Review! Our Generation “Math Whiz” Set



I’m here today with a review for you all of a really fun,ย Our Generation (A brand of 18 inch dolls and accessories sold at Target) set!

I was at Target the other day and stopped in at the Our Generation aisle, and found their “Math Whiz” set. It was so cute that I decided to buy it! It was one of their $7 sets.


Here is the set! This set has such a great play value with its many, many pieces. The pieces are very functional, too!

It comes with a calculator, a notebook, a supply case, a compass, a ruler, a pencil, a pencil sharpener, an eraser, a rectangle triangle ruler, an isosceles triangle ruler, and a protractor. (11 pieces!)


Here is the calculator. It is purple (thought the picture looks kind of pink) with black buttons. The buttons can’t be pressed, but they are ‘three dimensional’.


And the ruler! It has little inch marks on one side and centimeter marks on the other, just like a real ruler! It goes to 10 doll-sized inches, and 20 doll-sized centimeters.


The back has a nice, wood-like texture.



Here are the triangle rulers and the protractor. They are yellow, orange, and blue, and are transparent.


One thing fun about the triangle rulers is that the marks on them line up with the centimeter marks on the ruler, so they are more realistic.


Here is (left to right) the compass, eraser, pencil, and pencil sharpener.

The stick part of the compass that holds the pencil moves like a real compass.

The eraser is neat, because it feels like it is a more rubbery plastic, so it feels different from the other supplies, and more like a real eraser. The pencil eraser doesn’t feel like this, though.


Now this is super fun, the pencil fits into the sharpener…


And into the compass! I love how Our Generation designed it like this. It makes for a great play value!

My pencil seems to have some scuff marks, perhaps from sliding through the compass. The paint on the pencil seems a little sloppy where the eraser/silver/wood parts meet (you can see how the pink bled down into the silver), but I don’t really mind.


Here is the supply case and notebook. They both have math inspired designs on them, and the case says “I love math” in English and in French.


The note book is filled with white blank white paper.

And you know what the best part of the supply case is?…


I fits ALL of the supplies in it! (Not including the notebook.) Woohoo!



Grace likes her new school supplies!


Whattcha working on, Grace?


Overall, this is a wonderful set, and with versatile pieces and a great play value! If you want some school supplies for your doll, I would definitely recommend it!

The price of $7 is great, too! If it were sold at American Girl, it would probably be around $30. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

I rate it 5/5 stars! ๐Ÿ™‚


Did you enjoy this review? What are your thoughts on Our Generation? Do you have any doll things from Our Generation (or another doll brand) that you really enjoy?



15 thoughts on “Review! Our Generation “Math Whiz” Set

  1. Cool beans, looks like a great set! I used to have a lot of Our Generation Doll, but I never played with them much as I’m getting older, so now other children are enjoying them! I do have lots of OG accessories though, that I use for Caroline and Lara though! I think OG is awesome, they have things identical to AG for so much less! ๐Ÿ˜€

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