Blogging Tips + How to Get Your Blog More Publicity/Followers!

Hi there! Today I have the long awaited Blogging tips post for you all!

The tips are going to be more from a reader’s perspective, as I have read blogs longer than I’ve written them. 🙂

Also, please note that many/most of these are my opinions, and that I am by no means a professional blogger, and am still learning and improving, myself, at blogging. 🙂

I hope these will help you!

Let’s get started!

1) Blog design- I recommend having a blog design that isn’t too complicated. It can have color, but try not to overwhelm your reader! Bold, bright backgrounds and crazy fonts might distract from your blog’s content.

Personally, I do not like seeing yellow text on a white background. See how hard it is to read? It kind of blends with the background. Isn’t that difficult to read? It might frustrate your readers as they try to make out the things you are saying. I know it’s bothered me before.

2) Content- Grammar and spelling are important! If I’m reading a blog with typos everywhere, I’ll probably not think of it as a very professional blog.

Also, write about what you love, but try to make interesting, well-written posts that will make your readers want to come back for more!

3) Pictures- Pictures can greatly affect your blog. If they are dark or blurry, that makes your blog seem less professional and less enjoyable to view. One good tip for indoor photos, is to try to get pictures by a sunny window.

4) Post frequency- If I stumble on a blog that hasn’t posted in weeks, or one that apologized for not posting and still hasn’t, chances are, I might not be as interested in it. It is great to post regularly if you can. Note, I didn’t say post every day. If you are busy, and decide to make one great quality post a week, that’s good! If you are able to post every day, that’s good too! (just make sure they are good quality! 😉 ).

5) Lastly, and most importantly, have fun! Be yourself and make posts that you would want to read!


And now for some tips to help you get more blog traffic and followers!

  1. I think one of the very best ways to get your blog “out there” is to get  involved in the blogging community! Swap buttons! Follow blogs you love! And Comment, Comment, Comment! Most times when I read a post, I also look at the comments, and many times I’ll click on the name of a commenter or two to check out their blogs! So commenting is a great way to get viewers for your blog!
  2. One neat thing that you can do to get publicity for your blog, is shout out your doll site on American Girl Fan! Every so often Jessica does a post where you can link to your site, so that others can check it out! It’s pretty neat!
  3. Also, I recommend taking a minute to write out tags and categories for your post, to help people find your post via search engines. But – at least if you are using WordPress – try not to put over fifteen categories and tags, because I read, here, that your post may not show up in WordPress search (topic search? I’m guessing that’s where you search for topics in your WordPress reader.), due to them trying to filter out unrelated posts.
  4. And probably the very most important thing, is to keep writing! Keep posting things you enjoy and have fun with it! Don’t worry if you don’t have a hundred followers in two months! Just keep posting about what you love, and the followers will most likely trickle in too!

I guess that’s about it! I hope that these tips will help you!

Post for you later!





Wow!! I have fifty (four!) followers! Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone!

I love reading all your amazing comments, and seeing your blogs! You guys are awesome!

I only started this blog last June, so this is pretty amazing!

For a little bit of celebration, would you rather…

  • I do a post on blogging tips (I’d probably do this from a reader’s perspective, since I’ve been reading blogs longer than writing them 🙂 )
  • OR a Question and Answer post
  • OR something else you would love to see?

Let me know in the comments!

Thank you again, SO, SO, much!