The Thomas Family Pets Part 3

In case you haven’t seen them, Part 1 and Part 2

After finding the little guinea pig, Julie and Caroline were soon at the vet to give him a checkup.


Julie walked up to the counter and explained the situation, the vet was happy to help and give him a checkup.


“He’s a cute little guy!” The vet exclaimed, admiring him. “You can go sit over by your sister while I take care of your new guinea pig.” So Julie walked over to the couple of chairs where Caroline was waiting for her and took a seat next to her.


“I hope we can keep him,” Caroline said.”

“And I hope he’s okay, not in too bad a condition.”

“Yeah,” Caroline paused, “You know, I’ve been thinking…”

“What?” Julie asked, “That Clara would love to have this little guy?”

Caroline giggled, “Yes!”

“And that this fulfills your goal of finding something on our hike to give to Grace or Clara?”

“And that.” They smiled, imagining Clara’s sweet surprise when they got home and gave her an adorable pet of her own.


Soon they heard the vet, “I’m all done!” They jumped up to hear her report.


“So…? How is he?” Julie asked anxiously.

The vet smiled, “I’m happy to tell you that your little guinea pig is quite healthy, as in, he isn’t really sick or hurt. He is starved and got a bit overheated, but with some love and care, he should be fit as a fiddle in no time!”


The vet handed Caroline a can of food. “Here, take this guinea pig food. Oh, and in case you were wondering, he has no owner, at least no owner who wants him. He was obviously abandoned, being left out there on the outskirts of the trail. He’s yours if you want him.”

“We sure do!” They answered in unison.


Julie and Clara hurried home, eager to present Clara her new pet.


Meanwhile, Grace and Clara were snuggled on the bed watching a movie on Grace’s iPad.


“Clara,” Julie called upon entering the house, “Caroline and I have got something for you!” Caroline struggled not to laugh or look suspicious.


“Something for me?” Clara wondered aloud to Grace; she was already getting up out of her spot on the bed.

“Well, I guess we’d better find out what it is!” Grace replied excitedly. They were downstairs in a jiffy.


Clara was shocked to see a guinea pig in a crate! She raised her arms and exclaimed, “A guinea pig! Is that for-? No it ca-! Oh oh!”

“Yes it’s for you. Yes it can be!” Julie answered Clara’s unfinished questions, grinning.

“Thank you…” Was all Clara could manage before picking her little guinea pig up from it’s crate.


She smiled and admired it. A pet of her own!


While Clara giggled at her guinea pig’s silly antics, Caroline and Grace chatted.

“Hey,” Grace said, smiling mischievously, “I know you’ve always wanted a canary. What do you say we go looking for one for you.”

Caroline smiled back, her eyes sparkling, “I’d love that,” she breathed. “How about tomorrow?”

“It’s a date!”

To be continued…

SO, what do you think of Clara’s new guinea pig?

He doesn’t have a name yet, so tell me in the comments any name suggestions you have, and I can tell you the name I decide on in the next part of The Thomas Family Pets (which will probably be the last one)

Also, while you’re at it, you might want to think up some canary names too… 😀


~Gracie 😉