How to Make a Braid Crown – Doll Hairstyle

Hi everyone!

Remember the braid crown hairstyle that Julie had in the previous post? I’m here to show you how to make it! It’s actually pretty simple, but can be a bit tricky.

Well, let’s get started!


DSCN1444 braid crown


You will need:

  • A doll with long hair {Keep in mind that layered hair might be harder to make this style with.} or yourself!
  • Hairbrush
  • Hair elastics
  • Bobby pins
  • Optional: Spray bottle/mister


To begin, brush out your doll’s hair.


Next divide the hair in half. Braid each section, (start the braid with the section nearest the face) Keep it tight and smooth, but not so tight that the braid gets super short. Braid them as long as possible, even if a few pieces start popping out. Tie off with elastics.


Then pull the first braid up and over the head, and pin the braid down with a bobby pin on the other side of the head.


Then pull the second braid over, using it to hide the end of the first braid.


Tuck the end of the second braid underneath the first braid. Pin.

You can now bobby pin any major flyaways or if some of the hair bulged from being pulled up.


And you are done with your braid crown!



The back isn’t really anything special, here’s a view in case you’re curious:



I hope you enjoyed! Happy Hairstyling!

Are you going to try out a braid crown?



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