A Mini Adventure


I was planning to work on the post presenting the winner of the fashion show, but I checked on the scoring, and two of the dolls are tied!

So instead, I have a photoshoot with the mini’s first, and remember to vote if you haven’t! Even if you have already voted, feel free to vote a second time!

Until then, enjoy an account of the mini dolls’ recent adventure!






Molly and Samantha were sitting at their spots on Caroline, their owner’s, bed, chatting softly.

“Well I’m bored,” said Samantha, after a few minutes of small talk, “Clara, Grace, and Caroline are at some sort of fashion show, and Julie went out with Consuelo. I say we go on an adventure!”


Molly stood up, “I’m in! Let’s get the others!”


Soon all the minis were gathered in Grace and Clara’s bedroom.

“We want to go on an adventure!” Sam explained. “Who’s in?”

Both of Kit’s hands went straight up, “Whoop! I’m coming!!” The other dolls nodded in general agreement.


Rebecca, however, sighed, “I don’t want to be left behind, but you’ll have to wait until I change into something more suitable! I can’t chance messing up this nice dress!!”

The minis shrugged and waited for Rebecca to change.


Soon Rebecca was back. The dolls soon agreed to head in the direction of the backyard, and so they set off.


They were walking along smoothly for a while, until Rebecca let out a shriek.


The dolls stopped abruptly, looking in the direction of Rebecca’s shaking, pointed hand.

“C-c-CAT!” She shrieked again.


“Shhhh,” hushed Kit, “we can’t let it notice us! Everyone, quick, get down!!” Kit looked like she was enjoying this sudden and apparent danger.

“Yup, get down and head home!” Rebecca added.

Kit shook her head, “We’ll have to sneak around the cat, and hope she doesn’t notice us!”

The girls, including a reluctant Rebecca, all crouched down as Kit instructed and began to crawl there way towards the cat’s back. Little did they know, the curious feline noticed their antics.


As they began to inch around a scratching board, poor Samantha lifted her head and screeched loud enough to wake the house (that is, if they had been asleep).


Suddenly she was up and bolting away, and the others quickly followed suit.


They ran across the room and behind a barrier as fast as they could, pinning themselves behind it and gasping for breath.

“I think we lost it,” Kit said finally.

Suddenly alarmed, Marie-Grace added, “But where’s Cecile?” The girls’ eyes widened in fright.


Molly, being at the edge of the barrier, peeked around and saw Cecile ambling over to where they were. (She proceeded to careful observe if Cecile had any scratches or strange cat bites that would make her act so casual in such a dangerous moment. She couldn’t find any.)


“Where were you? What happened?” Molly exclaimed as Cecile rounded the barrier corner.

Cecile looked like she was on the verge of a laughing fit, “Well, you see, I’ve been here longer than most of you, and I happen to understand that the likely purpose of this cat was to smell us and find out what we were up to, not to attack!” The other girls gaped.

“And you didn’t tell us?!” Rebecca squeaked.

“I didn’t really get the chance with how suddenly you all acted.”

Kit blinked and cleared her throat, regaining her composure, “Alrighty then, since that’s all well and done, we really should move on…”


The next stop was the door to the backyard. They were excited to see how close they were to their goal, until they realized a problem.


The door was locked, and the lock was several mini-doll-yards above them.

“Well, we’re close enough,” Rebecca decided, “no way we’re getting up there, so we might as well head back.”


“I have an idea!” Samantha chirped. “It’s simple: to get to the lock, we just have to climb this big curtain sheet!”

“Hey, that might work!” Molly agreed.


So Sam began to shuffle her way up the curtain.


But she only got a short distance up before she felt she couldn’t climb any longer, and had to shuffle back down.

“That’s harder than it looks!” she gasped.


“Here, let me try!” Kit offered.


Kit is a little older than Sam, and she made it a little higher, but soon had to stop and come down, gasping like Samantha was.

“What can I say,” she said, “I was never good at rope climbing…”

Molly seemed thoughtful, “Let me give it a try; but I’ll need a little help.”


Soon Molly had been mounted on Cecile’s shoulder with Samantha supporting her from behind. She reasoned it might give her a better start up the curtain. She grabbed hold and wiggled her way off of her supporters to begin the climb.


Her idea proved to be a success! She pulled herself up, the boost by her friend giving her just enough strength, and she was able to lean over and reach the lock, pushing the door unlocked.


When she made it back down, she promptly plopped onto the floor and cried, “Mission accomplished!” between a fit of gasping.


With the effort of all the minis, the door slid open,


revealing their path to the backyard world!


Kit, Sam, and Molly raced through the opening, whooping, while Cecile and Marie-Grace followed, chatting happily, with Rebecca tagging along.


But in her excitement Kit failed to notice a ditch in the concrete flooring.


“Kit!” the girls cried, running to meet her after she caught her foot and fell.


“I’m ok,” Kit assured, a little shakily, “It wasn’t… so bad.”


Marie-Grace had her attention in the distance, “Uh, I’m glad you’re alright this time, but look what’s ahead!”


The minis turned to see a whole plain full of similar ditches, beyond which was a lovely green field.

“Looks kind of dangerous,” cautioned Cecile.

“Looks like fun!” Kit added.

“We’d better head back home,” Rebecca declared.


But the girls headed off anyway, and it was actually pretty fun, if you were careful not to fall. They enjoyed skipping and hopping over the little ruts in the paving.


And soon they reached the end, and came to the large green field they had aspired to reach earlier.
“Wonderful!” Samantha said, upon seeing it. “A perfect place to stop our journey!”


The girls plopped down onto the grass, enjoying it’s soft green shoots. Even Rebecca seemed content, though that may have partially been the result of hearing the words “stop our journey!”


Marie-Grace was staring at the distance again. “This surely is lovely, but you all know that we can never let our owners know that we’re alive.”

“Well, of course!” replied Kit. “That’s common toy knowledge.”

Marie-Grace nodded in the direction of her gaze.


The dollies turned to see Julie and Consuelo off in the distance, who had just rounded the bend to take a stroll in the same field that the minis were in.

“Looks to me like it’s time to go home!” Rebecca asserted. And for once everyone else nodded in thorough agreement. Their daring journey to the backyard had now come to a finish.


I hope you enjoyed the photostory! Let me know what you thought in the comments!

Don’t forget to vote on your favorite outfit in the fashion show, even if you’ve voted once before! I plan to close out the poll in a few days (probably Saturday), and then post the winner with their photoshoot soon after that!

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Have a Blessed Day!

Gracie Sign Off


‘Tis the Season – Holiday Series Part 4 – Joyfully Messy Christmas: A Photostory

Hi there!

It’s Julie, by the way.


Are you ready for the final part of our Christmas series? It’s been so fun 🙂

     Part One, Wednesday, December 13Caroline, Collection Post {Check!}

     Part Two, Saturday, December 16 : Clara, Craft Post {Check!}

     Part Three, Tuesday, December 19: Grace, Recipe Post {Check!} 

     Part Four, Friday, December 22: Julie, Photostory Post

Today I get to share something I love about Christmas… decorating!

Um… yes… there is indeed only 3 days until Christmas and we haven’t decorated… :O


Oh… and just yesterday the house was a huge disaster…


But now it is much better! And today we can actually decorate!!

Let’s go! *looks around* Clara! Caroline! Grace! Come on out! It’s time to decorate for Christmas!


Clara: Ooh! Yay!!

Grace: Yes! I’m coming!

Caroline: Sounds great! Though, we’re starting a bit late, don’t you think?


Julie: Better late than never. Alright, then! Caroline and I will prep the tree. Grace and Clara, you can–”

Grace: May we work on the gingerbread house?

Clara: Oh yes! Yes!

Julie: That would be fine! Ok, Caroline! I’ll start fluffing up the tree.


Caroline: I’ll go dig out the tree skirt.

Julie: Um, Caroline?

Caroline: What?

Julie: We don’t actually have a tree skirt.


*Shocked look* Caroline: Oh. Well, I guess… I’ll have to find something… or make something.

Julie: You know there’s only three days until Christmas…

Caroline: It will be easy… I think. Give me a minute.


I just shrugged and began to hang lights on the tree. Soon I heard Clara exclaim from the kitchen.



Grace: Yeah…


Julie: Oh good, you can– oh! It’s, um, smaller than usual?

Grace: Uh-huh. Clara dropped a sheet of gingerbread so we had to improvise…

Clara: But I think it’s cute!

Julie: *nods* You can set it over there!


Caroline: Do you think this will work for a tree skirt?

Clara: A tree skirt? That’s too small!

Caroline: *sighs* I know, I know. But it’s all I could find!

Clara: You should have asked me! I have a stash of fabric upstairs! *runs to bedroom* But please wait before hanging the ornaments!!!

Caroline seemed relieved. Soon we had a tree skirt, a prepped tree, and a tiny gingerbread house. Things were starting to come together, and now we could finish decorating the tree!


We all had fun doing that.

Julie: Alright! Time to put up the star!

Clara: Oooh! Can I do it this year!!

Julie: Ok. Here’s a chair.


Clara: I can’t reach. I’ll have to stand on the back!

Caroline: Is that sturdy?

Grace: Clara, I’m not so sure–


Clara: Just a little furthur…!



Grace: Oh dear! *Braces self* OOF! Erm…


Julie: Oh my goodness! Amazing catch!!

Caroline: That fall would have been awful…

Grace: Clara, you… have. to. get–Off!!

Clara: I cannot!

Grace: Some help, please! I’m holding the tree and Clara!


Caroline: Oh, of course!!

Grace: Push!!


Clara wobbled off of the now-upright tree, while Grace gasped from the effort.

Julie: Crises averted! Grace, you just saved the day and Clara!

Clara: Well… *nervous chuckle* on the bright side, I did get the star on top!


Suddenly, the door bell rang, I left to get it while Clara and Grace recovered. It was our cousin, Consuelo.


Consuelo: Hi guys!! I wanted to come over and help you decorate,


Consuelo: but it looks like you’ve finished! It looks pretty in here.

Clara: I’m glad! You should have seen it two minutes ago…

Consuelo: I brought something for you to add!!

Caroline: How sweet!

Grace: What is it?

Consuelo pulled out a small nativity she had been holding under her arm.


Consuelo: It’s a nativity! Christmas decorating can’t be complete without one!

Julie: That’s wonderful, Consuelo! Thank you! Let’s put it in the center of the table over here!


Caroline: Perfect.

Julie: This is a great reminder of the true reason we celebrate. Not presents or Christmas trees or gingerbread houses, but Jesus, our Savior. Even if everything is falling down and seems hopeless (whether it be Christmas trees, or other things in our lives), that doesn’t mean that Christmas is ruined, or our lives are ruined, because that’s not what it’s really about.

Caroline: We need to fix our eyes on Jesus, this season. And all seasons, for that matter. He is all we really need in this life, as our Savior, joy, and hope for eternity.

We all nodded, and were quiet for a few moments before I broke the silence.


Julie: I think it’s time to turn on the Christmas tree lights, don’t you?

Clara: Yes!!!

Grace: Um, Julie?

Consuelo: Yayy!!

Grace: Julie??

Julie: Yes? What?

Grace: We, uh… don’t actually have an outlet in this room.

Julie: *blinks* What?? You’re saying–? Oh NO!


Caroline: Well, at least we all know that’s not the true reason for the season!

Julie: Yeah….

Clara started to laugh.

Clara: What a mistake! No outlet for the Christmas lights!

And then we all joined her in laughter. No late decorating, tiny gingerbread houses, falling trees, or lack of lights was going to keep us from joy in the true meaning of Christmas!

♥ ♥ ♥




Grace Explores the Woods

I took the pictures for this photostory while on vacation! Enjoy!

Grace Explores the Woods




Hi there! It’s Grace here! Today I’m going to explore the woods around the cabin!


Ah, it’s so beautiful out–


EEK! I nearly ran into that web! *shudders*


Well, here we are! The great outdoors!


That way is towards the road, so I won’t explore that way…


But instead I’ll explore this way!


Hmm, what’s around here…?


Oooh look! A swing!!


But… it’s to tall for me… *sigh*


There are a lot of pine cones around here! They’re so interesting!


Now this looks like fun!





Oh, wait… um, where’d the cabin go?? I certainly don’t want to get lost! (although, I suppose, the last time turned out pretty interesting!)


Phew, false alarm! There it is over there!

Now, let’s see, what else is there to do around here?


Ah, look at that! A cliff to conquer!!






Al…most… there…!!



Yes! I made it!!



Well, this has been a whole lot of fun, but I guess it’s time to head home (or, that is, to the cabin) now.


Bye everyone! Thanks for reading!

Stay tuned for a photoshoot of me later on!!


Did you enjoy Grace’s little woodsy adventure? Like Grace mentioned, stay tuned for a photoshoot I got of her on vacation (In a special outfit!)


Have a blessed day!


Family Game Night Olympics


I’ve finished putting together the photostory!

I hope you will enjoy…

AG Family Game Night Feature Picture


Here we go!



Julie walked into the room where her sisters had just sat down to eat dinner.

“Girls,” Julie said, “I have something I’d like to say before we start!”

The girls turned to look at her, and Clara mumbled something about being hungry.


“Tonight we are going to have a family game night!”


“Sounds nice,” Caroline replied softly and cheerily. “It’s been a while.”


“But Julie!” Grace countered. “I was going to hangout at Therese’s house tonight!”

Julie shook her head, “Sorry, but this is non-negotiable. We need some family time!”

“Oh alright; I’ll text her, then…” Grace said (with a tinge of a sigh).

“What do you think of it, Clara?” Julie asked.


“Well,” Clara said thoughtfully, “My stuffed animals were going to have the Grand Stuffielympics after dinner, but I guess a game night sounds like fun; the Olympics will just have to wait!”


Julie smiled, “It’s settled then! After dinner, we’ll have our game night!”

Then Julie prayed over the food, and the girls ate.



Once they finished eating, they all worked to clear the table, and Julie told them meet in the living room afterwards.


Soon they had taken their seats and gathered around the coffee table.


“Grace, will you bring out the games for us?” Julie requested.

Grace readily agreed, and headed out to get the games.

DSCN3128 She came out with an unstable looking armful of games.

“Oh my!” Julie said, standing up. “Do you need help?”

“Neh, eh got et.” Grace murmured under the cards that were balancing against her face. But when she leaned over to put the games on the table…


they all came tumbling down!


“Oh no! I guess I did need help after all!” Grace exclaimed. Julie giggled and helped her put the games back in order, while Caroline and Clara gathered cards from the floor.


“So,” Grace gasped, after plopping back down onto the couch. “What game should we play?”


“Why not all of them?” Clara said suddenly.

“Like a family game night marathon,” Caroline commented.

“Yes, but I was thinking a bit more on the lines of a family game night Olympics!”

The sisters all nodded their agreement, and they began the first game of the night’s ‘Olympic Games’, “Racing.”


The girls rolled dice and their playing pieces took off down the colored board. Julie (Yellow) was taking the lead, followed closely by Clara (Red), and further by Grace (Green). Caroline’s blue pawn lingered behind them all.


The game started a bit mellow, but soon the sisters were really getting into it!

Clara: Caroline!! How did you pass me so quickly!

Caroline: *giggles and shrugs*

Grace: This roll oughtta pull me ahead! *shakes dice vigorously*

(It did pull her ahead! 😉 )


After the game finished, Julie drew a scoreboard to keep track of the night’s Olympic games scores.

The scores for “Racing” were as follows:


Julie: (4th); Caroline: 1st; Grace: 3rd; Clara: 2nd

Next up, Snakes and Ladders (Also played as Shoots and Ladders)


Clara (red) took a quick lead, but then Julie (yellow) happened upon a ladder!



Soon the playing pieces were nearing the end! Poor Grace (green) was at the back of the line-up.


Clara (who was currently in the lead as the red piece) was on her turn to roll when…


she rolled a two which sent her straight down the worst snake (shoot) on the board!


“NOOO!” she exclaimed (falling to the floor dramatically). Julie tried to stifle a giggle.

“Now I’m SO far behind!!” she wailed.

“Don’t worry,” Julie said brightly, “you may catch up quickly! Besides, it’s all about the fun and the family time, right?”

“Yes, you’re right,” Clara agreed, sitting up to continue playing.

And she did, indeed, catch up quickly!

Until she fell down that same snake.



And the game continued on, and Grace, with a quick recovery from her losing start, finished first! The other girls soon followed.

Julie recorded the scores for Snakes and Ladders:


Julie: 2nd; Caroline: 3rd; Grace: 1st; Clara: (4th)


Next was Chinese Checkers! But after a few long minutes of tediously setting up several of the many little game pieces, they realized that it was only a three player game. So they put it away and crossed it off of Julie’s chart.


By this time the girls were getting a bit worn out.

“I think we need some popcorn!” Julie offered.


The girls brightened.

“Oh, yes!” Clara exclaimed.

“I’ll come with you!” Grace said as Julie stood up to go get the popcorn. Only Julie noticed Grace wink.

Soon Julie brought in a large bowl of popcorn,


and Grace followed behind with a plate of chocolate chip cookies! Clara whooped.

“I made them a earlier today,” Grace explained, laying them on the coffee table.


After several cookies and handfuls of popcorn were devoured, the sisters were ready to continue their games. Caroline dealt out the UNO cards.


The girls took turns in silence. (Due to them still eating, of course)


“Yikes, Grace! How many cards do you have?” Clara said, after finishing her second cookie. (Julie told her she’d had enough when she tried to nab a third.)

“Well, a lot,” Grace grimaced at her handful.


Suddenly, Caroline called “UNO!”


“Uno?” Grace called, surprised by Caroline’s sudden cry. “I still have eight!”

Caroline won on her next turn, and the game continued around. Grace, who seemed to be very good at comebacks by now, finished soon after Caroline.

Julie wrote out the scores…


Julie: (4th); Caroline: 1st; Grace: 2nd; Clara: 3rd


Next up, Caroline dealt out cards for Go Fish, while Clara tried to get her attention to insist that they need a Go Fish “pool” rather than a Go Fish “pile.”

“How can we ‘go fishing’ if all the cards are stacked up neatly?” Clara reasoned. “They have to be in a lake so we can fish for them!”


And so, Caroline set up a Go Fish “pool” in the center of the table!


The game began, and continued around.


Several matches and “go fish’s” had been made when Julie stood up, suddenly.

“Wait a minute,” she said, “I’ve got something to get.” (Clara wondered [or should I say hoped] if it was more cookies)


Julie strutted back into the room, holding her camera, and announced, “It’s picture time!!”

DSCN3224 “Ready or not, here I shoot!”




“NOOOO!” Clara cried.

“Just give me a minute, my hair is a wreck!” Caroline pleaded.

Grace just giggled.



Grace managed to convince her sisters to come over and pose, after reminding them that Julie was still taking pictures of them.

They piled in, and actually looked fine, in spite of their original distress.



Julie attached her camera to her tripod, set the timer, and jumped in to join them in a picture.



Then Julie decided that was enough photos, and set her camera on the table. That is, after viewing the ones she had taken and giggling over the results. Clara and Caroline hesitantly agreed that Julie could keep the crazy pictures, and laughed along with her.

Then they sat down to finish their round of Go Fish.

The scores were as follows:


Julie: 1st; Caroline: 2nd; Grace: (4th); Clara: 3rd


The last game of the night was “Slap” (also known as Egyptian Rat Screw, and I think other names, too.)

It got quite intense, as the girls crowded around the table, trying to prepare themselves to slap the deck at a moment’s notice!

These were the ending scores for “Slap”:


Julie: 3rd; Caroline: 2nd; Grace: 1st; Clara: (4th)


“That’s the last game!” Julie told them.

“What!?” Grace exclaimed. The girls began to discuss how fun the night had been as Julie added up the final scores.

She finished, and looked up at her sisters, smiling.

“Ready to see our Family Game Night Olympian Winner!?”

“Yes!” they exclaimed in Unison.

And the winner is……





With Grace in 2nd and Julie in 3rd!


“Oh my goodness!” Caroline said excitedly.

Clara frowned as she noticed her own score, but quickly caught herself and was the first to get up and congratulate Caroline.


“Congratulations, Caroline!!” Julie said after her sisters had a chance to see the scoreboard.

“Yes, Great job!!” Grace agreed enthusiastically. They were happy that their quiet, humble sister, Caroline, won the whole tournament!


“Honestly,” Clara said, “This was a lot of fun! Winning or not, it was better than my Stuffielympics would have been!”


“And though Therese’s house would have been great, it was good to get some family time in,” Grace added.

Julie gave a mischievous grin, “Aw, this is great! Just lovely! It’s the perfect time for another group picture!”

Nooo!!” The girls chorused.

“Don’t worry! I’m kidding!” Julie said, her eyes twinkling.

They all laughed.


What did you think? It was fun to put together! 🙂

Did you recognize Therese’s name from Grace’s school day photostory?

Have you ever played any of the games featured in this photostory? Does your family ever have family game nights?



Clara Practices Gymnastics 3 – Clara on the Beam

Hello there!

I hope you enjoy another enstallment of Clara practicing gymnastics! If you would like to see the last two times that Clara practiced gymnastics, you can check out her floor practice here, and her bar practice here!

Without further ado, take it away, Clara! 😉

DSCN2316Clara on the beam


Hey everyone! I’m excited to get to show you my beam skills today!


Remember, before doing gymnastics, be well-stretched and have a good mat or soft floor area.


Also make sure to tie your hair back! I also left off my glasses, since I don’t have contacts, and my vision isn’t too bad.


Let’s begin! Now when Gracie is at her gymnastics, she would probably do releve (Re-le-vay) walks across the beam, which means walking on your toes, but since I’m a doll with unmovable ankles, and I don’t want to bore you with simply walking across the beam, I’ll do step kicks across the beam instead!


So I kick and step,


kick and step.



Pivot turn!

Now let’s try something more interesting. How about a handstand?


Lunge, lever, (Note, use your good leg consistently in skills like handstands and cartwheels, as I had forgotten to do 😉 )


And kick up! (Also, I highly recommend NOT closing your eyes during your gymnastics skills 😛 )




Normally Gracie would land a handstand in a lunge, but since lunges are harder for us dolls, I just stuck the landing.

I’m going to try a split jump!


Up, split, and…!




Oof! Oops, I was supposed to stick that… Well, at least you know now why to have a mat!


I’ll just do my good leg splits on the beam!


Next I want to show you my side handstand dismount!


Lever, kickup,



and dismount! For this skill I needed to keep my hands on the beam all the way till I reach the ground!


And stick it!


Now you may remember from other times that I’ve shown you my gymnastics, that I always have one skill that I want to show you, but that I need help with! Last time Caroline spotted me, and this time…


Julie came to help!


I’m going to do a cartwheel on the beam!




and cartwheel!



Yippee! Thanks Julie!


That’s it for today! I hope that you enjoyed! And a special thanks to Julie for spotting me today!



Behind the Scenes!

(It’s Gracie again!)


Our family cat walked into the setup a few times, and I snapped some pictures of him!



Here is the setup that I made for this post, consisting of a blanket, several old books, and some reflecting tools!

Also, a big thanks to my brother who helped hold up Clara for a lot of pictures!


This might be the last “Clara Practices Gymnastics! 😮 At least, that was my original plan, but maybe she could come back again on the vault…

Did you enjoy seeing Clara practice her beam skills? Would you like to see Clara on the vault? Do you/have you ever done gymnastics?