Review of Mini Kit (+BIBPC)


Today I am reviewing my Kit Kittredge mini doll. I think I received her for Christmas or a birthday one year, and I’m happy to have her – she’s a cutie!


Let’s go!


She is the newer version of mini dolls, with a vinyl body.


This is the outfit she comes in: a cute dress, underwear (short bloomers), and little red plastic shoes. She also comes with the red clip she is shown wearing in other pictures.


She has five joints. Her legs can move to a sitting position, but they spread out very far! Her arms can move up and around, but not outwards/side to side. Her head can also turn.


She can also do the splits (awkwardly)!




She has a cute little face with painted blue eyes and freckles.

Now onto her hair! (Probably the best part about dolls, am I right?)


Kit’s hair has a super cute bob style cut. It’s shiny and soft. It is also rooted. It is very short, but you can still do a few styles like…


little side braids,


and mini ponytails.


On thing I don’t like about her hair, is that the cut is kind of odd. If you flatten it out, then it gets all choppy at the ends. You have to sweep it to the side to get the ends to straighten out:



Also, the hair that comes clipped back is a hair (HAHA, get it? Ahem.) longer than the other side. Speaking of the clip, it is cute and can work in her hair, but can be quite tricky to clip her hair with, and is not very sturdy. Younger girls might get very frustrated with it.

Even though her hair has it’s troubles, it’s probably the one of the easiest doll haircuts to manage, because it is so short and smooth! You just have to smooth it out with your fingers, and voila!


Overall, I think mini Kit is a great mini doll! I love playing with her cute hair, and think she is a great addition to my mini doll family!


Did you like this review of mini Kit? Do you have any mini dolls?




I signed off for that post, but I’m gonna tack on my BIBPC entry. If you haven’t heard of BIBPC, it stands for Boring into Beautiful Photography Contest, and is hosted by Megan over at A Barefoot Gal. It’s really fun!

I’m on Team Owl. Let’s go owls!!!

Here’s my entry; the category is “from above”:


Story: I went to the park with hopes of photographing frost (not for BIBPC), but there was none, so instead I worked on my BIBPC entry. I tried a couple different “from above” photo scenes, and ended up deciding on this picture of a bench in the park! 🙂