Lost – Part 2

Part 1 here

Clara’s Point of View


I had been sitting on the grass for five long minutes. Where in the world did Grace go? I wondered, looking at the time on my phone.

I began to worry.


Seven minutes. I began to pace back and forth anxiously.

Eight minutes


Ok, that’s it. I’m calling Julie. I dialed the number with shaking hands.

Grace is just looking for the frisbee. She’ll probably be back any minute now. Stop overthinking things, Clara! I continued to dial Julie’s number, in spite of my optimistic thoughts.

Three minutes later, Julie was there. Grace had been gone eleven minutes now.


“Hi Clara! What’s up?” Julie called enthusiastically.

“Grace went off to find the frisbee and has been gone,” I checked my phone,”twelve minutes now.”

Julie’s brow furrowed. She quickly tried to act cheerful.


“Let’s just stay calm,” Julie said, in a forced voice. She was worried. “Grace will probably show up any minute… any second…” I nodded slowly, not really believing Julie.

Thirteen minutes.

“Say, uh, which direction did you say Grace went?” Julie asked, she was obviously nervous. She was trying to stay calm and seem unafraid (so not to frighten me). Let’s just say Julie could never be an actress.


“I didn’t say,” I replied, then motioned towards where Grace had walked off, fourteen minutes ago, “she went that way.”

We began to walk quickly.


Fifteen minutes. Then sixteen…

By twenty minutes we had stopped acting like Grace might be okay. Grace was not okay. Grace was lost. And we were frightened.


Twenty-three minutes. Still no luck.

We had no idea that we were right beside the cliff that Grace was laying on the other side of, unconscious.


“That’s it, Clara,” Julie said. “We can’t find her! We have to form a search party! Call your friends; I’ll call Caroline and some others. Tell them to meet us here for an emergency. And,” Julie looked at the dark clouds forming in the sky. “to bring umbrellas.”

It had been twenty-five minutes.

Sooner than I would have liked, I would be counting the hours.



Are you looking forward to next Wednesday? How are you enjoying this series?



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15 thoughts on “Lost – Part 2

  1. Thumbs Up!! Your writing to photo ratio is really good. It makes it really easy to keep up with the story (whereas I need to make my picture ratio bigger ;)).

    Liked by 1 person

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