How to Make a Mini Doll Christmas Tree!



Can you believe that it is Christmas time already?

Well, believe it or not,

’tis the season…

to make Christmas trees out of pipe cleaners! You thought I was going to say to be jolly, didn’t you?!

Well, I’m going to show you how to make a cute Christmas tree for your mini dolls!

Let’s get started!


  • Pipe Cleaners (8 or more green, and around 3 brown)
  • A Wooden Dowel (probably about as thick as a pencil)
  • Beads/Charms
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Brown Paint


First, take your dowel and cut it so it is about an inch taller than your doll (depending on how tall you want your tree to be). Then paint it brown.


Now take a brown pipe cleaner, and fold it so there are two folds, so the pipe cleaner is bent into thirds (make the center section a little smaller than the outer ones).


Now fold in the middle of each of the 3 sections to make something like the three pronged formation. The orange arrows point to the places you bend, and the dark green is the pipe cleaner ends sticking up vertically. The pink shows where the corners end up.


It should look something like this when you are done.


Now allow little ends to stick up, and twist those onto the end of your dowel. Reinforce this with more brown pipe cleaners, twisting around the dowel to make the point of attachment stronger, and twisting around the prongs to make them stronger. This is the base of your tree! So make sure it can stand well on it’s own.

Now this part is a little confusing to explain, but we’re going to make the tree branches.

Take a green pipe cleaner and twist it’s end to the top of the dowel to attach it. Leave the tip of the pipe cleaner sticking up above the dowel. I can show you why later.


Now you are going to start wrapping the pipe cleaner around the tree. Add branches as you go by bending the pipe cleaner out away from the tree, then folding it over, back to the dowel. Then you can wrap a little, and repeat. You want the branches to gradually wrap down the tree towards the base. Add more pipe cleaners as needed.


Once you get to the base (or a little above) you can adjust the branches to your liking. And now you have a cute little Christmas tree!

And for ornaments, just take beads or charms, and put a little string through them. Tie it off, trim if needed, and hang in on the tree! Remember how I had you leave a little bit of pipe cleaner sticking up at the top? You can use this to put a star shaped bead on top! (Well, I used the back of a yellow flower, but it looks like a star 😉 )

And your done!


The minis had a lot of fun with their Christmas tree, and if you make this craft I hope your minis will too!


Bye for now!



11 thoughts on “How to Make a Mini Doll Christmas Tree!

    1. Thanks so much!! Oh, neat! That’s a bummer that it’s not quite working, though. I had some trouble with mine, too, because I first made it completely out of pipe cleaners (no dowel) and it was so wobley! Thank you again!


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