Menu Monday #4


It’s dinner time! Or, at least, time to make it!

Today let’s stir up some soup!

Supplies to make the bowl:

  • Paper (card stock is preferred)
  • Glue
  • Tape (like scotch)
  • Scissors
  • Toothpick
  • A compass or a couple sizes of circle (a jar and a smaller circle object, for instance)

Ingredients for the soup:

  • Paper
  • A kind of stuffing (tissue paper, tissue, stuffing, etc.)
  • Beads or bits of foam or paper or something of the sort…
  • Paint
  • Modge podge or a clear drying glue
  • Toothpick

This first section is making the bowl. If you have a bottle cap or something else you can use as a bowl for this craft, then you can skip to the next part (after the “- – – – – – -“)

Take your paper, you are going to cut out a shape like this:


Basically a rainbow a half circle in a half circle. I used a jar as a stencil for the bigger half circle, and a pencil sharpener for the other.

NOTE: Make sure that the half circles are about as half as they can be, not more, not less. And make sure that the smaller circle is the same length from the large circle the whole way around.


Now pull the two ends together to make a cone/bowl like shape with an open bottom. Tape the ends together.


Now put the bowl thing you made on some paper and hold it Carefully. You don’t want to bend the bowl, resulting in a lopsided traced circle. I set it on the paper, and then laid my two fingers on top of it like above.

Then trace the inside of it (Carefully). Then cut around the lines you made (not on them, the circle should be a little bigger than the traced one)


Now see how the circle can lay on the bowl?


Put the circle on some paper or something (in case it gets stuck to it in the proceeding steps), and then place the bowl on top of the circle, lining it up with it, so that it’s fully sitting on it (or as much as it can be). put a drop (only a drop) of glue in the center of the circle. Get out your toothpick. Hold the bowl gently, similarly to how you held it to trace it earlier, and use the toothpick to push the glue to the sides of the bowl, so that it can dry holding the bottom edge of the bowl to the little circle/ bottom of the bowl.  Let dry.

Take the bowl off the platform it was sitting on, but be careful (I wonder how many times I used that word) in case it stuck, (and make sure the base is securely glued on) You may paint it if you like.


And now you should have a nice bowl!

– – – – – – – – – –

Let’s make the soup now, shall we?


Glue some stuffing into the bottom of your bowl.

Cut a circle of paper slightly smaller than the rim of your bowl. It should sit in the bowl leaving some space left for a thick layer of “soup.” You may need to push the stuffing down. That’s fine; it’s there to (hopefully) help hold up the paper. Now remove it, so you can put glue…



…along the edges of the stuffing in the bowl. Push the paper circle over the stuffing (make sure the edges meet the bowl, but don’t cave it in) and put something with a little weight on it (like a paint bottle), to hold it down while it dries (so the stuffing doesn’t push it up).

Once dry, put a pretty large glob of paint (the color you want your soup to be) into your bowl, as well as another glob of modge podge/a clear drying glue (The glue helps take up space and make the paint more liquid-y). Mix them together in your bowl and spread the paint mixture evenly over the bowl. Add more, if needed, until your bowl is filled up as much as you want. (The paint should be deep enough that your beads and things are taller, but that they don’t practically sit on top of the soup. They’re supposed to be in the soup 🙂 )


Drop beads or pieces of foam or paper into the bowl for the things in the soup (carrots, beans, or whatever is in your soup).

Let dry.

And now you have some tasty soup for your doll! 😀



I made four kinds; one for each doll: Black bean, broccoli cheddar, clam chowder, and chicken noodle soup.

I hope you enjoy this craft!




Menu Monday – #3

*Gasp* *Pant*

I made it!

I’m here with another Menu Monday! Late Monday, but Monday nonetheless! *Sheepish smile*

*Clears throat*

Onto what you’ve been waiting for… the tutorial!

Today we are baking bread! XD


  • Light creamy/tan color of clay (I use polymer clay) (you can mix colors such as white in, too)
  • A knife/blade for the clay (get parent’s permission, first!)
  • Paint (Kind of a dark/orange-y mustard color)
  • Optional, but recommended: aluminum foil

Let’s go!

I’ll first show you how to make a baguette! You could take this and make a regular loaf, too, if you want.


Crumple your foil into an elongated oval/log shape. (I use the foil in these projects to save on clay, if you want to make your bread only out of clay, that’s fine. 🙂 )


Cover the shape with your creamy colored clay. Press the loaf gently down on a flat surface, to make the bottom flatter.


Put a few cuts into the top of the bread, at an angle. Then slightly to the side of those cuts, put another one, but slice towards the first one, so you can cut out the slit. Did that make any sense? You should probably refer to the picture… The cuts don’t have to be nice and clean, they can be kind of messy, like when real bread splits open at the top.

Now for the rolls!


Make a relatively small ball of foil (or a few of them)


Cover each with clay, and press the bottom of each gently against a flat surface, so that, like the baguette, the bottom is flatter.

Bake all your clay (or let it air dry, if it’s supposed to) according to the directions on it’s packaging.

Once baked, get your paint out. (NOTE: when you paint the baguette, don’t paint the slits in the top of the bread)

You can try a couple of options.

1: Get a little bit of paint on your brush, and paint it onto your pallat or some scrap paper until the paint is being brushed on dry, then dry brush it onto the bread.

2: Get a little bit of paint on your brush and brush it on your scrap a little, then get your brush a little wet, and paint it on your bread like that.



Let dry (seal it if you’d like to) and you’re done!


Grace was happy to get some fresh bread from the bakery, and is excited to share it with her family!


Signing out,


Menu Monday #2


I am here with another Menu Monday craft! I found this one really fun to make!

The only food I have for my dolls right now is carrots from the last Menu Monday, since all the rest is packed away until we move into our new house. The poor dolls.

So I figure in their hunger they might want to order something quick and tasty to eat…

Therefore, I will show you how to make pizza! 😀


  • Tan/cream craft foam
  • Red and yellow paint/puffy paint
  • Red/maroon paper (or white and colored pencils)
  • Optional: a hole punch


First cut a relatively large circle out of your tan/cream craft foam. Mine has a diameter (across the circle) of about 3 1/8 inches.


Now for the fun part! Take your red paint, and paint it all over your pizza “crust” like the sauce. Don’t go all the way to the edges. though. It doesn’t have to be very neat; remember, it’s pizza sauce!

Before you continue, let’s make some pepperoni. Take your red/maroon paper (or color some white paper with red, brown, and maybe a little purple-ish colors) and cut out a bunch of small circles. Keep them handy.


After the red paint dries completely, paint random jots and lines and things of yellow paint for the cheese. Allow the paint to be thin enough in some places that you can see red, or criss-cross it so that red peaks through.

Then, before the “cheese” dries, arrange your pepperoni on the pizza, letting the wet yellow paint act as glue to keep the pepperoni on.


After that dries you can leave it as is, or you can cut it into slices. And you’re done!


And if you want to add a platter to put the pizza on, then you can cut a circle out of paperboard (like, cereal box cardboard) that is larger than your pizza, and paint it silver.

Here is a link to a printable pizza box you can make, if you’d like to (I did not make the printable, I found it online. Credit to them). It’s a little small, so you’ll need to enlarge it in a word document (or something like that) if you make it.


Julie: Woohoo! The pizza arrived! I’m starving!


Clara: Pizza!? Thanks Julie!

Caroline: Yum! It’s good!

Grace: Oooh! Yay!

Julie: Whoa! Save me some!


Have fun! I hope you enjoy making this pizza, and your dolls enjoy devouring it! XD


Pssst! Photoseries coming soon!


Menu Monday #1


I decided to start a new series called Menu Monday! It is a series where I will show you how to make a food themed craft (on Monday). I may not post one every Monday, but hopefully most Mondays.

The first craft is….

Carrots! This tutorial could probably be altered slightly to make parsnips or other carrot-like roots.

You will need:

  • Tissues/toilet paper
  • Water
  • Glue/modge podge
  • Paint

In a bowl, mix a little water with some glue.


Take your tissues or toilet paper and tear off some (about a square of toilet paper, or maybe half or so of a tissue) If it’s half of a tissue, then fold it once like the above picture, so it’s like a square.

Soak the tissue (just assume that tissue means toilet paper or tissue) in the water and glue.


Poke your finger in the middle of the tissue and twist the place you poked into a point.


Then, starting from there, twist all the way down to form a carrot shape. You can try to squeeze out some liquid as you go.



Take the end of the carrot, and unravel it a tiny bit. Tear the unraveled sections from each other a little bit, and twist each section to make the grassy-leafy stuff at the end of a carrot. Be very careful, as the wet tissue can be very easy to tear. You can pinch right below the leafy end to define it from the carrot some more.

Let it dry.


Once your tissue is dry You can paint it! (I also recommend modge podging/sealing with a clear drying glue so the color doesn’t get on you or your dolls)

And you’re done!



I hope you enjoy making and playing with these carrots! What do you think of Menu Monday?

Have a nice day!