Sockathon – Day 3

It is the final day of the Sockathon! I hope you enjoyed this short little series!

Today I’m going to show you how to make your mini doll a ghost costume! (from a sock, of course)


Isn’t it cute?


First, lay the sock on its side, and cut the sock like shown above, with the cut in the middle going up to her shoulders (with her head lined up with the top)


Then put it on your mini doll, short side in front, and make sure her arms fit below the cut, so they can move around when she’s trick-or-treating 😉 . Then feel for where her eyes are, and carefully mark with a pencil where that is, or  just remember. 🙂

Then take it off of her, and cut tiny holes where her eyes will be. You can stick your fingers in them to make them a little larger.

“OooOOOoooH!” *giggles behind costume*

Then put it on and your done!

Did you enjoy the Sockathon?

Bye for now!




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