Menu Monday #2


I am here with another Menu Monday craft! I found this one really fun to make!

The only food I have for my dolls right now is carrots from the last Menu Monday, since all the rest is packed away until we move into our new house. The poor dolls.

So I figure in their hunger they might want to order something quick and tasty to eat…

Therefore, I will show you how to make pizza! 😀


  • Tan/cream craft foam
  • Red and yellow paint/puffy paint
  • Red/maroon paper (or white and colored pencils)
  • Optional: a hole punch


First cut a relatively large circle out of your tan/cream craft foam. Mine has a diameter (across the circle) of about 3 1/8 inches.


Now for the fun part! Take your red paint, and paint it all over your pizza “crust” like the sauce. Don’t go all the way to the edges. though. It doesn’t have to be very neat; remember, it’s pizza sauce!

Before you continue, let’s make some pepperoni. Take your red/maroon paper (or color some white paper with red, brown, and maybe a little purple-ish colors) and cut out a bunch of small circles. Keep them handy.


After the red paint dries completely, paint random jots and lines and things of yellow paint for the cheese. Allow the paint to be thin enough in some places that you can see red, or criss-cross it so that red peaks through.

Then, before the “cheese” dries, arrange your pepperoni on the pizza, letting the wet yellow paint act as glue to keep the pepperoni on.


After that dries you can leave it as is, or you can cut it into slices. And you’re done!


And if you want to add a platter to put the pizza on, then you can cut a circle out of paperboard (like, cereal box cardboard) that is larger than your pizza, and paint it silver.

Here is a link to a printable pizza box you can make, if you’d like to (I did not make the printable, I found it online. Credit to them). It’s a little small, so you’ll need to enlarge it in a word document (or something like that) if you make it.


Julie: Woohoo! The pizza arrived! I’m starving!


Clara: Pizza!? Thanks Julie!

Caroline: Yum! It’s good!

Grace: Oooh! Yay!

Julie: Whoa! Save me some!


Have fun! I hope you enjoy making this pizza, and your dolls enjoy devouring it! XD


Pssst! Photoseries coming soon!


6 thoughts on “Menu Monday #2

    1. Haha!! XD Thank you! Yeah, I think I got a big multicolored pack of craft foam at hobby lobby, or someplace like that. Oh, fun! I once made a bunch of burger parts with playdoh and then assembled various burgers… XD It was fun, lol. I hope you can try it! 😀

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