100 Follower Q&A Answers

Good… morning, afternoon, evening, or night! XD


Thank you for all the questions you gave me for my 100 follower Q&A! Today I am here to answer them!

Let’s get started, shall we?

The questions will be in italics.


Kiki‘s questions:

What’s your favorite country?

Hmm, I’m not sure. I’ve never actually visited another country besides the US, so I don’t really know. It’d be neat to visit Europe sometime (I know, that’s a continent 🙂 )


Cats or dogs?

Oh dear! I like them both! *squeezes eyes shut* *opens one eye* Cats…


Favorite doll?

Out of mine, or out of all of them? Out of mine, I’d probably say Julie or Caroline. I feel loyal to historicals ☺ (No offense, Clara and Grace! I love you too! XD ).


Favorite clothing store?

Maybe Old Navy.


Blackiesunshine‘s question:

Which is better: Beforever or Classic Historicals?

Classic historicals!


Samantha‘s questions:

If one AG doll came in the mail RIGHT this moment, who would you want it to be?

Addy! ♥
Favorite doll? (C’mon, be honest…)

Perhaps Julie… she’s my first, she’s historical, and her hair is nice for hair-do’s 🙂
If you could own a retired GOTY, who would it be?

Ooh, good question! *goes and looks at a list of past GOTY’s* Probably Kanani, but Nicki is super cute too.
Favorite AG clothing piece you’ve ever gotten? (provide pic please!)

Hmm, let’s see… I’m gonna pick something that’s actually American Girl brand, and another person asked my favorite doll clothing piece, so then I’ll pick something else I like.

This is simple, but I like having Julie’s meet jeans. They’re probably my best pair of jeans. I also like Julie’s meet outfit in general:

This is an old pic for a photo contest in which Grace is dressed up as Julie for halloween 🙂


Least favorite food, why do you hate it?

Well, there are things I don’t like, such as raw tomatoes, but I like salsa, pizza sauce, etc. However, once I tried “Toasted Marshmallow” gelato, and it was awful. I think it actually tasted just like a toasted marshmallow, but for some reason it did not taste good to me.


Taryn‘s Question:

What is your favorite Beforever?

Perhaps Samantha, because she is so classic, but I don’t really think I’d get her, unless I was a more serious doll collector.


Bella‘s Questions:

What is your opinion on Logan Everatt?

I wish that American Girl would stick to American Girl, personally, but I think they did a good job on the doll 🙂 .
Which doll is/was your favorite GOTY (girl of the year?)

Kanani is a very pretty and unique doll, but then again, I own Grace, and she’s also pretty and unique. So maybe Grace.
Could you do a doll room (or house) tour?

Oh I’d LOVE to! I’m actually planning on doing one sometime. It might be a little while, though, because I want the house to be pretty complete.


Christian Homeschooler‘s Questions:

What do you think about the A Girl for All Time dolls? Do you have a favorite?

I like A Girl for All Time Dolls! My favorite is Clementine, with Lydia close behind.
What’s your favorite part about making a post?

Hmm, maybe just the process in general. Taking photos, putting it together–it can get a little stressful, though, sometimes, when I’m really busy! One of my more specific favorite parts is after I post something and seeing all the comments and things. 🙂
What is your favorite color combination?

I really like pink and brown together. Or pink and dark grey.


Scarlett’s Questions:

What is your favorite doll clothing piece you have? ( this also includes shoes)

Earlier I showed Julie’s jeans/meet outfit, and I’ll pick another of my favorites here, this time not AG brand.

For right now, I really like Clara’s shortalls ☺ :


Oooh, but can I include one more? My fringe boots!


Ok. I’m done. XD Now ya’ll know a few of my favorite clothing pieces!
Do you plan on getting any more dolls? If so, what doll?

I probably won’t be buying any American girl dolls in the near future. But if I did get another one, I really like Addy!!
AG or Our Generation?

AG for the dolls, Our Generation for about everything else XD . However, it is fun to get things from American Girl every once in a while.
What are your feelings on the new doll, Tenney Grant?

I think she’s really cute, but am not sure about there being a whole ‘nother line of dolls. I love the historicals, and wish that would be the main focus.


Natalie‘s Questions:

Glass eye mini dolls or painted?

I actually have a mini glass-eyed Samantha doll, and I’m happy to have the cutie, but I think the painted eyes look a little better on the minis. I wish mini dolls still had cloth bodies, though.


2016 Special edition or regular?

Probably regular. Some of the special editions had super cute dresses, but I think I’d like having the meet outfit, and I may be wrong, but I think the special editions were more expensive, too.


Olivia Bell’s Questions:

What’s your favorite Christian music band?

These are artists, but I really like Nichole Nordeman and Francesca Battistelli. I Am They is great, too.


Milkshake flavor?




Hrmm. Uhhh. Maybe…. I don’t really know! I like cute fluffy animals. XD



I like chincherinchee simply because of the name. XD I learned it in a balderdash game.



Thanksgiving or Christmas.


Polka Dot Patriot’s Question:

How did you get interested in American Girl dolls?

I actually don’t really know why I originally wanted an American Girl doll. My Aunt and cousins might have introduced me to them and/or let me play with them. I do remember looking at a catalogue with my parents and picking out Julie as my first doll because her clothes were the most modern XD lol. Now I Love the older-fashioned dolls XD .


Grace‘s Questions:

How did you discover AG dolls?

See the prior question. 🙂 It might have been my aunt.
Who was your first AG doll?

Julie Albright!
Who is your favorite AG character?

Um. Hmm. Well, I liked reading Kirsten’s story (though she’s retired) and I really like Addy, but Samantha is such a classic character.
What are your opinions on Tenney, Logan, Z., and Nanea?

I think Tenney is pretty cute, and Logan is a good-looking doll (I’d feel odd calling him cute XD ), but I kinda wish AG wouldn’t make a boy doll. It is American Girl after all.  Z is a fun character. I like that we knew about Z before she was actually released into a doll. I’m still getting used to Nanea’s face mold. We’ll see. I feel like the mold is less American Girl or something. Too cutesy?


How did you discover blogging?

I discovered blogging from my love of crafting for my dolls. I would surf the web to try to find great doll crafts. Eventually I started liking the actual posts (rather than only the crafts) that blogs did too, and somewhere down the road came to the conclusion that I wanted to start my own blog!


What’s your favorite thing about the blogosphere?

It’s really neat meeting other people and getting to know them… even though you’ve never really met!
Who are your “blogging buddies?”

I don’t believe I know any “blogging buddies” personally, but perhaps I would say Madi would be considered one. And maybe Megan and Allison… 🙂 They are all nice.
Where do you hope to see your blog in the future?

I’m not completely sure. I want to keep posting things like I do (hopefully I will have more time; the last two month’s seemed to be a lot slower blogging-wise). Eventually (probably a long ways off) I might start doing some personal blog stuff. I get random ideas sometimes and am like, aw, but that’s for a personal blog. XD  I’d also like to try to do more crafts.


≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈


Thank you all SO much for all the great questions and for all your support!

I hope you enjoyed reading my answers to your questions! (If you read all of those, then fantastic job, that was a lot! XD )


Before I sign off, remember the photostory I mentioned I was working on in my 100 follower post? I still plan to do it, it’s just taken a while. I keep running out of time. It’s pretty close to being finished, so hopefully it will come up in the near future!




P.S. Did you know that you can use alt+numbers on your number keypad? For example, Alt+1 is this cute little smiley: ☺ and alt+3 is this heart: ♥ . Play around with it! You can even do the whole alphabet! Uppercase A starts at alt+65, and lowercase a starts at alt+97! Then they just go in order of the alphabet! It’s extremely inefficient to type with though… XD

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