Caption It! #3

Hello! Been a little while, hasn’t it!? :-/ 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be able to get some more posting action in for you all this week (and next week, and the week after… 😉 ). (Perhaps something for Easter?? 😮 😉 )

But now… …

Are you ready for another Caption It! game?!


Here’s How it Works:

Take a look at the image posted below, and decide what you think Grace and Clara are saying (or doing), then comment below!

(Ex.: [Name]: It’s a bird!

[Other Name]: It’s a plane!

[Name]: No, It’s superman!!! )

I will choose three to five of my favorite captions to be posted in a week or so, and to be voted on. A week or so from that post, I will post the winner!


Note: If a caption is deemed inappropriate by my mom or me, it will not be included.


Here is the picture!



Have fun!!


Can you believe that Easter is this Sunday!? 


Post for you later,


23 thoughts on “Caption It! #3

  1. Clara: Now, Grace, can’t you be excited that we are having one sunny day this week??
    Grace: I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT IS SUNNY OUTSIDE, after all, it is time for some April showers!!
    Clara: Suit yourself.
    Grace: Well, I am getting a little hot in this rain jacket…..

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  2. Clara: “Grace, what on EARTH are you doing in a yellow suit and rain boots out on the street? You’re ridiculous! It’s a mercy that no one’s out here…”

    Grace: “Shh! See that big shadow in front of us? I don’t dare look at it, since it might be a monster, and so I’m pretending to be a statue.”

    Clara: “You haven’t answered my…”

    Grace: “Shh!”

    Clara: “Take off those rainboots before I–”

    Grace: “SHH!!”

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  3. Clara: Lunch is rea.. What are you doing Grace?
    Grace: Shhhhhhh you’re blowing my cover
    Grace: I’m spying on the neighbors bake sale.
    Grace: I dress up as a new person every time I steal a cookie.


  4. Clara: Ah Grace, you know it’s not rainy right.

    Grace: Yea, but I just got my hair done and see that shadow, you know I hate getting wet.

    Clara: but Grace……oh nevermind


  5. Clara: Grace… uh… you know it’s not raining.
    Grace: Of COURSE it’s raining!
    Clara: Not right now, it isn’t.
    Grace: I’m being well prepared.
    Clara Well prepared for what?!?!
    Grace: Well, rain, duh.
    Clara: Very funny. The forecasters say it’s supposed to be sunny.
    Grace: Yeah, they also said that it’s going to snow in August.
    Clara: Oh really? Where?
    Grace: Antarctica! *cracks up*
    Clara: Seriously, don’t you think you’re going a little overboard?
    Grace: Nope. I’m being VERY well prepared. It’s something you might like to try one day.
    Clara: Are you saying I’m unprepared?!
    Grace: Well, I only see one umbrella here… and I’m not sharing.
    Clara: GRACE!

    ~ Light4theLord

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  6. Clara: Grace, it’s sunny and hot and basically summer. WHY are you wearing a raincoat?
    Grace: It’s like the Boy Scout Model says–Be prepared.
    Clara: Then I take it you are prepared for the Math test tomorrow?
    Grace: WHAAAT?!?


  7. Clara: Grace, it’s sunny! Get out of the rain jacket!
    Grace: No! The weather man said it’s going to rain soon!
    Clara: Weather people are wrong all the time!
    Grace: Don’t you remember when he said it was going to hail and no one- including me believed him and a hour later it did?
    Clara: He just got lucky!
    Grace: Suit yourself.
    *thunder rumbles*
    Grace: you just got burned.
    *doing victory dance*
    Clara: *scoffs*

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  8. Clara: Grace. It’s not raining.
    Grace: But I just got back from my babysitting job.
    Clara: And?
    Grace: That got me thinking… I could be Mary poppins!
    Clara: Mary Poppins isn’t real Grace.
    Grace: Yes, but I am. Just watch, my umbrella will carry me up in the air, and then we’ll fly kites!
    Clara: At least you’re dressed for 1 out of 2 occasions you’ve planned.


  9. Clara: Grace, what are you doing?
    Grace: Hoping it’ll rain.
    Clara: Is this your “hopeful face”?
    Grace: Try “hopeful outfit and posture”.
    Grace: See?


  10. Julie (earlier): Clara, just a fair warning, Grace just had a double espresso without me knowing so be careful…
    *Clara goes outside to enjoy the sunny weather*
    Clara: Grace! Why are you out here acting like it’s raining?
    Grace: I am a math expert! Two plus two is nineteen hundred thousand and eight!!! HA! *throws unbrella* TAKE THAT ALBERT EINSTEIN!
    Clara: You are NEVER having coffee ever again.

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  11. Clara: Uh, Grace, why do you have an umbrella in your hand? It isn’t even raining! I’m fact, it’s 58 degrees outside today. Are you kidding?

    Grace: Well, I just want to be ready for the rain if it does rain, y’know?

    Clara: Oh, Grace.

    -Sara ❤


  12. Clara: “Ah, this sunshine is perfect for my complexion…” Sighs and looks dramatically off into the sunny sky. Glancing over at Grace she says, “Why Grace, what on earth are you doing? You know wearing rubber in the sun is the perfect way to get sunburned, with the rubber getting so hot and all. And, why… why are you wearing your rainy day suit and holding your umbrella anyway?”

    Grace: “Ha! Rubber will make me sunburned, whoever thought of that! Well, if you have to know, Clara, I am wearing my rain suit because I spotted a small rain shower over there in the garden and was afraid it would come this way!” She points towards the flower garden where a lady is watering the ground with a green watering can.

    Clara: “Haha, that “rain shower” is nothing more than a watering can! I can’t see why Mrs. Soandso would come and shower it on us.” Rolling her eyes, she says, “Well, I’m going to enjoy this sunshine, whether you’ll join me or not.”

    As the Clara talked on, she failed to notice a dark cloud growing more menacing in the sky until it was right upon them, rain pouring from above!

    Clara: “AHH! My clothes! My hair! All ruined! This rain…” She runs shouting all the way into the house.

    Grace: Siting silently listening to the rain falling she says, “I knew it was going to rain today, serves Clara right!” Thinking to herself she thought, “What was she saying about getting sunburned through rubber? What do I look like under this thing?” Starting up, she tore at the raincoat and ran inside shouting “Clara! Come look at my arms, do they look sunburned to you!?”

    Well, there you go! Sorry it’s so long…. I guess my writer self is coming out. 😉 Did you like it? 😀

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    1. Haha! That’s great! 😀 . Thanks for the caption, Olivia!
      I was wondering, you mixed up Grace and Clara, would you like me to swap those names for you?


    Clara: Grace dear? I believe that it is April.
    Grace: So what?
    Clara: And even if it were going to snow, that is not appropriate apperal.
    Grace: So is a Mississippi State T-shirt!
    Clara: *gasps* Dare you insult Mississippi state?!?
    Grace: GO VOLS!
    Clara: Why you little-
    *Vols marching band appears*
    Clara: Oh my.

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  14. Clara: Grace, let’s go!
    Grace: I’m busy!
    Clara: Stop posing in front of that mirror! I told you, Grace, clunky boots and a raincoat are NOT in style. It’s MONKEY boots and a MAINcoat, both of which are just expensive brands. Besides, it’s a SUNNY day!
    Grace (starting to follow Clara down the road): Yada, yada, you just want to be the only fashionable girl. I clearly heard on TV…
    Clara: Puuullleeessse! You heard it wrong! (She hears a thud behind her) Grace, those clunky boots are…
    Grace (in a strained voice): No pain no gain…I need ice!



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