Caption It! #3 Winner!!

Happy Sunday!

Are you ready to see the winner for Caption It #3 ?


Thank you all for all of your captions and votes! First I’ll show the picture and then I’ll put the winning caption/author below!



Julie (earlier): Clara, just a fair warning, Grace just had a double espresso without me knowing so be careful…

*Clara goes outside to enjoy the sunny weather*

Clara: Grace! Why are you out here acting like it’s raining?

Grace: I am a math expert! Two plus two is nineteen hundred thousand and eight!!! HA! *throws unbrella* TAKE THAT ALBERT EINSTEIN!

Clara: You are NEVER having coffee ever again.


Congratulations Emma!!


This Caption It was drawn out quite long (I apologize for that…), but I hope you enjoyed it!


Would you like to see another Caption It post sometime?

Let’s try something a little new…

For my next post, would you like to see Clara on the beam, or a tutorial on curling/styling Caroline’s hair?


Also, before you go, check out American Girl Doll Artist’s post! It’s a very sweet post, and it’s about her mom, who’s fighting cancer. AGDA also has a shop where you can buy shirts to support them!


Have a wonderful day! 🙂