Wellie Wishers at Target!?



Yep, that’s right! I found Wellie Wishers at Target! I was headed for the Our Generation aisle when I saw them. They had all of the Wellies, and some of the sets.

I had heard of American Girl selling at Toys R Us and even Kohls, but didn’t know about Target.

Here they are:

cam02758 (1)


Close up of some of the sets:



Personally, I think that selling Wellies (and other AG products) at places like Target makes them seem less special. And the Wellie Wisher sets looked like ordinary plastic doll toys to me.


On another similar note, I passed by some mini Tenney dolls (I’m pretty sure it was Tenney. There is a very slight chance I mistook Lea for her, since I didn’t really look closely. But I’m pretty sure that it was Tenney. 😉 ) with the full sized book at Costco! I don’t have a picture of them, though.


This was kind of a short post, but I hope the news interested you!

What do you think of Wellie Wishers being at Target? Did you know about them being there? What are your thoughts on Tenney Grant?



16 thoughts on “Wellie Wishers at Target!?

  1. I don’t like the Wellie Wishers Being at Target (or any store besides AG) for the same reason as you, it’s not as special. I think Tenney is a great doll, she does look a bit like #24, but other than that she is a cute doll! 🙂 Bella 🙂


  2. Huh, I think Target should be an My Generation store, but that’s just my opinion. :\ I’m excited they brought Felicity back! 😀

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    1. Yeah, it’s kinda fun having Target for Our generation, Walmart with My life as, etc. (and then American girl with American girl). Yeah!


  3. My kids love their WellieWishers. My parents won’t shop online, so having stores like TRU, Target or Kohls carry these products has allowed my parents to see, select, and purchase WellieWishers (and AG) products for my family. For them, getting the opportunity to personally select these items has made them much more special, both to my parents and to my children.

    Just wanted to share a different perspective!

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