The Barefoot Tag (With a Photoshoot!)

Feature Image from Silver Sky Dolls (blackiesunshine)

I was nominated by Blackiesunshine (the creator of this tag) for the Barefoot Tag! Thank you Blackiesunshine!

The Rules:

  1. Take a photoshoot of your doll – but she has to be barefoot.
  2. At least half of your photos must be unedited.
  3. Post every photo you took, regardless of whether it’s good or bad.
  4. Tag one and only one person.


Stay tuned for the nomination at the end!


I hope you enjoy this photoshoot! I had wanted to get a shoot of Clara in this outfit, and doing it barefoot is just perfect! I’m including all the photos except one repeat, and I cropped most of them, but edited only about half (as the rules say).

I took this at golden hour, so it was fun playing with the light! 🙂





New profile picture?




Or maybe this should be new profile?






It was kind of short, but I hope you enjoyed!


And finally,

I nominate:

Anna @ From a Doll’s Perspective!


What picture was your favorite? Do you think one of these should be Clara’s new profile picture?


Have a lovely day!




22 thoughts on “The Barefoot Tag (With a Photoshoot!)

    1. Thanks, Olivia! I’m considering it, but I’m second guessing myself after I realized how much I like the current one DX . We’ll see 😀
      Thank you!


  1. OOPS! I’m so super sorry, please ignore my last comment, I was checking out this post again, and that comment was meant for someone else, and I self consciencely put your name, even though you didn’t even sign up, I’m just so sorry! 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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