left the other valuables we have. The window was probably left open, and Kaity jumped out.”

Grace sighed, “Well whatever happened, I just want her back.”

“I know,” Julie comforted, “So that’s why we’re going to make some lost dog signs and get going!”

They were up with a start, making posters, and running around town.


Grace power walked through the crisp morning air, taping signs to every street post she could find.


She frowned. Would Kaity be alright? Will we ever find her?

*Gasp*   o_O   😉


Sooo, I decided to do another photostory series! I was going to make this a single. . . but that didn’t happen 😛 .

Stay tuned! 🙂

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