Sockathon! Day 2

Ready for Day 2 of the Sockathon?

Today we will complete our outfits from Day 1 with accessories!

First, I’ll show you how to make hats!

This first version is a slouchy beanie.


Cut off the sock right before the heel. Make it as long as possible!!!



Then put it on your doll and adjust it as desired. I had to kind of hold it on her head, and pull/fold the slouchy part until I liked it. I think it turned out super cute. 🙂


You can also fold up the edges and pull it on so it’s not slouchy.

If you do not want a slouchy beanie, nor folded edges,.you can just cut the hat smaller.


Headbands are very simple to make.

Both of the following 2 pieces can be used for headbands:

(the two pieces on the right)

On the doll:



Alright, on to scarves!

Let’s make some infinity scarves!

You can cut straight across, just like the thick headband, and get something like this:

It’s nice, but it’s kind of tight. So…

You can also…

(It’s the top piece we’re lookin’ at)

Cut a long angle. I cut from the foot of a sock, but you can also cut from the leg/ankle.

Then you can trim the edges so the width of the scarf is more uniform,


And you can lay the sock like this, and cut a little, where the orange lines are, to make the scarf longer.



To make a straight scarf…


Cut out the middle section of the sock, lengthwise (so the toe stays intact, to become the middle of the scarf.

Unfold, and add fringe, if you want to,


And try it on your doll! Cute! 🙂

I made a few different outfits with the accessories and clothing I made for these last two sock sessions 😉 .

I used the long infinity scarf and wrapped it around her neck twice for this one.


You can use a headband as a hair tie/scrunchy, too.

I hope you enjoyed all this DIY no-sew clothing!

But the Sockathon isn’t quite over yet! Tomorrow is the bonus sock outfit–a mini-doll Halloween costume! Stay tuned!


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