Caption It! #4

Hi! How are you?

I’m here with another Caption It game!

Here’s How the Game it Works:

Take a look at the image posted below, and decide what you think Caroline and Grace are saying (or doing), then comment below!


[Name]: It’s a bird!

[Other Name]: It’s a plane!

[Name]: No, It’s superman!!!

In about a week, I plan to post three to five of my favorite captions, and then you all get to vote on your favorite!

A week or so from the voting post, I will post the winner!


As I mentioned in this post, I’m planning to start a blogging schedule to post every Thursday. However, I’m posting this on Wednesday because I’m going out of town next week and will need to schedule the voting post ahead of time.


You have through Friday the 15th to post your captions!


Without further ado, here is the picture!


What do you think Caroline and Grace are saying? Also, don’t forget to enter my two-year blogiversary giveaway to win the dress that Grace is wearing!

Have fun captioning!


And I hope you have a blessed day!

Gracie Sign Off

9 thoughts on “Caption It! #4

  1. Grace: What are you doing with those?
    Caroline: I have too much stuff in my closet, so I’m going to give these away.
    Grace: But you wear those all the time!! Aren’t you supposed to give away what you don’t use, not what you do?
    Caroline: Well… Yeah, I guess so!
    Grace: Good. Because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to borrow these from you anymore!

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  2. Caroline: Which shirt Grace?
    Grace: I don’t know, look outside, is it hot, or cold?
    Caroline: It’s the middle of June, what did you think?
    Grace: I know it’s the middle of June, Caroline. So what are you going to wear?
    Caroline: I asked you, you’re the fashionista after all.
    Grace: Just put the pink t-shirt on Caroline.

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  3. Oooh, Fun!

    [Grace]: I got the suitcase!

    [Caroline]: Thank you, Grace. One question: I only have room for one more shirt. So should I wear the tee-shirt or the sweater for our vacation?

    [Grace]: Oh definitely tee-shirt! Julie gave you that.

    [Caroline]: OK…

    [Grace]: On the other hand it is cold in Alaska…

    [Caroline]: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking.

    [Grace]: But Julie might be upset you didn’t bring the tee-shirt.

    [Caroline]: Yikes… It’s possible.

    [Grace]: But the sweater is so much cuter!

    [Caroline]: True… I think I’ll go with that…

    [Grace]: Now, that I think about it, didn’t it have fleas?

    [Caroline]: Grace!

    [Grace]: What?

    [Caroline]: Nevermind… I think I have as many clothes as I need.

    [Grace]: Glad to be of service!


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  4. Uhh, Grace, what should I wear to the park??
    Beats Me!
    No really!! I need your help!!
    Hmmm… What about*grabs sweater* How about this!
    No way!! I’m going to be so hot in that!
    Then why did you grab a sweater?
    Ohhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Yeah I’ll definitely wear the T-shirt!
    I hope so….

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  5. Grace: Aha! Here’s a perfect spot for a photo shoot! People will certainly enter Gracie’s blogiversary giveaway after they see these pictures! *stands perfectly still posing for the camera*
    Caroline: Grace!!
    Grace: *screams* Caroline! Why did you scare me like that! I’m doing a photo shoot!
    Caroline: *Looks sheepishly at Grace* Sorry, I was just wondering which outfit I should wear.
    Grace: Um…
    Caroline: I think you’re right! I should wear the blue shirt.
    Grace: Wait, I didn’t say… Oh never mind.
    Caroline: So I should wear the pink one?
    Grace: Sure!
    Caroline: Thanks Grace!

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  6. Caroline: “Grace what should I wear to my job interview? This pink shirt or this blue sweater? What looks the most professional?” (Looks confused.)

    Grace: “Um…I don’t know.” (Trying to keep her smile from showing.)

    Caroline: “Grace! You all way’s give me that answer. Come on! This is serious I want to be at my bast!” ( Looks disapproving at Grace.)

    Grace: “I was kidding! I think…” ( Looks thoughtful.) “The pink one, with a navy blue skirt or pants, if you don’t have them, then a black skirt or pants.”( Looks at Caroline smiling, saying) “Is that better?”

    Caroline: (Smiling.)”That’s better. Thank you. I’m sorry Grace I should’t have sapped at you like that. Will you forgive me?”

    Grace: “You don’t have to ask me twice, yes I forgive you!” (Smiling.)

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  7. Caroline: “Which one do you think Clara would like better?”

    Grace: “I don’t know, why?”

    Caroline: “Because I’m going to give one to her for her birthday.”

    Grace: “Oh, okay, well . . . Wait–Didn’t Clara GIVE you that sweater?”

    Caroline: “Well, yes. But, it was too scratchy, so I don’t want it anymore.”

    Grace: “And, didn’t I give you that pink shirt?”

    Caroline: “. . .Well, yes. But, I didn’t like it either. So, which one, the sweater?”

    Grace: “Don’t you think it would be rude to give Clara a gift that she gave you?”

    Caroline: “No. Why?”

    Grace: “Because SHE gave it to you. That’s like saying you don’t like it.”

    Caroline: “But I don’t like it.”

    Grace: “*groans* Uh . . .”

    P.S. By the way, I’ve been reading your blog for a few years, I’ve just never commented before.

    God Bless,

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  8. Caroline: OMG Grace! What should I wear the first night on the trip to Hawaii?
    Grace: You-
    Caroline: You are so right! The pink goes well with my eyes.
    Grace: Well-
    Caroline: I know, Grace! The blue will go well with my blond hair.
    Grace: Caroline-
    Caroline: Ugh, I can’t choose!
    Caroline: Okay, okay, you could have said something earlier.

    Fun game!

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