Winner of the Doll World Fashion Show!

Ready to see who the Doll World Fashion Queen will be?

And the winner is…!

Grace Renae!!!


Congratulations Grace!





I haven’t done the following before… but I guess I’ll try it today: 🙂

Jacket: American girl hooded denim jacket (from the line of mix-and-match pieces)

Shirt: From Our generation Deluxe Retro Outfit Cardigan set

Pants: made by me

Shoes: Grace’s meet shoes

Do you want me to name the sources of my outfits more often?

How did you enjoy the doll fashion show?


And before I sign out, I have a sneak peak to an upcoming post (posts? 😉 )






3 thoughts on “Winner of the Doll World Fashion Show!

  1. Congratulations, Grace! Her outfit is super cute! 😀
    As for naming the sources of your outfits more often, I don’t really have an opinion. I never really read sources for the outfits unless I’m super interested in pieces from the outfit. So it’s just whatever you want to do. ;P
    And yes! I enjoyed the fashion show! 😀 😀
    Ooh… socks… I wonder what’s coming up!

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