French Bun Hair Style Tutorial

Hi there!

Today I have a hair-do tutorial for you, called a french bun! You know how there are french braids? Well, I figured that if there were french buns, this is probably what it would be! You may remember seeing this style on Clara when she practiced her bar skills for you all.


First step, gather up two hair ties, a hair brush, and a spray bottle if you want. You may also need some bobby pins. Oh, and don’t forget your doll! XD (or yourself )

Miss Clara will be our model today. 🙂

First off, brush your doll’s hair out, and divide it into two even sections, tie or set aside one section.



take a small piece from the front of one section and twist it.


Begin adding hair into the twist, and twist gradually downwards towards the back of her head, adding hair as you go. Keep it pretty close to her head.


Leave some hair hanging down below the twist, only add in the top layers of hair. Once you’ve twisted to the back of that section,


Add the remaining hair and make it into one big twist.


Wrap it around in a bun the way it naturally wants to go, and tie off with a hair tie. You may want to use some bobby pins to hold it in place better, if you want.

Then repeat with the other side!

Be careful, however, to make sure the sides are pretty symmetrical, so you don’t get something like this:


Here is the final result!




I hope you enjoyed!


Happy Hairstyling!



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