Welcome 2017!

happy new year.jpg

I wasn’t thinking of doing a post like this, but suddenly decided to. XD

I thought I’d talk about a few accomplishments from the past year (Mainly blog related), as well as goals for the new year!


2016 Accomplishments


2017 Goals

  • For my blog to grow, and improve from 2016
  • To grow in the Lord and give glory to Him
  • To go to the American girl store again (maybe…)
  • To work on and improve my Etsy shop
  • To get 100+ followers (we’re so close already!)


Here are a few of my favorite posts from the past year:



Twice Clara showed up on this blog to show you her gymnastic skills, and it was a lot of fun! She’s done her floor and bar skills, and hopefully will come again soon to show her beam skills, too!



You guys seemed to really like this one. I got quite a few comments about Caroline’s lovely hair.



Menu Monday didn’t last too long, but I got to show you how to make some fun foods while it lasted! And who knows, maybe I’ll start it up again someday!


new camera.jpg

Like I said in my list of 2016 accomplishments, I purchased a camera! And here’s where I dumped some fun experimental photos into a post introducing it! (I first said I got it in a Caption it! #2 post)


I hope you enjoyed this post!

What are some of your goals and accomplishments?

Happy 2017!


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