Christmas Doll Haul

Hiya! Merry After Christmas!


I thought I’d show you the things I was blessed to receive for Christmas from my parents, siblings, and others! But since this is a doll blog, I’m showing the things I got for my dolls!



How about we start with the smallest thing…


These cute headbands from Jessica‘s Etsy shop, Creative Doll Crafts!


They fit very nicely, and the little loop in the middle can hold a clip (as shown above), or hide at the nape of the dolls neck


I’ll be showing them on my dolls in a couple pictures later on 🙂 .


Next, I’ll show you the Our Generation (Target’s 18″ doll brand) clothes I received! (Our Generation is great, isn’t it?! 🙂 )



I received the “Warm Days” outfit! I think it’s really cute!



Next up, “Perfect Strike.”


It came with the bowling pins/ball. And I really like the little bowling shoes! (The undershirt is not included)



“Summer Style” is up next! (Julie is modeling a Creative Doll Crafts Headband, not included in the outfit; Also, the undershirt, again, is not included)



The above one was on my wishlist! I really wanted the shortalls for Clara! It’s called “Sweet Strawberry.”



And last but not least, “Business Class”! (The headband is from Creative Doll Crafts, and the leggings are not included, either)



I got one more outfit; this one is not Our Generation, and I’m not sure what it’s called.


But here it is! 🙂 (YAY! I have FRINGE BOOTS! 🙂 ) (headband from Creative Doll Crafts again)


And lastly,


I received this super cute bed from a friend of ours!


Thank you to everyone who gave me gifts! I really appreciate them!


Did you enjoy seeing the things I got for my dolls for Christmas? What was your favorite thing you received for Christmas?



A Basket of Thankfulness

Thanksgiving basket of thankfulness.jpg

It’s November! That means, for many of us, that Thanksgiving is coming up! It is always a good thing to think on all of the wonderful blessings God has given us, and Thanksgiving is a great reminder to do that!

Sooo, I’ve thought up an activity for us to do this November, and here’s how it works:

  • Comment below with things you are thankful for! It can be one thing, or it can be twenty things! As many as you want! But, please, be sincere. Try to put some thought into it!
  • Then, on November 24 (Thanksgiving Day) I can post everything that we’ve said in a great big list of thankfulness, along with those who contributed!
  • The goal: To encourage and remind us to be thankful this season, and to remind us of God’s goodness and blessings. With a little thought, you can realize So, So Many things to be thankful for! Even simple things, like breakfast and t-shirts. Or thrift stores and charities. How ’bout plates and cups?


I’ll kick off the list with a few things I’m thankful for:

  1. Jesus!
  2. Blogging
  3. Work
  4. Rest
  5. Kindness

And now it’s your turn! What do you say we completely overflow this “Basket of Thankfulness”!


Before I sign off,  I wanted to mention that I’d LOVE if you’d spread the word about this, so we can get as many contributors as we can! Or you can even host a “basket of thankfulness” on your own blog!