A Basket of Thankfulness – Results



I received a lot of comments on my Basket of Thankfulness activity! Thank you for all your contributions!

Today I’m going to present to you the great big list we came up with!

I’ll number everything, so we can see the number of things we came up with in all, and I will put the names of the contributor over the things they said.

Let’s begin!



  1. My parents.
  2. My dog.
  3. My health.
  4. My house.
  5. My clothes.
  6. My shoes.
  7. Food.
  8. Yahweh taking care of us.
  9. My bed.
  10. That my body works the way it should.
  11. My dolls.
  12. My brother.
  13. My parents cars.
  14. Electricity.
  15. Air conditioner
  16. How much my blog has grown


17. Dolls- I’m so thankful to have four of them!

18. Cameras- I can use my talent for God’s glory!
19. Provision- God provides WAAAY more than we need!
20. A warm, clean home
21. Food every day- many kids go to sleep hungry across the world
22. Family- what would I do without mine?
23. Friends- both ones that I get to see frequently, those across the nation, and those in the blogging community!


24. The fact that I was raised in a family that taught me to cherish God’s word. ❤

(Christian Homeschooler)

25. My amazing family

26. Skype

27. My camera

28. God’s amazing creation.


29. That God has saved me and blessed me in so many ways

30. My family

31. My friends

32. Being able to live in a free country

33. My dog

34. Being able to go to school every day

35. The roof I live under

36. The food I way everyday


37. God’s Word
38. Being able to live in a free country
39. My health
40. My family and friends (in real life and online)
41. My many blessings (including but not limited to dolls, talents, my blog😉 )


42. My camera,
43. My dolls,
44. That I have been saved,
45. My friends,
46. My family,
47. My pets,
48. Being homeschooled,
49. My blog.


50. My family

51. My home

52. My car

53. My dolls

54. Everything I own

55. My doll clothes/accessories business

56. My community

(Maker Camps)

57. My family

58. Being able to create

59. Music

60. A piano

61. Time with my family

62. Safety


63. My Family
64. Music
65. My dolls
66. Jesus
67. Food
68. Shelter
69. My Bed
70. My iPad
71. My awesome grandparents
72. My wonderful cousins
73. Being saved

(Gracie [Myself :-);These are the things I wrote in the post introducing this activity])

74. Jesus

75. Blogging

76. Work

77. Rest

78. Kindness



Wow! Wowowow! We thought of Seventy-eight things to be thankful for together! That’s a lot! (And if you count repeated things only once, then we have approximately Fifty-Five things)

Thank you again to everyone who contributed! I hope that this big, overflowing basket of thankfulness encouraged you today!

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Psalm 100:4 – Enter his [the Lord’s] gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.


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