Lunchtime Laughter and Grammar Grimaces: Grace’s School Day – A Photostory



It’s finally here! I hope you enjoy!



Beeep! Beeep! Beeep!




“Can’t that thing just snooze itself…” Clara mumbled, turning over in bed.


Grace was already up and wide awake, “Clara, you’ve pressed ‘snooze’ about five times now, I’m already dressed, and the bus is coming at 8:30!”

“Well, what time is it now?” came a pillow-muffled voice.



Clara didn’t do anything for a moment, and Grace thought she was fast asleep again, but then she slowly turned, opened her eyes, and dragged herself out of bed.


“Hurry now!” Grace reminded. “I don’t want us to be late!”


Grace scurried off to the kitchen where she ate a quick bowl of cereal, trusting that Clara didn’t lay down to sleep on the floor.



she brushed her teeth,


and did her hair.


“Alright, let’s go, Clara!”


Clara walked out of the bedroom with her backpack slung over her shoulder, tugging at her knotted hair with a hairbrush, and followed Grace out the door.

“Do you have your glasses?” Grace asked.

“Yup. In my backpack,” Clara responded with a nod.

They arrived at the bus stop just as the bus was pulling in. In no time they were at the schoolhouse.


“Oh no!” Clara moaned as they exited the bus. “I forgot to bring my math homework!”

Grace gave her a sympathetic pat on the back as they parted ways to get to their classes–Clara to her 5th grade class, and Grace to her first period 7th grade class.

On the way Grace stopped by her locker to grab her history textbook, and hang up her backpack.


“Hi Grace!” Her locker neighbor said enthusiastically when Grace came over.

“Good morning, Therese.” She smiled at her friend, who she had met when she couldn’t figure out her locker code, only to find she was trying to open Therese’s locker!


They didn’t chat long though, because soon the bell rang and they were whisked away to their classes.


Grace continued on through her classes, history being her first class, which also happened to be her favorite.


Then was math, which she was pleasantly surprised to find a test on her desk with an 100% grade!


Then English, which was her least favorite because of grammar, though she liked writing alright.

Finally the bell rang after a long, grueling grammar lesson on participles, and Grace happily retrieved her lunch box from her locker and joined Therese to head for the cafeteria.


Grace scanned the crowd of kids in the cafeteria.


She spotted Clara with some of her friends at one table,



and then she saw their friend, Ellie, at the end of the line for a cafeteria lunch. Therese went and took a place in line with her, as Grace left to find them a table.



Lunch passed quickly. They spoke of their lessons and weekend plans, among other things, before hurrying again to the rest of the day’s classes, which preceded much like the one’s before lunch.

And then the final bell rang. School was out! Grace jumped up and grabbed her books. She picked up her backpack from her locker and said “goodbye” to Therese and Ellie, and picked up Clara to go back to the bus.


“How was your day?” Grace asked.

“It was good, Clara replied. “And I found my math paper! I thought I had left it at home, but really it was just scrunched in the bottom of my backpack. How was your day?”


“Good! I can’t wait to show Julie my 100% math test! However, I can wait to do my grammar homework,” Grace grimaced, trying to remember how the teacher described participles.


“Well how about this: you help me with my worst subject, math, and I’ll help you with your worst subject, grammar. Then we both don’t have to be so miserable,” Clara smiled, and skipped towards the bus.


“Deal!” Grace laughed, as she jogged after her sister, ready to go home for the afternoon.

It had been a good school day.


I finally finished this! Yaay! It’s been a draft for soo long XD .

I hope you really enjoyed it! I thought it’d be fun to show a day of school for one of the girls. I’m actually home schooled, but it’s fun to have my dolls go to the bus and use the lockers I had already made before.

It was kind of interesting figuring out how I was going to make four American girl dolls seem like a school… XD . You may have noticed the back of a special guest doll in one of the photos 😉 .


Did you enjoy seeing Grace’s school day? Are you public/private schooled or home schooled?



28 thoughts on “Lunchtime Laughter and Grammar Grimaces: Grace’s School Day – A Photostory

  1. I loved this, Gracie! It was so interesting, and your photography was top-notch! I’m homeschooled, like you! 😀 😀 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was great! I loved the pictures. I am in love with Grace’s sweater! It’s so cute! You did really well making it look like a school, considering the number of dolls you have.

    Liked by 1 person

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