Caption It! #3 – VOTING!

Long time no Caption It! I apologize that it took me so long to get this up; I guess Nano and other business and such got me behind.

But enough apologies and excuses, it is well time for the post!


A lot of people commented with captions (about 15, if I counted correctly!)! Thank you so much everyone for all of your great captions!


Here’s how the voting works:

  • I post the picture to be captioned
  • I post a few of my favorite captions below it
  • and you vote for your favorite caption with the poll!


Let’s go!


There were so many great ones, but here are four captions that I picked for you to vote on:


Clara: “Grace, what on EARTH are you doing in a yellow suit and rain boots out on the street? You’re ridiculous! It’s a mercy that no one’s out here…”

Grace: “Shh! See that big shadow in front of us? I don’t dare look at it, since it might be a monster, and so I’m pretending to be a statue.”

Clara: “You haven’t answered my…”

Grace: “Shh!”

Clara: “Take off those rainboots before I–”

Grace: “SHH!!”



Clara: Grace, it’s sunny and hot and basically summer. WHY are you wearing a raincoat?

Grace: It’s like the Boy Scout Model says–Be prepared.

Clara: Then I take it you are prepared for the Math test tomorrow?

Grace: WHAAAT?!?



Clara: Grace. It’s not raining.

Grace: But I just got back from my babysitting job.

Clara: And?

Grace: That got me thinking… I could be Mary poppins!

Clara: Mary Poppins isn’t real Grace.

Grace: Yes, but I am. Just watch, my umbrella will carry me up in the air, and then we’ll fly kites!

Clara: At least you’re dressed for 1 out of 2 occasions you’ve planned.



Julie (earlier): Clara, just a fair warning, Grace just had a double espresso without me knowing so be careful…

*Clara goes outside to enjoy the sunny weather*

Clara: Grace! Why are you out here acting like it’s raining?

Grace: I am a math expert! Two plus two is nineteen hundred thousand and eight!!! HA! *throws unbrella* TAKE THAT ALBERT EINSTEIN!

Clara: You are NEVER having coffee ever again.


And now here’s where you cast your vote! May the best caption win! 😉


Bye for now!



10 thoughts on “Caption It! #3 – VOTING!

    1. Thanks for voting! I’m not sure where I got it, because I’ve had it a long time, but I’m guessing it might be from Springfield or something like that.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. How funny, those captions were neat! Do you only pick people who have blogs to be featured? Just curious! My favorite was Emma’s! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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