Menu Monday – #3

*Gasp* *Pant*

I made it!

I’m here with another Menu Monday! Late Monday, but Monday nonetheless! *Sheepish smile*

*Clears throat*

Onto what you’ve been waiting for… the tutorial!

Today we are baking bread! XD


  • Light creamy/tan color of clay (I use polymer clay) (you can mix colors such as white in, too)
  • A knife/blade for the clay (get parent’s permission, first!)
  • Paint (Kind of a dark/orange-y mustard color)
  • Optional, but recommended: aluminum foil

Let’s go!

I’ll first show you how to make a baguette! You could take this and make a regular loaf, too, if you want.


Crumple your foil into an elongated oval/log shape. (I use the foil in these projects to save on clay, if you want to make your bread only out of clay, that’s fine. 🙂 )


Cover the shape with your creamy colored clay. Press the loaf gently down on a flat surface, to make the bottom flatter.


Put a few cuts into the top of the bread, at an angle. Then slightly to the side of those cuts, put another one, but slice towards the first one, so you can cut out the slit. Did that make any sense? You should probably refer to the picture… The cuts don’t have to be nice and clean, they can be kind of messy, like when real bread splits open at the top.

Now for the rolls!


Make a relatively small ball of foil (or a few of them)


Cover each with clay, and press the bottom of each gently against a flat surface, so that, like the baguette, the bottom is flatter.

Bake all your clay (or let it air dry, if it’s supposed to) according to the directions on it’s packaging.

Once baked, get your paint out. (NOTE: when you paint the baguette, don’t paint the slits in the top of the bread)

You can try a couple of options.

1: Get a little bit of paint on your brush, and paint it onto your pallat or some scrap paper until the paint is being brushed on dry, then dry brush it onto the bread.

2: Get a little bit of paint on your brush and brush it on your scrap a little, then get your brush a little wet, and paint it on your bread like that.



Let dry (seal it if you’d like to) and you’re done!


Grace was happy to get some fresh bread from the bakery, and is excited to share it with her family!


Signing out,


How to Make a Doll Sized Watering Can

Good morning!

Today I will show you how to make a watering can for your dolls. This is a great craft for recycling and using simple things to make something cute. Here’s how mine turned out:



  • a paper towel roll cardboard tube
  • scissors
  • glue (preferably hot glue)
  • acrylic paint
  • Optional: modge podge



Cut a two inch tube from your paper towel roll. This is the main can section.

Then cut the following things:


A strip for the handle (I curled the edge to make it prettier)


A shape that fits over a little more than halfway across the top of your can. Trace it so that the shape fit at the front top of your can. the picture shows how I traced the piece.

CAM00901(I had already started gluing in this pic. I’ll talk about that later)


A rectangle ish shape with a bottom slightly curved outwards, and rounded edges at the top. Taper the sides slightly towards the top (the pic is from before I tapered it). The sides of this shape curve in to make the spout. The bottom connects to the can.

CAM00908 (like I said, I had already started gluing)

A shape that fits the bottom of the can, for, well, the bottom of the can. 😛

Now glue the handle onto the back side of your can, the top onto the front half of the top of your can, and the base of the can to the bottom. Curve the spout around a pencil or your finger and glue onto the front side of your can. (did that all make sense? 🙂 ) Hold each piece in place until it has dried! Sometimes the gluing can be tricky because the pieces like to shift around, so be careful to hold them steady 🙂 .

Your can should look something like this:


Now you can paint it! I mixed up a lavender-y color for my can, but you can do whatever you like! I think that silver would look nice as well. Once your color has dried you can paint on a design or another coat if you like. I just left mine a solid lavender with no design. I chose to seal it with modge podge to keep the paint from rubbing off on anything.


And it’s finished!


Prince Nibbles the 1st seems to like it 😉

I hope you enjoy this craft! Do you enjoy gardening? I do, but tend to have a hard time keeping at it… 🙂

Until next time,

~Gracie 😉

DIY Doll Toothbrush and Toothpaste Craft

Hi!! Today I have a craft for you all: A doll toothbrush and toothpaste! This was pretty fun to make, I had the idea for the toothpaste bottle in my head for a while, and finally got to test it out. I decided to add a toothbrush because, well, if you have toothpaste then you need a toothbrush as well, right?

So anyways, here it is!


You will need…

(for the toothpaste):

  • paper
  • hot glue
  • a glue stick/glue
  • paint/coloring utensils
  • pen or pencil
  • scissors
  • toothpick or safety pin
  • Optional: modge podge

(for the toothbrush):

  • paperboard (I used a cereal box)
  • white craft foam
  • glue
  • paint
  • scissors
  • Optional: knife like X ACTO; nail file; modge podge

Note: Make sure you have your parent’s permission before using sharp objects and hot glue guns.

Let’s begin!

First take your paper (I used white computer paper) and cut a long strip that is about as wide as you want the length of the body of your bottle to be. I cut the width at about 1  1/2 inches. The length doesn’t have to be specifically measured, but make it at least a few inches long.


Now roll it around a pencil or some other cylindrical object. The object you are rolling it around should be about as thick or a little less than you want your bottle to be. Add some glue from your glue stick as you go.


Take the paper roll off of the pencil, and glue one of the ends so that it is closed. I used hot glue for this part, but if you want to use normal glue, you can hold it closed with a binder clip while it drys.


Now fill up the empty tube with hot glue. Make sure the hot glue is flat on the top of the bottle. the glue might settle while it sits, so you may need to add a little more. If you can’t use hot glue, then you can try filling the hole with tissue and adding glue to make it stay.


Now you can make a label for your toothpaste bottle (we’ll get to the cap in a moment). Make the label a little bit shorter than the bottle. I made mine less wide than the bottle as well. you can design the label however you like. I made mine simple:


For the cap, take a strip of paper similar to the one you made for the bottle, only much thinner. Mine is about 1/4 inch wide. Then roll the strip around a toothpick or thinner object (I used a safety pin) just like you did for the bottle, gluing as you go.CAM00505

make it as thick as you want your cap to be. cut off the excess, or glue on another strip and keep going if you want it thicker.

Now trace around the circular part of both pieces onto paper and cut the circles out.


Glue the circles onto the sides of the cap and bottle that you traced. You don’t need to worry about the uncovered side of the cap.

Now you may paint your cap and bottle, if desired. I painted the cap blue and left the bottle blank. It may help if you put the cap back onto the toothpick or whatever it was on to paint it.

Then glue the label onto the bottle and the cap onto the flat part of the bottle. I would recommend sealing it with a clear drying glue, or modge podge to keep the paint from coming off. And you’re done!


(See the rim on the edge of the bottle? That is the seam made by the two paper pieces…maybe I should have painted that white…. Oh well)

Now for the toothbrush!

Take your paperboard and cut four strips that are about 1  1/2 inches by 1/4 inch. You can adjust the size if you like. Round the edges of your strips and glue them together. If you used a cereal box like I did, then make sure the printed design is hidden.


Now you can carefully cut the strips so they are all the same size, if the edges are off, and sand the edges smooth if you want to.

Then paint the stick you just made. I mixed together a light purple-ey color. Once that dries, I (again) recommend sealing it with modge podge, or a clear-drying glue. This is your toothbrush handle.


Next cut four tiny rectangles of white craft foam. They should be as long as your brush handle is wide. Mine are approximately 1/4 inch by 1/8 inch. glue these together, like you did with your toothbrush handle.


Once the glue dries, you may cut/indent little lines running across the top (the largest face) with your blade.

Glue it onto your toothbrush handle, and your done! I also bent the handle a bit to give it more shape.


Clara was more than happy to model for us!



Clifford, the old family cat, joined me for a bit while I was working on this, here are some shots I got!






I hope you enjoyed this craft! Let me know what you thought of it in the comments! Also, how did I do with explaining and photographing? This is my first time putting a craft on a blog, so some feedback would be helpful!

Catch you later!

~Gracie 😉