BIBPC Entry + Don’t Forget!


I have my BIBPC (Boring into Beautiful Photography Contest) entry to show you. It’s a little past due; I was sick on Thursday/Friday and have been recovering, and so I didn’t think I’d get this in. But here it is, after long last!

Go Team Owl!

The category is Adventure:


Story: I went on a hike a while back, which is an adventure of a sort, and I brought my camera. I really liked this shot with the lens flare on the jumping cacti. What do you think?

Before you skedaddle:

Don’t forget to comment on my 100 follower Q&A (Whaa? I have 100 followers?! *gasps* Oh, wait, I…I knew that already… *glances around dizzily* XD ) with some questions for me to answer! I plan to post the answers soon!


Bye for now!


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